The first Chad

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Lucifer was a whiny bitch though. "Waaaah! Why should I bow before man!? Im the greetest in da world! Gonna revolt against god with mah seraphim bros now! Waaaaah! Why did he cast me down into hell!? It was only a prank bro!"

Dumb stupid dragon deserved what he got for being the first cringelord in existence.

Imagine wanting something more out of life just to be condemned to 1000 years shackled in hell by your own, supposedly loving, father.

Sounds like some pretty Chad shit user. He literally fought God. Now he spends the rest of eternity convincing girls to act like sluts.

Lucifer is behind all the trannies multiplying, as well as homosexuals.
Heathens think it's cool to worship Satan until he sends a demon into your consciousness that starts taking control over you until you cut your dick off.

The virgin Christ vs. The Chad Lucifer

Christian fairytale. Lucifer (just like God) doesn't exist

>implying God isn't the actual manifestation of evil
>implying Lucifer isn't the one helping us reach new heights while God fell asleep at the wheel
Lucifer is based.

I thought it was the jews... But jews worship Satan right? Not like they came up with all this but. hm

The bible says Jews do worship Satan.
The star of David is a lie, David didn't have a star.
The bible says it's a Satanic star, two inverted triangles symbolizing "as above, so below."
Jesus calls Jews the synagogue of Satan.

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>supposedly loving father punishes the child that deliberately leads the rest into sin and degeneracy
wtf I hate God now?!?!

How can you be sure of that?
God says he created humans at his image, but then he scapegoat's the Eden's snake (which some ague that was lucifer himself) for human's sinful nature.
Seems to me that he has a lack of ownership problem.

>how can you be sure of that
name one other group of people that openly drinks blood out of baby's dicks after cutting them with a sharpened fingernail

Humans have free will. God never intended for humans to be his pets, they're his children. He regularly conversed with Adam and Eve. God is the only one that is perfect.

The virgin Lucifer vs the chad YHVH

I'm not a jew apologist but isn't that a small sect of judaism? Isn't it comparable to a small group of christian priests who like to molest children?
I think God is a true deceiver. He says Satan weakens nations but God's many of God's commedments of teachings would cause a nation's demise, should they ever be faced with non-believers. I mean, love your enemy? Turn the other chick? Thou shall not kill?
Now, if we assume that humanity's sinful nature was levereged by Lucifer... All the wars that led to great improvements in technology, safety, medical treatments. All the pursuit of pleasure that led man to do unthinkable accomplishments, in order to impress women and have sex. All the expansionist campaigns, that result of millions of deaths, but gave birth to the most wonderful civilizations... All of these would be a result of Lucifer's influence.
If you think about sex itself, and how it came to be because lucifer deceived Adam and Eve. It is the main driving force behind everything that makes any of God's commendments viable to begin with.
In other words. God may be the one who jelous of his own creation. God coopted the fruits of Lucifer's work. God even rebranded himself in the New testament, to pretend he wasn't just a vendictiful prick.
Sounds to me that he has much more in common of your jewish archetype than Lucifer.

Sure, that's why he deliberately decided to test them with the tree of knowledge.
Also what led Caim to kill Abel? God decided to praise and ignore Caim for doing the same work. Then he shits on Caim for becoming bitter.
This guy is a real gem...

Why is God so weak? Christians say that God is all powerful but he is clearly not in the bible.

Lucifer is the most misunderstood character of all times. He was just a bright, loyal and loving sun, who dared thinking for himself and see the flaws in his own father. Something that is very hard to come to terms with. Then God mercilessly punishes him for that...
I truly feel for him... I know this pain...

>Sure, that's why he deliberately decided to test them with the tree of knowledge
What's wrong with that? The command was clear.
> God decided to praise and ignore Caim for doing the same work
The retard Caim did the sacrifice wrong in the place, why do you think he's entitled to praise?

you can think for yourself.
but he tried being bigger than God. he deserves punishment. and even today people try to be bigger than God.

Imagine being burned by your own father for all eternity

don't forget.
not only did he want to be bigger than God. he tricked Eve to eat from the tree.
nigga deserved punishment.

He does not deserve punishment for all eternity. Being burned is just really cruel. Even Zeus has released the titans from tartarus. In one version at least

The idea of Hell is blasphemy and implies God would be okay with subjecting his children to eternal suffering
When judgement comes, Satan and his sinners will just die eternally.

Most Christians believe in hell tough. And then they say that they worship a loving God. If they would be honest about Gods character I would have no problem with Christians.

>The retard Caim did the sacrifice wrong in the place, why do you think he's entitled to praise?
Right... Who gives a shit about tilling the soil, sowing the seeds and waiting months for it to grow when you can just drop an axe on top a sheep's head.

He WAS bigger. Otherwise, God wouldn't have to diminish him to feel good about himself.

Christianity, like all abrahamic religions is something to be overcome. The meek will never inherit the earth or anything like that. If you want to understand god you must study nature/the universe. By studying the artwork you can understand the artist. When it gets right down to it, there shouldn't even be a universe, this should all be infinite void. Yet here we are. If you look around you, what do you see? Endless competition, this is the nature of all life and evolution. It's like a training sim, to separate the powerful from the weak. The more power you acquire in life, the more power you'll have in the here-after. As above, so below. "His kingdom come, his Will be done ON EARTH as it is IN HEAVEN." As below, so above. Think about it, what use would god have for a coward? Be strong and conquer, that your rewards will be greater than your fellow mans'.

Is this sorta thinking Satanic, or is it simply reasonable?

I am not sorry. I will be destroyed.

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>Most Christians believe in hell tough
That's irrelevant
Caim did the sacrifice incorrectly. Before Jesus died sins were forgiven through animal sacrifices. Animal sacrifices were first instituted when God had animals die to make clothes for Adam and Eve. Hebrews 11:4 also stated that Abel's sacrifice was of higher quality.

Even eternal death is not good enough for the omnibenevolent. An omnibenevolent God would keep giving you shots at until you get it right, though you need to deal with the negative consequences which actually result from your own actions.

See also: Samsara

I'm not sure which one is more embarrassing :

The fact that you believe in Lucifer (which obviously means you also believe in Jesus and God, all three being imaginary mythological concepts)

Or the fact that you are a trend-following, unoriginal, mindless little bitch, who parrots and mimics trendy catchphrases like 'chad'......

Have you EVER had an original thought in your life?

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Have you ever applaid you "enlightened mind" to something other than atheism? Have you ever been exceptional at it?
I have applied my brightnesss to many things, and very often have been admired and praised for it.


Are you talking about the same 'brightness' you used to misspell the word APPLIED ?

You mean the same word that I spelled correctly in the following line, thus making it an obvious typo?

not surprising that somebody who believes in an imaginary 'god' would type the words "HAVE YOU EVER APPLIAD YOU ENLIGHTENED MIND"


(at least you TRIED, and for you, trying is good enough(

I found this image of you....

So 'bright', that you gotta wear shades

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Don't feel bad for not being exceptional. It's not the walk in the park that most people think it is.

notice the parallel between Prometheus and Lucifer. Both grant knowledge to man and are eternally punished by a tyrant.

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loving fathers lay hands on their kids when they act up. stop being a pussy.