You're not members of I.N.C.E.L., are you Jow Forums?

You're not members of I.N.C.E.L., are you Jow Forums?

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lmao , why are they acting like its isis?

Femanon here! I am a real femanon btw.

>Member of Incel
Wat. Link to weird post?

>tfw it's real
current year+5 is gonna be interesting

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weird innit

Being involuntarily celibate is not a terrorist organization no matter how hard the media is trying to push this shit.

>Being involuntarily celibate is not a terrorist organization
that sounds exactly like what an Incel Insurgent would say

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I cant stand this. None of them have any idea what they are talking about, they just spout buzzwords all the time.

>member of Incel.
And here I was thinking Id lost the ability to laugh.

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I'm starting to suspect that the hacker known as Jow Forums may have a connection with I.N.C.E.L.

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Yeah my membership number is 555 ;)


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They're coming for us fuck fuck fuck.

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good luck robots. looks like we're gonna get operation hammered and triggerlocked

It literally is. Incels are the extremist violent terrorist wing of male virgins.

Belonging to an incel community and preaching about how rape should be legal is being part of a terrorist organization.

I've even seen that before but I coulda sworn that was some incel boy included with the reddit screencap for some reason. Forgot that's what that chick looks like. Big oof.

Absolutely brilliant. These clueless bimbos actually get PAID by the government for this insightful research.

Everyone ITT is having their IPs collected and sent to the cyberpolice.

>lmao , why are they acting like its isis?
It gets better.

>Understanding more about this population of men will be part of the research conducted at Florida State University through the Maura's Voice research fund. It has been established in honor of Maura Binkley, the 21-year-old FSU student who was killed at the Tallahassee massacre.

>"We found with this one particular group of males, the ones willing to blame the attractive victim in every sample also had very low self-perceived attractiveness leanings," Coren said. "Essentially what we found by accident was an entire group of 'incels.' These individuals are hyper-aggressive toward women, typically having very low self-esteem themselves."

>"The problem with incel research is there really isn't any," Coren said. "We can't exactly ask people 'are you an incel.' We have to figure out who these people are. There is no empirical research that says, 'This is an incel,' much like 'This is a psychopath. We don't even have a list of criteria that makes somebody an incel."

>I think it's going to be more environmentally based, which means anybody can be an incel," she said. "We are not going to find some biology that is going to lead us to an incel.
>We don't even have a list of criteria that makes somebody an incel

>be female
>loved for who you are and live free from pressure all your life
>be beta male
>bullied by your peers
>extreme pressure to succeed in life
>no social life cuz unattractive and autistic

Well shit, how in the world could this happen?

well you've been coming for the rest of us for far too long and about time we do something to protect ourselves

How much will they pay me if I tell them the truth, that identifying an incel is very easy? It's merely someone who is part of an online incel community.

>Member of incel
Are we the Legion of Doom now?

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Most norma people don't go killing after getting rejected even other permavirigins

I'm a lieutenant at INCEL

I'm a member of SPECTRE. Special executive for counter intelligence, terrorism, revenge and extortion. The four great cornerstones of power, headed by the greatest brains in the world.

INCEL is where we send our rejects who didn't make the cut.

People are replying to it by mentioning Jow Forums, but this site wasn't even mentioned. What gives? why not mention an actual incel site?

Sorry, where did he mention killing?

this took 4000 hours in ms paint

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most people are cowards


these people are actually getting PAID to write this, holy shit

being apart of reddit makes you a cuck and you should go back

I wonder if I could get paid to shitpost this stuff.

The thing is, cunts look at men they don't want to fuck as incels, so the bottom 80% of ALL men will be incels to her eyes. This is going to be fucking hilarious.

Do you think I can escape the cull because I am brown? They seem to be trying to push incels as white supremacists.

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Hue, fuckin nice

Only for a short while until they realize a lot of brown ugly guys like us hate the world

not only that but they celebrate for days when a woman is mutilated by one of their brothers and give them hero status

we all know how it ends. one of you go on a shooting spree and the rest celebrate for days

>not understanding everything on the internet is satire
get a load of this woman

Have you ever heard of hyperbole?

What's wrong with that?

There's literally nothing wrong with terrorism.

Good! It's about time men become men.

I am. I just got accepted last week. I'm so excited to finally be a part of such a great organization!

I hope none of you are members of this elite special ops unit. They only target women. Very dangerous people.

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Are they going to reeducate us by locking us in rooms full of naked women?

Please present a statistic that shows that "Incels" (by some reasonably and explicitly defined metric) commit more violent crimes than African Americans per person.
I'm not racist by the way, I'm half black.

this shit has made my day jej

I like ice cream

>take a look around
>Look at hand - casio watch
>Rifle with stockpiled ammo
>drives toyota

Well to be fair writing was on the wall all along

drop dead I.N.C.E.L

>We don't even have a list of criteria for what an incel is
Nether does Jow Forums apparently, normies never leave.

Remember goyim those most impacted by modern societies bullshit are to blame
Not rich jewish people with money power and control

>Elite squad of counter-terrorist women who go around and take the virginity of incels to prevent killing sprees

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On the one hand its the fault of women, they just want to lay around being dumb whores for Chad, this is their nature, to only want 20% of men, and to be disgusted by the bottom half of men.

But, why is it a crime for ugly men, who are most likely to do it, to go fuck hookers. And, who is already behind pushing to criminalize sex robots, who funded the sex revolution that destroyed looks match , etc....

No they dont. You should form your own opinions.