Hi robots. Question for you. Do guys prefer girls to have pubic hair, or be smooth? Just looking for some opinions...

Hi robots. Question for you. Do guys prefer girls to have pubic hair, or be smooth? Just looking for some opinions. Thanks!

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Chad will fuck you no matter what the state of deforestation

Don't care either way as long as it isn't a jungle.

I really prefer she has some hair. At least a tuft above the clitoris as a minimum.

Smooth, no hair. It gets in the way of eating pussy

well if you want the dude to go down on you you better shave but otherwise it doesn't really matter

op, the real question is what is your current condition in that regard? smooth or hairy? sf you can ask and get answers, we can ask and get answers, right?

Best is waxed, trimmed is good and unkempt bush is bad

Smooth. Hair is gross

yea please stop shaving, i want the pubes and i want to cum in them and make it sticky

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Smooth. Pubic hair acts as a filter for farts. captures the scent of the fart and holds it. not good.

Im a virgin so I have no experience with either in real life. For baiting I prefer hairy as it makes them seem more real and like me rather then the plastic bleached holes from professional porn

Wow, lots of answers. Thanks!

Well, currently I guess "trimmed" is best way to describe it.


I don't care that much but I kinda feel the same way as

u probably have butthole hair too right?

>I guess "trimmed" is best way to describe it.
you should show us. no joke. no face needed, just show us the pubes.

I prefer pubes but I'm honestly fine with either.

I don't mind either way but if you are going for smooth you need to keep it up and shave often

Serious question, why would you want to see that if you don't know what I look like? I mean, does it really do anything for you at all not knowing what I look like?

We are men. We like pussy.

vagina is a drug worse than heroin to us

That is interesting. Thanks for the info!

I do not understand woman's disgust at receiving dick pics. If I got pussy and ass pics sent to me I would be so happy.

im convinced they actually like it but they act like they hate it so they dont seem like whores

I don't know that I would call it "disgust". I mean, its just a picture. It doesn't do anything for me, but it takes like 1 second to delete so it isn't like it ruins my day. Maybe I am just less dramatic than some though.

I think bare is more aesthetically pleasing to look at. However I wouldn't say no to a woman with pubic hair.

I myself don't even prefer to have pubic hair it's annoying and gross what do you epect me to like lick on top of the hairs I hate that and I'm bi and both girls and guys are guilty but I've yet to see a girl with anything too crazy

as a guy i like girls with pubes, japanese girls have the cutest pubes, i also like a good hairy female butt that really turns me on when a girl has hair around her butthole and then she asks me to eat her ass

Shave, it's hard to eat out a girl with pubes

does this mean you will post your bush?

I don't really care, but overgrown bushes turn me off. Also ass is disgusting

this conversation is kind of hilarious.

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Smooth, i don't like pubic hair, even on myself.

please kill me

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Visable hair under arms, in your nose, out of your ears and a visable forest in your pants is unhygenic, smelly and gross. Looks like a homeless person.

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Im not even a little bit asian.

Nice. I would eat for hours.

Woman do not find cock attractive, it is a tool. It would be luck a plumber finding his wrench attractive.

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then fix your shitty lighting you cunt

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Natural > shaved > trimmed. Trimming makes the ends sharp and scratchy.

I will work on that for the next time I post a picture of my pubic hair online. Thanks for the advice.

angry gay virgin detected

Waxed. A bush just looks ugly. Anyone who says otherwise has to be kidding themselves.

Stop being this cute ffs

no coom from me unless she has all body hair intact

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certified dumbfuck over here lads

This would not turn me off visually. But im sure physically it would cause problems.

Nice. now show your anus

Everybody who thinks pubic hair is a problem for oral is doing it wrong. Full bush is best.

why do you want to see the hole her shit and farts come out of?

can i please lick thank you very much

Why would anyone even want to know?

Pleaase let me be your paypig


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I likes pubes, as long as it's mostly above the pussy and not blocking access to it.

I'm afraid you are going to ask an evolutionary biologist for an answer to this question.

I want to cum inside and impregnate!

baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarf pubic hair is fuckin gross

I like hair. Trimmed is best. Bald is kinda gross

How can I be a Chad like this? Just ask for a pussy pic and then get one.

bush is extremely fucking hot but admittedly does get in the way of eating pussy
I could go either way on armpit hair, but it makes armpit licking a tad gross despite looking better

This OP, shave if u want oral, otherwise no need. Same with guys

Im more interested in that cute little belly

might be just me
but I really
fucking love
hairy jungle bushes
something like pic related
could be even hairier and bushier

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yea thats the perfect type of bush. i just want to run my fingers through it and play with it

it's boring clean shaved

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The hairier the better, all female body hair is good really.

Well groomed, aesthetically pleasing pubes can bring a painfully average pussy all the way up to the 8/10 territory. And a simple landing strip looks godly on any woman whose sex appeal isn't solely centered around looking young.

Shaved is best, looks better than with hair.

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A lot of guys prefer smooth pussy but a lot of guys also like some neatly trimmed pussy hair. Im kind of stuck between two opinions becuse while some hair down there can make the vagina look more alluring I also prefer going down on a smooth pussy.

Life isnt like pornhub you dumb zoomer

Holyfuck go workout. You dont even have an hourglass body and you look like you have a flat ass. No wonder you come here to prey on bots

Nice potbelly gut you ugly goblin

I like a thick bush. The musk drives me wild.

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Give it a little trim that's it.

Female sexuality does not work like male sexuality. Otherwise we'd have women running around trying to creepshot men's hairy assholes.

Perfect, just what I had in mind.

Bush stinks of BO. Clean shaven or no licky licky

Whoa, I can't believe this thread is still here.

nigga dont reply to yourself (i agreee tho)

Prefer the look of pubic hair. Looks more natural.

pubic hair is fuzzy and cute, but not too much cause it gets in the way of intercourse

She probably just ate a burrito or something last night and needs to shit it out. No biggie.

I'm a fan of both being smooth, makes the diaper changes easier.

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why does your baby have a pierced clit freak?

Huh, never zoomed in enough to see that. I'm not so militant about purity, tattoos and piercings are fine, they are more than just a fetish.

are femanons surprised we like pubes?

It doesn't really matter but if my gf asked me for a preference I would say shaved or waxed just because pubes kind of feel like beard hair and get in the way

it's a clitorial hood piercing actuallyy

Smooth. A soft bit up above it can look nice too, but it's a bit off putting if it's growing out thick from all over the place.

I like both, ideally I'd like a girl who is happy to have either and change it up to suit what I'm into at the time.
But if I had to pick one or the other, hairy.

I like it when girls have thick as fuck pubic hair (pit hair too)

>posts thread highly relevant to r9k
>no black cocks
>not a tranny
>delivers nudes
how can a femanon be this based

>Do guys prefer girls to have pubic hair, or be smooth?
Guys just prefer vaginas, dummy.
Bush is making a huge comeback, tho. From the late 90s-to the late 2000s, women wouldn't be caught dead with a hairy bush. Now they're probably just sick of shaving.

I've had more dudes go down on me when I had hair, and I spent 2 years Brazilian waxing.
>guys should absolutely NOT shave

Honestly, I would prefer that the girl be "natural" in most instances, generally with a full bush, but trimmed is acceptable too; the only situation where I would prefer shaved is if the girl has a very plump, innie pussy, I'm talking anime-tier pussy, the sort you'd see in lewd drawing

Pubic hair good, never ever shave or trim just let it go wild and natural like God intended

No I started the trend again in late 2013/early 2014 but I'm not going to say how.
>am femanononon peace outtt

Lips and ass should be smooth, that is just common courtesy

>Lips and ass should be smooth
Ass maybe, but imagine having this wrong of an opinion. Hairy flaps are top tier.