Why dont you take the pink pill and become a cute trap like me?

why dont you take the pink pill and become a cute trap like me?
Life will be easier and you will gain lots of attention and money from orbiters

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take black pills instead annon

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im too hairy, my face is too manly and my feet are too big. im a skeleton with a soft butt but everything else just outweights it
i'll stick to just jerking off to cute male girls.

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Take the pinkpill user and become a cute trap like me

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>a cute trap like me

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I would consider it back in my teens, but not now.

Kill yourself. Trying to push innocent kids into your weird fetish. Seriously... just hang your self

Tfw want to, tfw 25 and NEET, no motivation, no money to afford HRT, not shameless enough to go to a doctor for a prescription when I'm just a sissy fetishist

simple, i dont have money to buy the pills, maybe in the future when i get a job but i think that would be too late

>Chad flags
It's the little things.

bruh I'm 6 feet tall and 300lbs, I'd look like an autistic speedrunner

I'm fucking 6'6, I'd look like an Amazon warrior with mange.

I'm 6'3 and weigh 290 lbs with a beard. I don't think I can take the pink pill at this point

If you're a trap, you're not cute.
And who the fuck orbits traps?

I'm 5'1. I'm too short to be a girl, only a cocksleeve.

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im not into boys and i dont want a peepee shoved up my butt

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Wtf I love transgenderism now

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Because im 6'4 and have a terrible frame for trapping

hehe I'd love to clean that up with my tongue. it's only blood, no different than going down on any other girl on her period, user. stop being gay.

>cute trap like me
>he typed as he rolled his hand along his neck hairs


your pastas are getting stale you should add some new ones to the pastebin

I'm 6'2, have wide shoulders, have a deep voice, and grow a lot of hair everywhere. I would be a terrible unconvincing trap, and remember this; you won't be strong as a man nor pass convincingly.

>You want to chemically castrate yourself, remove your sex drive, and remove your dick for a fetish
Really makes you think.
Perhaps more trannies would pass if you stopped being such a moron and actually DID think.

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I'm 28 and I just started. No one said you have to pass, it's all about removing the dysphoria. Feminizing myself and going out in boymode is what I do.

I'm 6'5", I know a discord tranny who's 6'5" too and I think he's miserable

>Cute Trap

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>Cute traps don't exis-

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How doesn't she pass user?

>cute trap
no such thing exist. you faggot

the cock and male skeleton dont pass
give him 10 years and you'll see

6'3 300 lbs, I would if I could OP

Cry more incels.

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Looks like a underage boy.

again, i'll just repeat myself
give him 10 years and you'll see

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Cope harder trannoids.

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>Can't even point out how they don't pass

keep coping degenerate
only time will make your delusions weaker as you realize what a fuckup of your life you made

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>t-they pass
Yeah then you remove all the makeup, filters and wait until they turn 40.
Your delusions are getting stronger, user.

>Traps can never pas-
Whoops just another selfie that proves incels wrong.

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beauty is temporary
after 30 years women no longer become a object of beauty but instead settle down because they've made a successful life with their children and family all around them
you will never experience that you degenerate

Feels good.

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you call it cute?

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Do you think she doesn't pass user? Why don't you tell me how she doesn't pass.


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You arent convincing anyone retard.
You can keep posting selvies all you want,
but it isnt going to change shit, yeah some trannies look good now, but you dont, you look like a fucking goblin lmao.

Keep coping.

I'm fine with being a man. That's literally all the reason I need, but I can think of many reason NOT to. My family and friends and coworkers would think I'd lost my mind, especially since I couldn't lie and say I'm trans. I would experience gender dysphoria trying to be a woman. I don't have the body or face for it.

One less whi*Toid AND one less femoid.

That's not what's this post is about. They take pictures of actual real girls and pretend they're cute passing trannies.
How low can you go?

>Post real girl
>Jow Forums says they don't pass and look like a guy
Perhaps this is why there are so many incels here.

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>tfw no trap bf

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you can't escape the truth cucklord

Now I forgot about one important thing. The voice. You can't change the sound of your voice can you? You're "passing" until you open your mouth

you can't escape your delusions faggot.

user i...

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Yes user, she.

it is easy, untill your parents finds out/you have to piss/ you look in the mirror/you go outside

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enjoy your ban, roastie wannabe
Pic Related, it's totally you

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can you be more mentally ill than this? or are you really that blind to see how grotesque and unnatural that disgusting thing looks?

that's a biological female you cunt, stop posting real women and trying to pass them off as trannies

>the wrists

>Can't tell a real woman from a tranny when you say the real woman is a tranny
This may be why you're an incel user, just saying

post proof she's a tranny, i'll wait. that reddit link you provided is called r/selfie and (what a surprise) is filled with female selfies

That's the point, she's not a tranny. But apparently she doesn't pass according to this thread LOL

god i swear every time i confront any of you trannies my iq dropping by the minute

Yeah those real girls I posted will NEVER pass for a woman user :^)

>can you be more mentally ill then this?
yes, they could be the 3 or 4 people who continuously post these shitty threads

listen you smug bitch, you may have fooled a few retards but i just started reading this thread about 30 minutes ago, if i were around the time you started posting real women and trying to pass them off as trannies i would have called you out on it in an instant.

Fuck off you sick discordtranny fuck. Ignore this thread or herb it

>being smug when everyone knows you're a suicidal depressed mess with crippling dysphoria who hates his body with every fiber of his being
Oh, hon

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I see where you're coming from. Like that's pretty gay. But traps can be pretty hot. I've been bamboozled a lot by them.

take red pills, you need them you mentally ill trash

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Daily reminder that you will never become a fictional cartoon character, psycho

It's almost time for my daily suicidal post in the depression/feels/support channel of discord and get empty empathy from my fellow trans sisters!

White people are a minority

Just b urself hon!

I'm not depressed, and my dysphoria is not crippling user. My depression has been gone the day I started being trans, even before HRT.
The HRT just solidifies my depression being gone.
The same probably can't be said for your however. Your demographics are going away, your chance at a "good life" like your forefathers had is gone. You relegated yourself to the life of an Internet incel.
Even I've had sex.

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