"Principal user it's that time of year, I demand you buy the class some candy corn."

"Principal user it's that time of year, I demand you buy the class some candy corn."

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I demand you all be naked and heavily pregnant. NAO

New school policy brought back. All of you have to wear cat ears and tails now.

"Is there a reason for this?"
"I just wanted candy corn..."

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I dream for Laqrisha be beheaded.

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"That's just cruel sir. But, can I have her candy corn since she's not going to have it anymore?"

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Budget cutbacks. Every other student gets 1 candy corn. I'll leave the distribution to you. Feel free to take hers, since she would've received one.
Give the trap an abortion.

"That was the second most difficult abortion I ever had to preform."

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I demand Ms Smith to be naked.

I demand that Stacy suck the trap's dick.

"She seems to know what she's doing."
"It's kinda cold..."

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If they all have a group orgy, they can have their candy corn.

"It's a deal, you know the brand I like."

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I'm really disappointed in all of you for liking candy corn of all things
as punishment Sakura can't wear the cat costume anymore

Unironically I don't get why it's so hated it's a neat Halloween candy

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Okay, here's your candy corn, enjoy it girls.

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Thanks user I love you lots and lots

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K, now hold up your half of the bargain.

A time warp had settled through out the land, setting us back to the beginning. Oh no!

Ms. Smith, you should be setting a good example for the students. You should also be heavily pregnant

Hey OP how do you edit these so fast? Making one girl in this program takes me several hours. posing and clothing and hair takes me a lot longer than it seems to take you.

"Damn, I want candy corn again."
"I'll name her after you sir."
Mad skills I guess

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everybody hands in the air! and hang sakura upside down by her foot!

You all get candy corn again if you get the girls on enhancers for milk production

This should increase everyones bread size dramatically

"You said foot singular so I hope you meant that."
"Milk is pretty cheap, we can make money easily if we simply rent them out as cheap labor."

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Can we get the girls to milk each other? Also heres some candy corn

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If we cant get them to milk each other then strip them all down and keep pumping them full of enhancements until milk leaks out

"Sure, they'll have to be topless though."

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Alice and lupe must press bosoms

Can we get every girl extremely pregnant and then move every fertilized egg into Sakura?

Due to low school funds we shall start selling the the girls uteruses

Furthermore they arent allowed to wash off any cum that gets on their bodies