I might try trannymaxxing

I might try trannymaxxing

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he do look kinda cute but then im reminded they have a penis and i get grossed out

do eet, what do you have to lose? (besides your life)


thats a pretty good pass ngl i might suck his dick but the voice would for sure ruin it for me

What if he said 'tee hee so my clitdick' in a high pitch?

no it would still obviously be a mans voice

you will never pass, people like you never pass that is why you spend all your time making tranny threads and samefagging on Jow Forums

What if she spoke exclusively through the voice editor from Scream?

Answer bitch

no. keep sucking my dick and i might

Being curious about becoming a tranny doesn't automatically make you suicidal

No but it increases your chances by a fair bit, wouldn't you say?

What this really demonstrates is how insanely overprivileged women are now and how men have fucking nothing to live for.

Of being from the start? Statically sure. But it doesn't increase your chances of BECOMING suicidal

I might try becoming a sadhu.

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...as if r9k isn't a board full of desperate, suicidal loners, you dumb bitch

God damn hes an ugly man AND an ugly woman. Rekt.

It's funny because you know no one said that to him.

She actually passes, good for her

>I might try trannymaxxing

You can try as hard as you want

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I just wanna be a cute cross dresser but now I am really old and idk I would be ugly and shit so idk man. Too old for HRT, I would legit do it if I had known when I was younger what a hell life would be

Just became a gay bro

I think I am going to do that. I want to be wholesome though. Gay hookup culture and gay clubbing culture is nasty

That's what I've been trying to do. Are you in southeast us any chance?

You can get a bf and be wholesome gay bro, try searching gay dating sites not clubs/bars.

Yes actually. Discord? Or throwaway email or whatever?

I am dead beat tired rn so gonna sleep so please do not think I am ignoring you if you decide to reply

You're contradicting yourself. How is having sex with a stranger on the internet not nasty degenerate filth? I commend you for at least aiming to be wholesome, but you can't have sex with a man and still be clean.

Source on the chick in the pic?

yarnkitten on twitter, he either deleted or got his account suspended after all the backlash he received from the twitter community for twitting his alt right/nazi/racist views