ITT: times where you ended up being chadly

ITT: times where you ended up being chadly

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that bitch looks anorexic.

big tit jewish girl thought i was hot. went on a few dates where all we did was fuck. broke up with her because my self confidence started getting high and i thought i could get a girl that i legitimately liked instead of one that i had an infatuation for

Should have knocked her up for the IQ genes.

i was 19 at the time and i wouldnt have children with a jew. my kids will be greek catholic ukrainians

The lady who cuts my hair called me handsome
Still didn't tip

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>that one time i went to a science convention
>we take a bus to get there and it gathers all the students from the different schools in the city
>talk to some nerd girl during the bus ride.
>I arrive to the hotel we're staying for the next 2 days
>Each school make their own little group
>4 girls with me, baka im the only guy that went to the trip from my school
>teacher show me the room and says "hey user i guess you get that whole room for yourself"
>There's like 5 girls from another school next door they tell me I can come to their place if I get too lonely
>What did I get myself into?
>Proceed to meet with the girls from my school
>Holy fuck there's a 8/10 fucking hot brunette
>Attend to the convention while hanging with the girls
>finds out brunette is actually witty and has a dark humor like me, joking about school shooting and shit
>Last day of the stay there's a dinner at the convention and most likely party at the hotel after.
>They give us wine and my chad just activate along with it, and I start flirting with every girls at the table, just starting to flock with pussy.
>Brunette starts to get jealous and try to monopolize my attention.
>We have little activities and im leading everything
>Get shredded in the lolipop stick car race
>I'm fucking done with this shit and decide to head back to the hotel.
>We go to my room and start drinking some more
>We hear something about a party at the roof of the hotel and decide to head there
>Get there and see a ladder that seems to lead to another roof higher. I say fuck it and decide to climb it
>All the bois are like this guy is fucking lit and decide to follow me
>Brunette wants my dick
>Go back to my room and fucking fall asleep on the couch cuz im too drunk
rip it was my best try.

Then why didn't you get her the next day? lol

we took the bus back, found out she had a boyfriend and I was beta. I talked to her on facebook but it eventually died off because I didnt make any move. I mean at the time I was a fucking loser. I somehow managed to sleep in a girl's bed without fucking her when she was clearly waiting for me to make a move. I remember I tried to atleast get something out of it and grabbed her ass during the night and she chuckled (probably at how pathetic I was). Killed me inside

absulute unit
look at him

why isn't that me
i'm ogremode to and just want a smoli

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Look at little ugie, how can one person be so cute?

I asked out and got a qt girl's number.

Unsurprisingly, though, she did not respond to my text later, so she only gave me her number out of either fear or pity.

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that fat beaner keeps hogging all the food no wonder why shes so skiny

opretty sure he's amerindian


You wouldn't know an Amerindian if you saw one

I cuddled up with an asian girl back in high school. Felt pretty chaddish so I tried to give her a kiss.
I got rejected and she never talked to me again after that.

>the chuckle
Holy shit, I would have kms

Whats the difference with infautation? You didn liked her or what?

I'm no doctor but I don't think that's how knees are supposed to look.

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Got in to a fight at a house party once when I was at uni and beat the shit out of the other guy.

The post-fight euphoric confidence + the fact that I had beaten him up made girls there gravitate towards me for literally the first and only time in my life. However, the confidence was only temporary and it died down after about 15 mins or so and my beta-ness began to show, they picked up on this and kind of gradually distanced themselves from me soon after.

This incident was a huge red-pill for me, knowing just how much of female attraction is based on instinct. It really is crazy how if you just beat up another guy women will be all over you. If I had even basic levels of social skills there's no question I would have had sex that night, and I would hardly consider myself attractive.

Sad but true. Why most dudes walking around with bitches always got an asshole demeanor. If you don't act like that the bitches will just leave you for the next asshole who will.

Don't change senpai

Let that be a lesson to you: Just beat up a guy every 15 minutes and you will DROWN in pussy!
Only complications are when you last longer than that time interval with a girl, because then you'll have to fight during the act. Still, could be worth it. Just try it, user!

Notz trying to just be nice, but she obvously chuckled out of delight. While The intercourse is not fully taking place, these sounds, along with smiles etc. are a good indicator for a woman's excitement. If she didnt dig it, she'd have pushed you off or loudly ridiculed you.
But this shit is in the past. You had your chance, but it needn't be your last.

>Only complications are when you last longer than that time interval with a girl, because then you'll have to fight during the act. Still, could be worth it. Just try it, user!
>He doesn't always beat the pussy up
user I....

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Managed to get a girls number at a bar with her boyfriend sitting right next to her. Fucked her the next day.
Drunk af girl was begging to go home with me after letting her suck my dick on the toilet. Declined because she was way 2 drunk. She ended up puking so bullet dodged.
Fat chick I was friendly with messaged me she's home alone right now and cold. Told her I'm playing BF3 and to leave me alone.

Huh. That might be a solution as well. Extra points if she's into it.

>Huh. That might be a solution as well. Extra points if she's into it.
>He thinks some women aren't into it
user I....

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What shall I say, user. You got me on the ropes. I remember that (fake) choking turned my then gf on somewhat. No pics of it anywhere, though :/

i am and ameridinian