Dear kyle, aka ugly face poster, spidrwolf, wolf, bpd man

dear kyle, aka ugly face poster, spidrwolf, wolf, bpd man

stop ruining this fucking board, nobody wants you here. leave or kys.

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Please leave Kyle alone, he's sleeping. He is very handsome.

Yikes. Must be one annoying fella, huh?

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We all know you're a faggot user.

shut the fuck up manic asshole, i cant believe you compliment yourself on your own threads lol you're a psychopath

I just think he's really hot!

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Remember when R9K used to be for unique anonymous conversation? Neither do I. All I remember is how the board is for discord drama, trannies, and normalfag whiny cunts feeling a wittle blue, justifying all of them to blogpost indefinitely.

literally fucking who?
originally still

the new victim of gamergraph

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Translation: please notice me Mr. spidrwolf

Are you the roast that got toasted in that thread a week ago?

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As much as I hate faceposters, this board was ruined long before he ever showed up.

not them/op but it was clear as day in that thread that the dude was just having a melty because he didn't get what he wanted

You pretty much have it backwards.

I have the screenshots saved, she got toasted because he was bragging about how pathetic and desperate she acted and she found the thread he was bragging in.

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you guys are wrong, he had saved selfies of me and i was afraid he was gonna post them all over so i tried to give him what he wanted. he wanted me to give him the attention he craves from all of you incels and ethots. i dont talk to him anymore and you guys shouldnt give him attention.

i'd strongly recommend reading the actual thread again

>i dont talk to him anymore

So why did you make a thread trying to get his attention? God I hate dumb girls.

im not op im just lurking here

>you guys are wrong, he had saved selfies of me and i was afraid he was gonna post them all over

>im not op

Yeah I doubt it. Just get over him and move on.

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alright dude tell that to my bf thx bye

You've got a bf and you're still spending this much time thinking about the guy who discarded you.

This is why women are not to be trusted

nah im just sick of lies being spread involving me. this dude is everywhere and im sick of it

Screenshots don't lie, people do however.

If I recall correctly you were accusing him of "slandering" you when all he did was post literal screenshots of things that you yourself said.

Wait is Kyle the actual one who took those screenshots?

yeah, look at the thread again. i posted my side disproving everything he said and idgaf about it anymore .

>idgaf about it anymore .

You literally started another thread trying to get his attention, odd behavior for someone who doesn't care anymore.

What exactly did you disprove by the way? That you didn't act desperate and pathetic when he threatened to leave you for acting abrasive?

like i said i didnt start this thread. i saw him face posting again and rolled my eyes but moved on. stop acting like you know everything. i shouldn't have begged him to stay but he shouldn't have manipulated me and i was the one who left. i left even before that huge thread happened because he posted that screenshot in other threads beforehand.

>like i said i didnt start this thread. i saw him face posting again and rolled my eyes but moved on.

I can't blame him for manipulating you when you're a compulsive liar. Judging by the way you acted in this picture you deserve everything that happened to you.

>Haha you're wasting your time with me if you want something from me

>Ok I'm done wasting my time.

>Ok leave then

>*He leaves*


You're a manipulative, lying cunt. I have no sympathy for you.

ok lol believe what you want to im just telling my side

There is nothing to "believe". I'm forming my opinion based off of literal facts that were presented.

He didn't tell any lies whatsoever, all he did was expose you for what you are.

there's so much you didnt see that i didnt post, i never wanted anything public like this and its annoying me. call it facts if you want. i posted screenshots and my side so i dont care if you dont believe me. seeya

You're probably annoyed because he's moved on with his life and you're still posting dumb threads about him. Should have been a little nicer I guess. Again, no sympathy.