Why do I only have crushes on girls that look 13-14?

Why do I only have crushes on girls that look 13-14?

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Why do only girls 13-14 have crushes on me?

because you're an ephebophile

Cause thats the prime

Because you have excellent taste oregano

This. Don't listen to ageing roasties and insecure beta males who will tell you otherwise.

Sounds like you're a healthy, high T male. White knight cuckolds and male feminist fuckbois will continue to vehemently deny reality.

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cus you're a fucking pedo kys faggot

>Finding fertile, sexually mature females to be sexually attractive makes you a pedophile who wants to fuck babies
Absolute fucking brainlet take

They aint called PTP for no reason

>getting so mad because you're in the closet

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>This graph again
There's no proof behind that. Pic related was made after serious studies. (it still shows that hebephilia is normal amongst men)

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>37 year old hag is more attractive than a 14 year old
This study is bullshit based on this alone.

Because they are innocent. This is what attracts men the most. Pure innocent and pristine girl, this has always been and it will be men' s first and the strongest desire in the opposite sex.

Used up women, filled with someone else's sperm are most of the time repulsive and disgusting.

True, no one likes sperm toilets.

are there any sites like primejailbait anymore or is the e-hebe wave dead?

This is what I want to know also.
They must not be able to sense how much of a loser I am.

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This guy has a point, the data is fucked.
Back to the drawing board.

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Religious indoctrination. Just look at all the pedophilia in the abrahamic religions

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OP you rapist! One of the policeman that stopped you talked to me when he was drunk that while they stopped you, you had an open card with pedo porn on onions. How do you explain that? We already know. The neighbors from the first floor said that this detention lasted an awful long time and at first you could hear your moans as police handcuffed you on the carpet in the hallway and then that you could hear your mother's rhythmic moans. She really must love you motherfucker since first she bribed police officers with her ass and then she made her ass pay for that girl to withdraw her testimony. But punishment will reach you anyway! By the way, what a family that let you watch such things.

because nutting raw into a fertile 13-14 year old is the closest thing to heaven

Being younger doesn't make a girl less of a whore. It just means the whore is temporarily hidden.

>wtf is wrong with you mate, that's disgusting

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>unironically defending a dr*wingfag
Please, remove yourself

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That's hebe actually, being into people under the ages of 21 (f) or 25 (m) is ephebophilia.

Get it right.


Very cute desu desu

Useless term because it makes no meaningful distinctions.

Younger girls are fresh, can be molded and are mischievous. They are usually more open and less judgmental. They often have a "can do" attitude whereas the older ones flaunt their beauty and get cocky, picky and demanding. Experiences women also tend to be less open and stick to what they like or think they like. And ironically, 14s are usually fertile and shaping like a woman. Often more fertile than a 30 yo. I prefer 16s myself, a lot of 14s still look like they aren't ready yet, but you can't tell their age by looks anyway.

It means youth, hebe does. The other means being into older adolescents It makes a big difference. 14ish vs 20ish is a big difference in sexual preferences as is being into 25 vs 35. Late 20s and or early 30s is the targeted normal tier 'they' want so you can raise children long enough for them to be well adjusted.

Male adolescence ends at 25. You're a ephepho if you want that or younger. If you want HS tier you're hebe. Mature is older than university tier. You're a hebe and or a ephebo if you like college girls in other words but a ephebo isn't awlays into HS tier. That old square and rectangle bit where the square can be both but not the rectangle. The hebe is the rectangle in this instance.

Get it now baka?

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I don't know what I was expecting to get myself into when I clicked this thread

Fuck, you guys actually believe this?

You weren't expecting to find out that you're a closet faggot?

It's fucking sick 75% attractive at 12.

Fucking peado scum

because you're a fucking legend

Got any more if this girl who I lawfully believe to be of age?

Where the fuck do you think you are? Get the fuck out, braindead normalfags.

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because girls at that age are at their peak. then they start to hit the wall.

Men like women when they look both as young as possible but of an adult bone structure so the baby can go through. Women hit puberty earlier and it lasts less long so being attracted to under 18 is something literally every male goes through. Seeing as to how you cannot change sexuality you'll always be attracted to it.

Swallow the redpill on men and leave the board idiot redditor normalfag/female. Females reach adult heights at around the center of their teen years as they sprout before the men do as men don't even hit it until their approx mid teen years usually. Puberty. 15ish ergo is the approx adult height for females and they also look young. They have large breasts often, hips, etc. Are you seriously this stupid? It's taboo due to the roles people currently play. You don't graduate your rights of passage early enough nor achieve things as a mature human fast enough for it to not seem odd, the attraction. In times past no one cared but with the current culture as it is everyone shitflings.