How to make irl friends

just want a friend to argue about mindless dribble and then go out and get some ihop at 3am

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that would be the dream wouldn't it

are you from ameriburgerland

Social skills

I'll fucking KILL YOU NIGGER.

i posted threads like this numerous times
everyone waz all like 'u can find friendz, all u gots to do is go outsid1!"

now on the noose they're saying we're all alone
well... we is alone!

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Wtf is wrong with that cat user

sorry i just had basketball on my mind
being a nigger and all

yes im a burgerstani

my area is from what i garhered full of non english speaking normies
i lack in social skills
i am pretty lucky sometimes

ah :'^( origign

sorry europoor maybe in a different timeline

nah leaf actually

What state, lad?
I'm in Michigan. Looking for friends as well.

sorry buster brown i live in New Jersey
New Yorks little brother that copies him

No you don't. Friends suck and can fuck you over more than help.
Work on yourself user

but i get lonely user
really lonely

Move to a better area where people speak English and are in your age bracket
Your social skills will get better with time

im 21 and im poor
where do i move to

I'll dribble some cum on you, nigga

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i miss my rats
the kike landlord wanted a deposit plus 25$ monthly for each one so I had to leave them with my sister and gave them away eventually

i have this exact kind of friend, and he is my only real friend and best friend, but we refer to each other as "frienemies", because we actually hate each other. Thought i would let you know that its not all that fun to argue all the time about senseless shit. Gets just annoying real quick. Been frienemies for about 6 years tho