Tfw you look like wojak irl

>tfw you look like wojak irl

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you're too ugly to be this bold unreal tournament tattoo faggot

must suck not being low inhib

Please stop cutting your hair and grow it long again, thank you.

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He's hot even without long hair....please share these images with me though.

he looks way better with long hair. what a retard for cutting it

>looks at instagram
woa what a fuckin weirdo. nice guns tho coolguy

>There are hot guys browsing Jow Forums

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I want to hold ops hand so much

if this guy is hot then i have nothing to worry about what a low bar

uhh thank you

I would literally let this guy choke me

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What do you look like? share with us

That guy is trying too hard to look edgy or bad ass.
Qt nerdy guys all the way.

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I don't like choking but I want to put his fingers in my mouth and kiss his hands...

Ew that guy isn't cute at all compared to op

nah im cool ill give donnie darko tryhard the spotlight

At least he doesn't look like an angry ape

OP reminds me of a young John Stamos.

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Don't compare op to a nigger, you slut

I wanted more handsome guys to look at.

you know i would really enjoy something like that, im not into choking ppl

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>seething this hard over some random faggot you don't know


Lol you're doing the exact same thing just in the opposite direction. Envy is a hell of a drug.

>not being able to understand when someone is joking

yeah I'm jealous that I wasn't born as a man in 2019 lol

>This post

What did he mean by this?

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I just like hands and you have very nice hands...
Very adorable cat as well, he reminds me of my kitten.

>skull mask
op are you fashy

That's actually really accurate 2bh

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>"wow, I'm so edgy you wouldn't even believe it"

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he can hurt me any day honestly

>chin is kind of weak
>fish lip mouth (lips arent wide enough)
>bulbous nose
>filtrum is too long
5-6/10 tbqh
t. straight guy

>this beaner again

please get a trip so i can filter you

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Lol, nice cope. Let the girls decide who's hot.

He's an 8/10 and you're probably ugly

i showed you mine, show me yours :)

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>Let the girls decide who's hot.

>Anyone who disagrees with me on anything is a tranny

Must be a hard life.

>Must be a hard life.

t. assblasted trannoid

>9 IPs
>39 posts
Stop posting yourself you fucking scowling goblin.
...and bring your vpn since that board has unique IDs.

I don't think he was implying that there are girls on the internet, just that a dude's opinion on another dude's attractiveness is completely irrelevant and biased

You seem pretty assblasted yourself sweetie, there are going to be guys in this world that are objectively better looking than you, and scrutinizing every aspect of their face with your own arbitrary standards as a way of coping isn't the best way to come to terms with that.

my opinion is equally valid. lil peep = cute, zayn malik = beautiful man. this guy is forced to make this weird face like he just smelled shit because his mouth is too small for his face. his smile probably looks weird as fuck. im just not seeing anything above a 6/10 he has nice hair and eyes but its on a weird goblin structured face

>my opinion is equally valid.
Why, because you say it is? He's an 8/10 in my book, I'm sorry if it's bothering you that much.

you're probably low on the social totem pole of women and by that i mean you're ugly

i think my smile is cute enough, i just dont smile very often because it feels weird to force it

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I could just as easily say the same thing about you lol. But whatever makes you feel better.

>if people don't agree with me on what is attractive then they're ugly!!!

put a sock in it roaster
ok this isnt too bad

>those arms
start lifting you ogre looking faggot
only way to redeem your face 2bh. you could hardcore ogremaxx. if you're short though, it's over.

i gotta head to bed, therapy in like 4 hours, gn everyone, thanks for saying nice things about me

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God damn it I want you. Goodnight user.
Please don't go private on Instagram, I don't want to have to make an account to lurk your pics.

I now understand why men orbit those egirls, sigh.

He has nice looking arms what are you talking about

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this guy is so fugly, someone ban this faggot for posting his ugly face every goddamn day

dyel tier in this pic too, but it's better than the first pic. clearly lost weight.

He's fine, doesn't need to be able to bench a truck to be hot.

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both those guys lift retard

guy on the right probably works out more than the left. the taller you are, the harder it is to make progress.

Many examples to choose from, pick your poison.

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>People will sit and defend this guy
>I don't even get looks


left can hardly call himself a man. literally a twig. would get absolutely humiliated in any violent confrontation.

>look at this dude
>look at roastoid replies
>look at this dude
>look in the mirror
thank you for making my day OP

Why don't you share your face if you're so hot?

Luckily for him this isn't the stone age and people who start physical confrontations have a tendency to get shot these days.

because I have a corporate job

Lol, think your boss might be lurking this thread?

obviously not
but I don't really gain anything from posting my face
and I don't want it to be found out when I make it
I already know the roastoids here would cream themselves over me

>I have a corporate job
Oh, do you wear a suit? I bet you're actually very handsome

>I already know the roastoids here would cream themselves over me

>but I don't really gain anything from posting my face

You obviously have an inflated ego, you're exactly the type of person who has something to gain from posting their face.

yeah I do wear a suit
I can't tell if your reply is sarcastic or not

Figure it out yourself suit user

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oh look it's the self posting samefagging cro magnon

hes 6+ feet tall, tall people have extra strength

>Do not post pictures of yourself on Jow Forums. Do not post threads asking for pictures of other users. All "rate me" and camwhoring threads belong on /soc/. Fuck off.

73 replies
17 posters
holy shit this guy is fucking sad

what makes you think your opinions will have any impact on my ego?
I find other peoples egos generally very repulsive
mostly because they think they are better than me
I am quite aware of my ego and go out of my way to no reveal it irl but I can't help feeling superior to everyone at all times
there's nothing you can do to stop me feeling like this

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What I'm trying to say is that people with massive egos live for being validated, it's quite common with narcissists. That's why I think you're LARPing.

>up 2 hours
>soc thread
>a bad one at that
>a furry on top of this
Delete the website and rebuild with reddit/discord theme(s).

well basically you don't know what you're talking about
but also I am not a narcissist

I do know what I'm talking about because I'm licensed as a psychotherapist. I also know that there's nothing a narcissist hates more than being called out for what he is.

Okay as much as I dislike the user you're aiming at. You can't just diagnose someone with a disorder based off a very small anonymous interaction with someone you had over Jow Forums.

did you cry yourself to sleep last night sweetie? ;)

Not an official diagnosis, no. But I've dealt with them every day of my life for the past 6 years making it incredibly easy to spot, they're some of the most transparent people I work with.

do you know the source of this clip?

so what's your verdict on me then?
I am superior to everyone but rarely try to put myself in a position where I could be validated for it
what does that make me?

>tfw op is a retarded self-absorbed attention whoring normie

I have friend that looks almost exactly same as picrel
imagine my internal laughs when I see it and remember him

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im hot as fuck and am one of the historically meanest posters to women on this board

Bicycle weed user-kun, you make the best threads on here. I want you to be /our/guy

what number buzzcut is that?

You look like Pink from the wall after he goes fascist.

looks like ~4mm

right looks like a russian mobster, left looks like a dickhead, rights gonna get much more pussy