Is onions really bad for you, or is the whole "onions boy" thing just a meme?

Is onions really bad for you, or is the whole "onions boy" thing just a meme?

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It's not bad for you, it's sort of not a meme though. The problem is that onions contains phytoestrogen, which is a fact and not a meme. However it is an insignificant amount, you don't absorb it, it does not alter your hormone levels, there is no studies showing that it does this.

not a meme, onions are really beneficial to your health. they contain antioxidants and reduce cholesterol levels

It's a meme. If anything phytoestrogen (estrogen-like compounds from plants) have the opposite effect since they bind to the same receptors as estrogen but they are much weaker.

onions has high phytoestrogen content. its similar enough to regular estrogen that it could mimic its effects. as of now saying that onions makes you gay is bro science until extensive research is made

There is some legitimate evidence showing that onions may have feminising effects though nothing has been conclusively proven either way.
Personally I'd rather not run the risk and it costs me nothing to avoid onions where possible, the same as I avoid bpa containing plastics and hormone-treated beef.

I've been eating chopped onions with my meals. Ugh that's just upset me desu

Glycine max and other oneeons species contain phytoestrogens, like isoflavonoids.
They could act like human estrogens, they could not, or they could interfere with the estrogens that males produce naturally. There is still research going on.
But it is healthy because vegetables are healthy.

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Apparently it's not that simple.

Goddammit. Wrong image.
I have dissapointed /sci/.

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Being a s-oyboy requires far more than consuming a certain plant. It's irrelevant in the grand scheme of things.

Unless you eat 10 entire onions a day, I doubt you have much to worry about. Jow Forums just runs with entirely inconclusive science if it gives them an excuse to hate even more people and more things. They're the alt-right version of feels > reals.

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Yes, veggies being always healthy could be a meme. Nothing is that simple.
But veggies tend to be healthy.

Why do you give a shit? Do you think the phytoestrogens interfere in your quest to be the ultimate chad?

This. Plenty of basedboys never eat tofu or whatever. It's more of a lifestyle that centers around an infantilized worship of pop culture as a replacement for a personality.

Just picking out a couple of pearls for r9k
>Male cynomolgus monkeys fed soi protein isolate demonstrated higher frequencies of intense aggressive (67% higher) and submissive (203% higher) behaviors as well as a decreased proportion of time (68% reduction) spent in physical contact with other monkeys
>Among men, sperm counts in the United States and Europe appear to have declined by roughly half over the past 50 years. In Demark, it is now estimated that more than 10% of men have sperm counts in the infertile range and up to 30% are in the subfertile range
>infant boys born to vegetarian mothers had increased incidence of hypospadias (malformation of the male external genitalia) suggesting that dietary components (perhaps phytoestrogens) cross the placenta and cause adverse effects on the developing fetus.

As opposed to lacking both pop culture worship and a personality, like the average robot.

I'm not easily swayed by skeptics. If that makes me "deluded" than so be it.

I hope that onions actually feminizes me.

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Well robots certainly aren't ideal. This whole thing is a struggle to find what we should be and what we should avoid. The soi life is good to know about because it's a manual of what not to do.

>Male cynomologous monkeys...
That evidence sounds interesting.
>Among men, sperm counts in the United States...
What is the relation beetween oneon consumption and sperm counts in developed countries? That sounds like a stretch. I could easily say that burgers are becoming more and more infertile cuz' of all the junk food they eat, unhealthy lifestyle they have, and contaminated environment they live in.
>Infant boys born to...
I am pretty sure a lot of modern vegetarian moms are borderline malnourished, which could lead to an underdeveloped child; but phytoestrogens could have an effect on the baby. Not sure, still interesting.

>it's a manual of what not to do
So how come that they have happier lives than you do? How come that they have girlfriends and you don't?

Hypospadia isn't even an emasculating birth defect, it basically means that your pisshole faces downwards.

I'm not sure what you mean. I do think sums up everything that needs to be said, though. The human body is resilient. If people can smoke or drink for years or even decades before seeing ill effects, I seriously doubt that eating ordinary amounts of onions will possibly have any kind of effect.

Yeah, I chose those quotes because they were interesting (especially the study linking soi and monkeys becoming submissive, antisocial and prone to autistic hyperaggressive spergouts) rather than the most conclusive evidence against soi.

The evidence either way is definitely pretty weak at this stage.

Why do you keep comparing them to us? Are you daft? I literally said we're bad too. I'm saying the ideal is neither robot nor soi. A creator rather than a critic or a consumer, a bastion order that preserves the good and doors away with the superficial rather than obsessing over tradition or worshiping novelty.
That's my ideal anyway. But maybe this is pointless since I know you just want to upset people and have a laugh.

Every creator needs his consumers, lest he's creating solely for himself. There is nothing wrong about being a consumer on principle.

Only consuming makes you mindless. You need to transform what you intake, to produce for the future. In giving to others you realize your best self.
If you want examples of why sois are bad I'll Hyatt tell you about the sois I know. They plan out a lot of consuming activities like movies and tabletop, then bicker about them like women. They suspect each other, try to gain the upper hand instead of supporting others' endeavors, because they have none. Most went into programming to make games and discovered you need passion to perform well. Only two out of around ten have any future at all. But that's just a small group.

You know what's absolutely undisputed fact? Cow milk being full of bio-active mammalian estrogen. The whole soiboi meme is a big ruse to divert attention from the dairy industry and destroy a growing competition from healthier plant-based milks.

>that hair
>white man

I thought you said you finally stopped posting on here? by the way, "you have the right to remain silent" works in every day situations too.

Here is a little jest coming right now:
I identify with those test subject primates, even if we consider the fact that I eat a fair quantity of meat.