How do normies respond to pictures like this ?

How do normies respond to pictures like this ?

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If you have no social skills you are nothing.

Lol the attractive people you posted arent even attractive. Kinda makes me think you might be gay.

Nothings fair. You don't deserve shit. Live with what you've been given or kill yourself. It's your right to choose.

Most normies think male models are gay or retarded, and that going to the gym or playing sports is a standard if you want to look healthy. If you want to go off of what women think, maybe muscles are more attractive but most fat and scrawny guys also have sex with them

Unironically this is the best answer

>posts pic of guys who look like goofy dads on the left and gay twinks on the right
So I know r9k loves to suck the cum out of another man but just lift is advice for straight guys. You dont have to lift if you want to ejaculate on the smooth hairless face of another fuccboi

>arent even attractive

you dense, coping motherfucker, those are well paid fashion models who literally make a living off of being attractive.

>all models are super attractive
Lol. You dont know much about the industry huh

lol yeah i don't know anything, its just a weird coincidence that this guy has 2 million followers on instagram when all he does is post pictures of himself, what the fuck do i know

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Idgaf you stupid Instagram faggot. Suck a dick.

yeah yeah, fucking cope more retard. learn to accept reality instead of denying it

>protein powder salesmen and gym owners hate him

The people with the most followers are either marketed for followers or plain looking. Do you think Kim kardashian is the best looking woman on earth? There is a lot of backlash when someone is genuinely attractive

why are you having such a hard time that you need to come up with these mental gymnastics?

why deny that the man is attractive?

what do you gain from that?

does it make you feel better about your own ugly ass mug? lol

Dude, just because you cannot be a instafaggot model that has a mil followers, doesnt mean you cant get any pussy. Literally fuck a bitch. Be a happy normie already you retard. I mean, you are already on instatumor. You are more like them than me.

The goal isn't to get as much pussy as fucking models, the goal is to have a sex life your happy with.

>Dude, just because you cannot be a instafaggot model that has a mil followers, doesnt mean you cant get any pussy.

nice strawman, literally never said this.

Are you gay? Just go be a faggot like you are meant to be.

Getting pussy > being a twink
Apparently you dont understand this. Maybe you are gay.

why so upset user? its okay to admit that there are men more attractive than you

So you really believe Kim kardashian is the most beautiful woman? lol

twinks slay pussy though retard, if you actually got pussy you would know this. lifting is a massive cope

>So you really believe Kim kardashian is the most beautiful woman? lol

there you go again with your retarded strawman fallacy, putting words in my mouth that i never said.

the fuck is wrong with you? lol.

just go kill yourself if you're that upset

Lifting is for people who care about their health. Pussy is for people that care about their dick. I dont follow the memes like a life code. Youre a fucking faggot user.

none of what you just said has anything to do with this thread but ok

You need to get laid broham.

>he actually does
LOL faggg




what's it like being a massive retard user?

you do realize theres a poster count at the bottom right of the page, right?

Do you actually know any men who don't have a sex life? LIfting or no lifting, I seriously doubt anyone can stay single for a long time after age 17.

>that kid who monitors poster count
>that kid who obsesses over the kardashians and instagram

you're the one that keeps talking about kim k retard, i haven't mentioned her once

who's the obsessed one?

lol sure bro, you do you

You have no experience with exercise do you?
Just because the guy isn't on steroids doesn't mean he doesn't lift and eat clean.

i feel SO bad for the far lower left. he probably dedicated himself to some serious shit for years to get that body

>Tfw tall
>Tfw good facial genetics
>Tfw fit with little effort
>Tfw make more money with my part time job than most american wagies
>Tfw all useless cause i suffer from a shit load of mental disorders and cannot create long-lasting bonds with others

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You're not wrong, your just an asshole.

middle is attractive but old and has a better surgeon
the top and bottom are deformed from terrible plastic surgeon and wearing more makeup or photoshop than a 60 year old sexy grandma hooker

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