3+5chan is dead

>3+5chan is dead
>endchan's down as well

Are there even any good imageboards with okay traffic left besides wizchan?

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Works on my machine.
>Are there even any good imageboards with okay traffic left besides wizchan?
Lainchan, 419+1chan, kohlchan's Jow Forums.

>Lainchan, 419+1chan, kohlchan's Jow Forums
Kohlchan time outs on me, same with 6+2chan
I've been on 410+10chan, it seems pretty shit.
Lainchan seems to be interesting upon first glance, thanks user.

why would jim lie to us he said it would be back like two weeks ago...
i miss my comfy small boards that site was more than just Q and pol they nuked dozens of boards

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162chan is quite good :3

feel sorry for you user, those boards will be missed
i was thinking about making a chan myself, but I'm a poor robot and I don't know jackshit about servers/anything

Based gluee drainer.

yay, someone recognized it, seen many drainanons lately


>Kohlchan time outs on me, same with 6+1chan
I'll take a wild guess that it's somewhat related to IPv6 settings. You might try to disable it.

Stop telling lies, it always times out.

That's for roasts

Disabled IPv6, still can't access.

420chan? 7chan?

We just have to wait for 8 chan to come back. I have faith in Ron, if he said it would come back, it will.

Yet I still can access it.

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Wait, I for whatever reason thought about the wrong chan. Sorry.

Why is Trash Island so boring? Eversince and WOD are godly but they keep veering in the Red Light direction and it suxx

It's more normalfag friendly, i guess?
But nothing can beat eversince/gluee

i'm smoking draaaain

did you even listen to 1:1

yah I think they found their brand and they're going to push forward in this direction like bladee said in that interview.
trash island is hit or miss but I really like ecco's new vocaloid like autotune singing and bladee's been varying his flow a little more too. I choose to remain optimistic

for me, its
rl > gluee = eversince > icedancer > dg > wod

To each their own I guess, i'm not really into the new ecco vocals. I really enjoyed victim until ecco comes in. I feel like bladee was pretty underwhelming too, he did too much whispering. Love western union tho

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Inf channewfaggo tards

ecco was the highlight of the tape for me

It's because you're a phone poster that you can't be forgiven. Phones are designed to turn you into an ADD consumerist that is constantly tracked by the powers that be.

I thought about it, but I don't want that kind of liability, tpbh

too much of a hassle, as well

You are talking about tracking on a board where almost everyone unironically uses Discord. I use LineageOS without gapps anyway, so the only tracking here is from cellular operator, who would just see that I'm either at home or at the uni.

Only the invaders use pisscord and zoomers are invaders. That's like saying everyone uses facebook, another pleb site.

Even if you use that you're still being made add by the small screen and inconvenient chimp tier controls and lack luster features.

infchan doesnt work, retard

>small screen
5 inches is perfectly fine for reading posts.
>inconvenient chimp tier controls
I mostly lurk anyway, this does not require a whole control center.
>lack luster features
Like which ones?

On the contrary, recaptcha is unbearable on desktop, and noscript captcha just does not work for me. While in Dashchan this does not cause too much issues.

What do you guys think about Trash Island, i like it but i still believe its the worst project from them. I mean its big shoes to fill, but i dunno i like Ecco on in kinda, but no enough Bladee on it. I feel like Ecco's verse's were too much obviously about love and relationships, i like Bladee's more vague lyrics in general, which can be interpreted the way u want. Most of it is good but it dosnt have like any songs i would but in gtbsg top 20. Forgot to mention Thaiboy, he was solid throughout desu not much to say.

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Felt like Ecco and Thaiboy were much better than bladee on it, although I wish that he had longer verses. Also, Western Union is definitely top 20 gtbsg in my opinion. Leans verse wasn't the greatest on 1:1
Overall, it felt like a small brother of d&g.

>I'll just get used to letting jewgle scan my fingerprint to prove I'm human

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I like western union is ok, i think its good but people are overrating it. I feel like d&g was a lot darker than this tape and i liked that better. I guess its more comparable to Ice Dancer or maybe WODG?. Maybe it just preference, but i feel like from what Bladee said in the interview and from this tape, they are planning on changing and it worries me. Maybe my expectations are too high or something.

Hope we get something like eversince soon, if he sticks with the weird, spiritual lyrics, e.g Vanilla Sky then i'm fine with that as well. I just want him to rap about magic and aura like he did in gluee and older tracks.

I dunno if you're memeing about the last part lol. But i don't think we'll ever see that again sadly. Vanilla Sky was good and Ice Dancer was top 3 (after Eversince and Gluee imo). Waster imo is one of his best songs overall, i dunno how to feel its like he's on the edge of blowing up and being mainstream on the internet. I guess we just have to wait to see if he sells out or not, i don't think he will but i dunno if he can stop being overshadowed by old stuff. IceDancer proved me wrong when i thought this hopefull it happens again.

It was amazing, Acid Rain is legendary
Ecco is embarrassing as fuck though

I'd put Red Light on top 3, but each to their own.

Red Light has some insane songs desu (Puppet Master, 1D, Im Goofy, Obidient) maybe its closer to top 3 now that i think.
Acid rain is one of my favourites of it, I think its good not amazing i suppose.

Red Light's definitely stronger than Icedancer, but maybe it's because I haven't listened to it in its entirety.

no man should ever step his foot into such putrid place as cc