483 days until military discharge

483 days until military discharge

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hahaha suck it faggot. enjoy being a faggot u faggoty faggot. wakey wakey army man. ahahaha while i just wake up 7am you wake up 4am ahaha lmao bro eat shit. ill be rich as fuck by the time you come out. you will be poor as fuck haha xd i can already see your future as i type this jfl rofl

Hope you die, jarhead

What will you do when you get out?
that is not okay

>currently fucking some marine's girlfriend
>ugly manlet spends all his money on her

I don't feel bad about it, the cuck has no backbone, she bosses him around like a bitch.

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Ex-mil here, need to talk?

im studying for a civil service exam
yea fuck marines
and no, i cant speak english

Fuck serving out a 4 year contract, make it career and become a super duper paratrooper user!

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I requested a discharge in the first couple weeks of training.
Best decision of my life, I'm halfway through university now, found a decent full time job and have a smol azn gf.
You dun goofed OP but you can see the light at the end of the tunnel. Just don't shit the bed and re-enlist.

A long long time ago
I heard it on the radio
sounded so good to me
US Army infantry

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Is 29 too old to join?

29 should be old enough to know better

No, joined last year at 27 and I'm doing fine. As long as you are physically fit you are good to go.

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sounded so good to me
join the Navy and be a CT
recruiter said just sign here
turns out I gave him 6 years

Good luck OP
I got about 2 and a half months till ETS army here just saying. Shit was gay. How about your "service"m


This desu senpai. At least you didn't become a nuke, then your life would be ruined.

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>coming up on year since ETS
>been going to school, getting good grades, collecting BAH and taking it easy since
The contract was hell, but damn am I set till I graduate.

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>1800 days until I can retire

Cant wait for the 20 year mark. The air force is going to shit

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How old are you?
What rank?
Why is the air force going to shit

>391 days until ETS from the Navy
>going back to my city to go to school and smoke dude weed
>will never have to hear another F18 super hornet ever again
Feels good man

MOS? If you're not a POG then you're not a real user.

not that bad except i have to deal with normie chit chat all day

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didnt know what it means
mortar squad so 11C i guess

Don't worry, I'm sure you can also eat the discharge of some Iranian whore when we got to war.

On that note:
Military people, are you and your colleagues keen on more Middle Eastern war, particularly a conventional one with Iran?

Yo, why is the air force going to shit. Now I'm concerned because I'm unironically leaving for Basic tomorrow.

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bump. Waiting for my medicals to get approved so I can ship out for basic in the next couple months

Maybe you should consider leaving the country in the next 12 hours.
You've been duped but it might not be too late for you.

Haha good luck, Imma stay at home playing video games and masturbating while you're out there. Such is the life of a big fat neckbeard who is exempt from service. FeelsFuckingGreatMan.

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Don't stress too hard, it's a good job there's just a lot of shit that goes with it. I complain about it all the time but there's no job I'd rather do. Just get through basic

Hopefully the drill instructors aren't hard asses and the PT isn't vomit tier workouts. If it is I'm going to assume I'm fucked even though I've been going to the gym beforehand.

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Call them and say "nah"
What's the worst they can do, enlist you?

I'm not a coward you giganigger. It's either the air force or continuing college and I'm getting pretty sick of these college fags. So I'm choosing the air force. I originally wanted to be a Jeweler in Colored Stones but the global economy is absolute shit so I can't sell any gemstones I create. I have about $12,000 worth of loose gemstones that I made in 2 months which I currently can't do anything with.

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Fair enough. I myself am a coward and did not enjoy the experience, but I hope you have fun and manage to pay off your dodgy gemstone investment.

You're going to get fucked on by the staff no matter what, it's their job. Just don't take it personally and remember they're doing it to improve you. The pt wasn't too hard for me, just be above the minimum and they'll get you fitter. What are you going in as?

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What do you mean user, what's wrong with CT rates

They got my ass for three more fucking years man. Feels bad

Depends on your job honestly. If you went aircraft MX you are fucked.

Heh, sucks to suck, fag. Only 30 minutes until my next semen discharge! I just can't wait till I can fucking COOOM again!

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>Dying in the name of Israel
stupid goy

Yeah, keep telling that to yourself cumbrain

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Hang in there user, you will make it

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Honestly man nothing in the military is hard it just sucks when it wants to suck. Overall just dont be a bitch and embrace the lifestyle and make some good friends. I've met tons of great people in the military but I am so in a different position than most. Also fuck POGs. Non pogs are fucking normies too.

>that is not okay
Why not. I want him to die for his country. There is no greater honor.

Fuck I meant pogs are normies they are they have all the girls and shit too.

Based. Never understood armybros who leave gfs/wives behind. Just get a big titty teen arthoe gf who you'll turn into a tradwife after you return from your service brehs. Until then enjoy fucking tight foreign pussy.

>627 days until ETS

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Correctamundo. Nuke-life is pain.

482 and a wake up. You can do it op

going as IT in the navy what am i in for

youre going to be stuck on a ship doing basic help desk shit. all of the ships company is going to think youre a faggot because youre admin. you also wont see much sunlight underway because you dont go on the flight deck

>Tfw no one calls the thread to attention when you open it.

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