How many robots have this?

how many robots have this?

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>shrunken palm from excessive penis gripping
>thick fingers for tighter grip
>wooden desk for easy clean-up
>light mouse to jerk off with one hand and browse with the other
Yep, that's a coomer.

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That's his right hand retard. Who masturbates with their mouse hand anymore?

Yeah OP I got a callus like that on my right hand but not my left. I also have one on my left ankle on the left side but not on my right ankle for some reason.

Many years ago I had some longer lasting pain in my right hand's pisiform bone, possibly because thats where my hand gripping the mouse touches the desk. You couldn't see it from outside, though and it went away after a while. Never saw a doctor for it IIRC and didnt use bandages or the like to support it. Was still somewhat unpleasent...

>sissy hand

Not many I hope

my old desk gave me that
nowadays I have carpal tunnel so great upgrade there

You come off as a bottomboi and for posting something this pathetic you should get TOPPED

>proud of being a worthless loser

Lmao what faggy hands? I don't maybe some do but your hands look like a transexual haha

Me. I like taking clippers and cutting it.

Cute hands now post feet please

I got a hand too

your hand looks so nice OP post some more

Get one of those gel wrist mouse pads. You'll never have that again. Get 1 for your keyboard too.

Normal people get those too.

It's known as the"Mark"

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elevate your wrist more, youll be thankful in the long run. your hand is very cute i want to hold it

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op I have the same mousepad, monitor, mouse, and mark on my wrist, and almost identical looking hands, I'm extremely spooked

Stop posting your pictures, fag.

there are no pictures in my post

I've got it but it's nowhere as bad as yours. I'm using the same pad but with woven borders.

>he has a normie mark

real man uses trackball

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Just checked.
Yep, I have that.