I hate small talks. I wanna talk about atoms, death, aliens, sex, magic, intellect, the meaning of life...

I hate small talks. I wanna talk about atoms, death, aliens, sex, magic, intellect, the meaning of life, faraway galaxies, the lies you've told, your flaws, your favorite scents, your childhood, what keeps you up at night, your insecurity and fears. I like people with depth, who speak with emotion, a twisted mind. I don't want to know "what's up."

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same, unlucky that most people are borderline retarded

shut the fuck up
you fucking whore
go choke on your dildo

You simply don't like small talk
Imagine being unable to even participate in small talk due to being just socially retarded enough to not into mundane shit.

I'm sure you like talking about what Wikipedia article you've last read

Go watch some porn you coomer

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You sound retarded. Your boring ass shit subjects can be gotten through in one hour, then all that's left is your extremely boring self. I hope you're extremely good looking, for your sake, you vagina

What do people usually talk about? Especially friends and romantic couples.
t. loner sperg here

same. Snow#9593 if u wanna talk about deep topics

if you wanna feel euphoric for no reason just drop some XTC lol.
those conversations are reserved for people who are important in your life, not for retarded thotts who are talking to like 15 guys at the same time and will just forget the convo 24 hours later.
that is literally everyone now who owns a smart phone, it's an epidemic.

I fucking despise you people.
What the fuck is there to talk about with sex? You fucking do the thing and then leave, that's it.

>tfw I say hi to the weird kid and he starts going off about aliens and how high his IQ is

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you got this from a fake-deep t shirt at spencers

>I wanna talk about atoms
wow so interesting... atoms.

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That is exactly how i spent 5 years of living with my ex.

We were horrible mismatch BUT the sexual and intellectual connection was more than making up for our overall incompatibility and horrible mismatch.

Newfags. Newfagz everywhere.

Same here, wanna chat somewhere?

Are you female (female) (FEMALE) ?

This but unironically. I fucking hate pretending to care about small talk or any gossip topics that niggers in my friends circles talk about. Do people unironically like that shit or do they pretend just like I do to fit in, fuck I hate life.

no one cares anymore, Jow Forums is dead.

>I want to talk about basic bitch things look how cool I am

You are so deep! I bet you have a lot of very close friends who would do anything for you.

>you dont
Oh so you are just another shallow retard who lives in his or her fantasies. Get a life

Couples (later in the relationship) usually just discuss household problems and other people, especially other people.
>[some guy we barely knew] died
>[some guy] is cheating on his wife
>[X] came by today and say something
With friends it's day-to-day events and common hobbies and stupid jokes.

>those conversations are reserved
this. I wouldn't talk about any real shit until a strong relationship is established. being 'deep' all the time makes you look like a try-hard and a faggot

>not talking about events or jokes with your wife
Yikes, that sounds like a stiff relationship. My wife and I joke all the time

I love that shit bro I feel u ppl just dont talk about deep shit like u n I

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When dad and I talked about the problems of opening up to people he summed it up with a question:
"How do you tell your gf you like wearing women's underwear?"

>talk to girl about that
>she awkwardly walks away
>people tell me I should stop being an autistic creep for doing so
>learn lesson that women are not interested in it and I should never assume they are (at lest not without a lot of prodding).

I like how you believe you're actually easy to approach.
You're probably the type of person who believes approaching you is OTHER people's problem then get mad when no one does

He's making fun of a well-known cliche you fucking spergs


how moronic of a gay faggotry

Copypasta from 9gag

Really, fuck that's boring and horrible as shit

Yes........I took am a europhic human being that wished to speak about things beyond the scope of a piny human mind.... Like asstropyshics and quantum mecanics.........

why dont you just say that, thats whats up

>you matched!
>hi user, I'm femanon
>have you ever stopped to consider that life is actually cyclical? But it's also way more than that, like wheels within wheels constantly spinning again and again
Sounds like a decent opener to me

You're an idiot who's trying to sound smart

>t. obese arthoe
If you truly cared about any of these things, that's what the thread would be about. Instead you made a thread about hating small talk while simultaneously engaging in it. Dropped.

Its funny I found this same pasta in Spanish. Some roastie actually took time to translate this shit

holy shit you went out and finally proved this board is so retarded they dont even understand basic bait holy shit

Then actually take initiative and steer the conversation in that direction? Oh right that actually requires taking responsibility and effort on your part.