"user I need more energy. Could I please eat some of your dreams?"

> "user I need more energy. Could I please eat some of your dreams?"

Tell me the last dream you had in as much detail as possible.
I'm really good at dream interpretation but I think I might be cheating because I know the people involved personally. Be my guinea piggu plz?

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I was standing in the uni hallway with two people next to me, they were familiar to me apparently but I don't remember their faces or anything. There was a disgusting spider crawling on the ground and I wasn't careful, it touched my shoe and I panicked and lost it. I then walked around with a feeling of dread as I knew the spider was somewhere on my body or clothes.

I remember i was sitting in a pitch black room. Nothing around but darkness. Suddenly, some kind of figure appeared. It's face was exactly like Phanto from SMB 2. It was sort of shrouded in a dark cloak of some kind, and it's "face" was pinkish red. It stood there for a moment, staring, before saying, with subtitles,

"You will know the purpose of this life."

Another second of staring contest passes before i wake up.
Tell me what the fuck does this mean.

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I'm schizo. When I stop taking meds I get extremely bizarre and very detailed gory dreams. I don't know how is it possible because I don't even like gore or horror movies. How is my brain making all that shit up?

That sounds like basic uni-based existential dread to me. Like maybe you're questioning what you're doing there and if it's going to end badly. Have you been thinking about that recently? Are you struggling to connect with people there or have you made some friendly acquaintances? The faceless people make me think the former.

I dreamed I took a pill and had hallucinations. It was a big, red pill. Everything looked shiny and colors changed. Shadows were white, too, like in negative, and I had delusions.
It was an overall shitty dream in which I fought verbally with many people, but the being drugged part felt good.

Was it creepy or did it seem friendly to you?
It sounds like you're disenfranchised with life and trying to make coherent sense out of the chaos of random chance moments that make it up.
Yeah but you've seen awful things before and the human mind can't help but go to awful places. You must be good at controlling it in your day to day if it's seeping out of your unconscious like that.

Are you feeling controlled lately? Or like you're not in control of your own existence? Are you having a lot of problems in your interpersonal relationships?

It seemed creepy. All it did was stand still and stare. Nothing else.

Not really. A friend told me earlier that day about his experiencing delusions and psychosis so I guess it stuck. My interpersonal relationships are shit but that's the way it's been since forever.

Can you tell me how did you learn to interprete dreams? Any books, videos? I have free time and it looks interesting

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You're obviously the chosen one.
I'm embarrassingly bad at this when I don't know you personally!
Dream dictionaries, looking up the meanings of different omens, a lifetime of obssession with the occult, reading about dream interpretation from a psychological standpoint as well.

I dreamt I was on an island with landmines everywhere except the beach. There was another old dude who kept yelling
Then I woke up.

I also had another dream where I was hanging around in the city, and a short and kind fat person tried to mug me. So I stabbed him in the chest with a dagger which looked like a bayonet, but he kept attacking me so I kept stabbing him. It wasn't hard to fight back and keep him at bay, but I just kept stabbing him, it seemed like the right thing to do. I somehow felt my father approved of my behavior.

>a short and kind of fat person
Also I'm not a particularly violent or aggressive person.

Im going to just type this as a greenpost because it would look neater

>wake up in my bed, in my room
>there are little differences in the way it was organized, but realistically so
>I get up and start dicking around with my computer
>have been putting off upgrading gpu irl. have it, just too lazy
>start installing said gpu into pc
>seems to work until turned on
>screen is fragmented and glitchy
>try to put headphones in to see if sound works
>aux bends into a u and doesn't work
>tries to leave my room
>door handle breaks

Then I wake up in my room, already mentally prepared for the monotonous anguish of the day.

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What's your relationship with your father like? Is he still alive?
That one was tasty.
That's pretty terrifying. Are you a NEET?
It's like biting a lemon.

I think you mean Doki Doki Panic my lad.
>their faces are different acktually
Ur different.

>"are you a neet?"

No, I am currently in college with a pretty good social life, going to start applying to med schools. recently its felt like alot of substance is gone from my life for the same day over and over

Nothing personnel, kid.
> Sugoi!

Thankfully life feels much less like "Groundhog Day" when you get out of school. Unfortunately, if you're just now applying for med school that's a ways off.
Congrats on slogging through thus far, user.

>walk out the front door
>jump into the air and fly
>flying over a lake
>shoot an energy beam from my hand while flying
>fuck yeah
>blow a whole mountain away with a kamehameha
>start thinking how much better my life will be now that i know how to fly and shoot ki blasts
>get too excited and wake up

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>be me
>Walking around in a random hallway
>An old man walks by
>His face was creepy
>Suddenly in my room
>Starts hitting me with a stick
>The old guy turn into a gypsy kid
>Still hitting me with stick
>Wake up
What the fuck

Btw I saw a pic of the gypsy kid somewhere so that's why i remember it

I only remember two distinct parts
The first part was a flashback within the dream, though i don't remember the context
>Me and a friend (not from irl) have to break into a building by night for some reason i don't remember
>The owner of the building is patrolling and he's very angry with us, so we keep running away from him
>My friend wonders into the underground levels of the building, which are very dark and go very deep down
>After a while i'm talking to the owner and it looks like my friend has disappeared in the lower levels and neither of us can find him anymore
>We're both scared of being accused of killing him or something, so we decide to bury the whole thing, which fills me with guilt and fear of being discovered
Second part
>I'm visiting what looks like my old elementary school with a friend of mine (actual friend from irl), although the students are all high school or university aged
>I'm having a friendly conversation with my old teacher, until it's time to go back home
>I get up and get out of the classroom i was in with my friend, and a girl joins us
>She says she wants to escape the school but they won't let her, and they won't let us leave too
>She looks worried, but nothing seems wrong so i'm chill
>We don't know where the exit is, so we ask indications
>After a while it becomes clear that the indications they're giving us are wrong and we're going in circles
>Still not worried, decide to head always straight in one direction until we find an exit
>We lose the girl somewhere on the way, but we go on
>Come by a gym, politely ask PE teacher to open a door facing an external courtyard
>PE teacher is very friendly and opens the door, but the students in the courtyard are very hostile
>Last part of the dream before waking up is just me and my friend running towards the external gates and dodging all the students trying to block us

Thanks for adding to my Spirit Bomb of sorts, user.
Excitement is one of the most satisfying sensations I've learned from you.
Do you know where to find the picture of the gypsy? I wanna see.

No dude sorry

I'm in a big empty house, I think it's mine. All the walls are white and there's no furniture. I'm there with my mom and two dogs. We're in one of the rooms and my mom is speaking normally to me like she used to before she had dementia. There's a cheetah in the house. We're moving from room to room to get away from it. We're in the kitchen and it somehow gets in. I jump on the island and the counters and start yelling at it. I scream at my mom to go out one of the doors and I slide my dogs out and tell her to take them and run. I close the door behind her and it sees me. I run out a different door and close it behind me. I'm running down a hallway and look back and see it hurl itself through the door and come chasing after me. Then I woke up. Please interpret.

>one of those back in school dreams
>groups of students getting onto school busses at night
>get onto one of the busses and the interior is completely made of shiny metal, no windows
>the seats are grey and blocky
>sit in one and hear the driver announce the names of each student as they enter, everybody claps but they stop clapping after the second one enters
>back of the bus has a row of seats shaped like a staircase with about 6 steps to sit on
>go to sit on the cool staircase seats with another student
>bus starts to drive
>one of us mentions to the other that we'd be pretty fucked in these seats if the bus got into a wreck
>feel unease and put my head down so far I see outside
>the bus stops, still in the parking lot of the school and we all get out
>teacher sees a student with a bunch of bob marley apparel and stickers and begins to question him about pot
>at this point I decide this is a dumb fieldtrip and start chanting "Walk out!"
>begin walking away while chanting, students are walking out and chanting it along with me
>stop chanting and listen to them carry on with it, feel kind of proud
>walk up to the side of the school building and see a young kid sitting on the pavement in the dark
>ask him if he was okay and he said yes and thanked me for asking
>ask him if the school building was still open
>he says it's locked
>I decide to go to the parking lot, where cops have begun to spread out and apprehend students who are trying to leave
>find my vehicle by hitting the unlock button on my keychain, see the lights in the distance
>walk toward it and one of the teachers (who looked like one of my managers at work) tells me I have to go back
>ignore him and keep going
>suddenly my vehicle bursts into flames

I was see a spider in my last dream too. But it was be in my room and a mini-hat 20sm was on the this spider

Give me my damn interpretation

Maybe the cheetah is the dementia. Maybe you're afraid of the probability that you'll get it too. It sounds like you felt helpless to save her.
Sounds like you didn't fit in very well as a child and you fancy that you've gained some social skills since then.

Do you have any friends that seem sort of psychically inclined that would have any reason to want to know your business?

I was in elementary school. I spend the school day there doing w/e. Then I needed to get home. I figured I could just run. I've done it before. For some reason I asked a teacher for a ride. They said yes and took me somewhere. It wasn't home.

I don't think I ever figured out how to get home lol

You expected your teachers to lead you to a "productive" and "fulfilling" adulthood and now you're lost and confused, though not necessarily filled with any animosity because of it.

I was in the heart of a city. Wandering around until I stumbled into a nightclub. There was this big band playing swingin' tunes and stuff. The music was so powerful and moving that I had to join by randomly pulling an instrument from somewhere and joined in. When I woke up there was a song stuck in my head but it doesn't exist.
Does this mean anything?

The circumstances surrounding it aren't so important as the song itself. Record yourself playing it as close to exactly as you can remember it. This will be important later.

plz interpret my drem

I texted one of my best friends "I love you man" then somehow stabbed him in the ribs through the phone