ITT: we post cute girls and lament the fact that we will never have a girlfriend as cute as the girls we posted

ITT: we post cute girls and lament the fact that we will never have a girlfriend as cute as the girls we posted

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im so fucking lonely
just once id like to know what it feels like to be loved

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girls are so soft and pretty and nice, but they'd never want me because i am genetic refuse

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god damn you guys have shit taste in women

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A girl like this is all I want in life. I will never come close to it.


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>posts soulless, black eyed chinks
>doesnt know how the poster count works
typical yellow fever retard

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i simply can't take it
i would fuck this girl hard AND be her slave
but a girl this beautiful will never like me that much

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why did i enter this thread?

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THIS pic related is a qt

It almost physically hurts. Is pic related really too much to ask for? You see them all the time, it's not like it's a rare species or anything.

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pathetic cumbrains, this thread is for cute and/o beautiful women, not softcore porn gook whores

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This girl is by far the most facially attractive girl in this thread and I'm not even a yellow fever cuck.

damnnn cumskin worshippers BTFOOO

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is this a tranny
serious question

>manly jaw
>wrinkles under her eyes
>naso-labial folds

you guys are jokers

she Iooks like she fucks bIack guyss

>soulles, black bug eyes
>enormous 5 head
>20 layers of makeup and airbrushed to shit
interesting how the poster count didnt go up at all when you posted this
very interesting

no, its maria. she does asmr on youtube

you forgot
>bleached hair

What do you look like? The things you said aren't that prominent. She's definitely attractive.

Elbows too pointy too. Disgusting.

>she does asmr on youtube
no way! she isn't a math student?
oh wait, you need the 5 head and the black bug eyes for that

enjoy your bleached brainless whore

i like pretty chaddy but im not doxing myself

Go back to Jow Forums, her face is unironically perfect

shes below average even for a gook
you really are beyond desperate

asians are superior to the rotten cottage cheese garbage pails youve been posting

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no weird hybrid alien gf

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yellow fever cumbrains keep posting porn, but dont have enough blood in their bodies to operate their dick and their brain at the same time
no wonder they're so retarded, they live in a constant state of brain-death

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your taste is trash man. sorry. dunno what else to tell you. you post some tubby ginger bitch and think that act can follow the slender asian goddess (pinnacle of femininity) i posted? you're a joker my man

this image activates my penis

>pan-faced insectoid who doesn't possess cognizance
>beautiful white woman
Yeah okay, asiantiger. Go be a fag somewhere else.

Chop it's head off and it'll be a qt.

Can't we agree cute is subjective and not attack each other's tastes because none of these women asked to critiqued?

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