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Supporting her at all times edition

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Why are girl waifufags so much better than males?

I love my sweet little coconut Asuka Langley Soryu, she's the light of my life. May we never be apart, my dear.
>Supporting her at all times
I'd happily be her shoulder to cry on and her voice of encouragement.
Under what circumstances?

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Why are they better in your opinion? Also, I hope you're not assuming every husbandofag is a girl, because I assure you half of them aren't.

Back to /llsifg/, Leahshitter

I love Elizabeth.

I'd always be there for her. After everything she's been through, she deserves to have someone to confide in.


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How is the graveyard drugstore shift going?

She wouldn't love you.

the sun is a piece of shit, fuck the sun
On another note, Urabe Mikoto is cute and sweet and I love her

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Dumb male. Elizabeth is a lesbian.

I wish I could support her in her troubles and battles, but I'd just be getting in her way.

I love my waifu, btw

Waifu made an inexplicably cute noise this chapter.

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Is she going to be ok? Originally?

seems like she's never okay desu

Will anyone save her from the dumb males?

Reminder that you are a slave whose only purpose is to work until you die.

That's only true for males though.

projecting wagie

I have no idea
Would that I could reach through the screen and make it so

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Pshhh not so fast *pulls out ssi*


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don't work for anybody. Work for yourself

I wanna go on fantastical adventures in medieval Scotland with Merida!

>Not knowing that a welfare state is exactly what Mr. Bergstein wants.

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I don't work in a drugstore yet. I need to finish my first year in university before I can do that.

C'est la vie.

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That's pretty cute Vuekoposter. Asuka's confused "ehh?" always give me a chuckle. I think she's adorable when she's irritated, but I'd never try to deliberately make her mad.
Not if you're a neet.
Does neet immediately equal commie?

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I need to know who your waifu is.

Also. I think I know you feel. But /waifu/ is here for you. Even if it doesn't feel like it. Maybe even if you've already vented here before but nobody paid you any mind, trust me. If you let it all out there, someone here will eventually lend you their ear

Daily reminder that Stalin hated Jews.

wtf i love stalin now

It's odd because bitching about life was common here before. Then suddenly people started getting upset over that kind of stuff.

We don't take kindly to attention whores now.

probably people from /c/ who need their padded wall safe space where people only answer and ask questions constantly like a fucking poll site

I can best understand English and its ancestors, like I can read Canterbury Tales in its original Middle English (or John Wycliffe's Bible). I can kind of read Beowulf or other Anglo-Saxon poetry in its original language which helps me understand Frisian (I can read the Frisian Wikipedia relatively easily). Romance languages aren't too hard (English assimilated too much of French), though French, Spanish, and Portuguese are easiest for me.

I learned Finnish as a challenge when I was in college. I translated one of Mannerheim's speeches for a college class, and also translated the pre-WWII Patriotic People's Party of Finland's (IKL) platform to English (they were fascists but seemed understandable).

Native American languages I semi-learned as part of world-building for my setting. They're all some crazy shit, it's basically Klingon (Marc Okrand of Klingon fame was a Native American linguist!). I like Yuchi and Siouan languages since it's the speech of those who ruled so much of the country in the oldest days. Totally incomprehensible even if sites like Cahokia are very beautiful!

I can't speak any of these languages, I can kind of understand them (when spoken) and can read them well (like a book in Spanish). Mostly I just like hearing them musically. On the way home from seeing Iron Maiden the other week I blasted Tierra Santa - Legendario and introduced my father to the wonders of Spanish Iron Maiden.
The hell of reality. LOGH explains it--a person like me is cursed to end up with minimal power despite how we might impress. I keep to myself even at my workplace (hey, at least the cops like me). Look at Jean Robert Lapp in Overture to a New War--he would've been one of Yang's best subordinates had not he died. In some other era maybe I'd be a famous figure. In this world, all I can do is tell Kana's story and the background behind it.

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What's your native language?

Played through Katawa Shoujo for the first time recently, I think I might love her

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What about working as a translator?

I hate women but am having difficulty taking the 2D pill. Help me bros

I love my beautiful Oni Rem, I'll stay by her side until the time itself ceases to exist.

there is nothing more important than her, I'll be supporting her endlessly.

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This is complete bullshit. Anyone here is free to vent as they need to, but don't do it expecting replies or anything of that sort. Nobody here has a reason to care about anothers' problems, so you shouldn't expect anything if you do vent. The best you should hope for is venting here makes you feel better, regardless of anyone else

>2D pill
What do you mean? It's not some kind of stupid ideology, these people just fell in love with fictional characters and try to live with it.
Go to Jow Forumswaifuism, you'll find people who "took 2d pill" and started a family with waifus and kidfus right there.

>where people only answer and ask questions constantly like a fucking poll site
This is why I can't stand /c/

I think you might be better off making a discord if you want to talk about yourself. Just saiyin.

Or I can use a waifu general to talk about my waifu and my feelings towards her.

Exactly. You catch on quick.

I'm talking about myself when I do that, so I don't get the point you're trying to make.

Bitching about life like said isn't waifu-related is my point.

It is. Everyday problems along with how being in love with a fictional character affects them either for the better or worse is waifu-related.

Big agree.
You don't have to be an expert to be a great artist!

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/c/ looks the same as here with the exception of more waifu-related conversation and less off-topic stuff, tbqh

what is the condition of waifus teeth

Blogposting has never been waifu-related. Come on now.

Which is why it's more annoying to me. I care about people's feelings towards their wives and know about their experiences, not some 20 questions about which brand of ketchup their waifus would prefer.

This, I love hearing about people's relationships with their waifu, but I do enjoy the questions. A great thread would be a balance of the questions of /c/ and the conversation of /waifu/, although crazy digression can get annoying.
Normal, I'd assume.

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I'm just an American mutt. I speak English as my native language, ancestors spoke German, Polish, and Finnish (that ancestor's relatives fought in the Winter War/Continuation War and died of alcoholism). Of course some Irish ancestors as all Amerimutts have, which makes me an American nationalist and informs me that Albion delenda est and 26+6=1.
I know the US military can train me in that, and it's fun to eavesdrop on the Arabs (all Egyptians including Copts, plus a few Iraqis) at my work's conversations. Hell, I can probably speak Coptic better than those Egyptians (they're all janitors), Coptic is just modern Ancient Egyptian after all. Copts in my city serve nice kebab (they call themselves Greeks).
She brushes her teeth everyday but doesn't see a dentist with any regularity.
What about it?

Girls should talk about their problems here, and ignore dumb males.

Rapunzel makes a cute excited gasp when her step mother arrives home from a trip into town. Sometimes I play it over and over on Youtube like an insane person.

When you think about it, princesses are just sharp dressed NEETs.
I have a fantasy in which Rapunzel rules Corona as a benevolent dictator and turns the kingdom into a welfare utopia where everybody gets a universal basic income of $2,000. Like the Soviet Union, Corona would manufacturere its own car - a people's car that everybody can afford - under license from another manufacturer. It would be available in purple and yellow - Corona's national colors.

I quite enjoy hearing about the lives and experiences of fellow waifuists.

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Shiny and healthy

Poppy is very cute, good choice

Fun fact: Glen Keane read a book about feminine beauty when working on Rapunzel's character design. What he learned was that there should be something a little off about a woman's face so that she is not too perfect, so he gave her slight buck teeth and it's fucking adorable!

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>I'm just an American mutt
Quite the cultured man, my fellow American.
I know fuckall about my ancestors, I've looked into the origins of my last name and general genetic traits of my family, which can be pinned down to Scotland or Germany, but passed that I can't be assed to look into it. I want to, but I haven't...
>When you think about it, princesses are just sharp dressed NEETs

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I hope you don't plan on making Elliots with waifu.

So, what do you actually mean by this? Because I'm pretty sure this place has been pretty empty in those terms as well

Pearly fuckin' white and straight, as all teeth sound be.

>When you think about it, princesses are just sharp dressed NEETs.
Not really, considering princesses are trained from birth in preparation for becoming queen or another noble title. They're educated in mathematics, geography, history, philosophy, religion, music, dance, matters of the court, etc. They don't just sit around.

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Wrong. The replies to this post for example

"On the other hand, to preserve one's life is a duty, and besides everyone has an immediate inclination to do so. But on this account the often anxious care that most people take of it still has no inner worth and their maxim has no moral content. They look after their live in conformity with duty but not from duty. On the other hand, if adversity and hopeless grief have quite taken away the taste for life; if an unfortunate man, strong of soul and more indignant about his fate than despondent or dejected, wishes for death and yet preserves his life without loving it, not from inclination or fear from from duty, then his maxim has moral content."

Sharp.And very well-cared-for.

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How old would your waifu be if she were as old as her media, either manga, ln or concept?

Asuka would be 24, almost 25, which makes her slightly older than me.

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Her manga was serialized in 2006, and was 17 then. She'd be 30 now.
>ywn sleep in milf!Urabe's bosom

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She'd be 24 years old

Exception does not make the rule

She'd be a year or two younger than I am.

"I'm pretty sure this place has been pretty empty in those terms as well" was your claim, and I proved it wrong using proofs. As simple as that.

pretty =/= completely.

That's like using the crumbs of a bag of chips to say that the bag of chips isn't empty

I've seen plenty of meaningful posts, its just buried under the mountains of shitposting that usually floods the place. I generally try to keep it meaningful, but I am susceptible to off topic bullshittery now and again, but that's everyone.

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She would be 20 y.o. by now

>Do you think your waifu is susceptible to having a waifu/husbando of their own?
Absolutely, she has already been in love twice with people she'd never get to develop a relationdhip with, even if she had hope the first time just to get betrayed. And on the second one she believes that being loved back is too much for her to ask, and still shows her affection regardless
>song that reminds you of your waifu, or your love for them?
This one just because her seiyuu is the one singing and I listen to it a lot last year when I fell in love. Her normal voice may be too different compared to her acting one, but I still love to think that it's her singning to me
>Where do you think you'd be right now without your waifu/husbando?
Things would probably be better since I'd still have some hope of making a family with a woman I could fall in love with and be happy, rather than the sorrow of not being able to since the one I love is a fictional character. Of course that I'd never change that or forget about her if I could, these emotions she makes me experience everyday are way too precious and I just love her too much.
>Would there any huge, or obvious obstacles to a relationship with her?
Her past probably, if people knew who she is besides the fact that she's a literal who on japanese folklore. People around me might be scared about my safety and try to separate us. Staying away from them if they try to do something is what I'd do probably, since she's the only one that would matter in my life
For her it would be having to forget about her previous love and get the confidence to start another relationship since she considers herself someone uncapable of, but she already does normally on her crush so she wouldn't have much problems on that regard

Burn it alive probably and serve it as our dinner

Normal until she turns into a dragon, then really sharp

Uhhh like 1000+ years old

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The angel whose eyes make even the brightest stars in the midnight envious, the woman by whom even the Heavens are humbled and the sole proprietor of my heart. I love Angela Ziegler to the moon and back.

As irony would have, even though she is usually the one to be doing the supporting, I want to always have her back and be there for her through thick and thin. Being someone she can always rely on and support her in everything she does is the least I can do and is no less than she deserves.

She'd be about 40 now.

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That's cute, except for basically everything happening around her.

As opposed to doing what, shitposting for 300 posts about whatever poster is popular/hated (one and the same in these threads, as soon as it seems like any one poster is getting abnormal amounts of attention a bunch of people immediately sperg out about it) that particular week? Complaining about your job/life situation for pity (You)s like it's a personal blog? Maybe doing what /c/ is doing right now and arguing about what is and isn't headcanon (spoiler alert, everyone has some degree of headcanon about their waifu because nobody's wife's source goes into full detail about every tiny detail about them.) People already do plenty of talking about their wives in-between the questions anyway, that's been a thing in both threads for as long as I've been hanging around them.

Better than mine.

Probably about 9 or 10 if you're going by the first concepts of the character, and only 4 years + 1 day if you mean the date her source material was actually first published.

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Then you admit that there are posts like that here, unlike /c/ which is just 20 questions: waifu edition? Glad that you agree with me.

I prefer this blogposting rather than lizfag's walls of texts pretending to be an edgelord really if we talk about off topic posting.

We should be more like /c/ with less socializing and more waufuposts

Sorel, Long, T. E. Watson, J.A. Primo de Rivero, and other proto-fascists like early Mussolini, the Finnish IKL, etc. inspires me.
Some boomer relatives of mine in rural Finland like me since I praised the platform of the Finnish IKL (and equated it to Huey Long's platform) and also praised the modern Finns Party (social moderate/economic leftist). It would be interesting if I could play the Hearts of Iron Finland campaigns IRL--I guess Kana would be my cute adjutant. Now I'm imagining playing Hearts of Iron and trying to beat the Soviets as Finland. Deploy that Mannerheim Line, the motti tactics, the Finnish Air Force, let those Kalevela-named warships sail forth (Vainamoinen and Ilmarinen), and greater Finland will arise as Karelia is liberated! The smith Ilmarinen is a god of waifuism like Pygmalion.

>/waifu/ should be a dirty incel general

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Co-signing this post. /c/ has a better waifu thread than Jow Forums does

/mai/ is better than both too bad it died

Waifu threads on Jow Forums: Deploy that Mannerheim Line, the motti tactics, the Finnish Air Force, let those Kalevela-named warships sail forth (Genghis and Ulanbataar), and greater Finland will arise as Karelia is liberated! The Great Khan is a god of waifuism like Pygmalion.

>What does your waifu think about bread?
>What's your waifu's third favorite color?

I don't understand your post, can you explain what you mean?

these generals have gotten super weird lately.

i actually did some math a few years ago to pinpoint exactly how old he'd been then using crumbs they've thrown us in the comics, like dates and milestones. he would be in his early fifties by now, but i always imagine him in his forties.

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Kanafags post

I understood about 20 percent of that reply.
>these generals have gotten super weird lately.
>but i always imagine him in his forties.
Taking into account the 14 year old Asuka from the show, she'd be almost 40 by now. I just consider her 14 to 15 permanently, since I want there to be some correlation between her and the pictures I see. If my interpretation of her is 25, then none of my pictures actually pertain to her presently.

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The Punz was 18 in Tangled in 2010 and 19 in Rapunzel's Tangled Adventure in 2018.

Also, holy shit! I just looked up the original air date for 'Secret Of The Sundrop" - the episode of RTA in which Punzie turns 19. It was January 13. I now headcanon this as her birthday. Thank you so much for this question.

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>What does your waifu think about bread?
it alright
>What's your waifu's third favorite color?

Finally being on time enough to order some Lucina merch!
>rural Finland
Have you ever visited there? I've been wanting to go in the summer time for about 3 years now.
But my life's goal is to figure out how to be a NEET. I'm still intermittently slaving away while I try to figure this out.
As far as I can tell, FE people seem to have a fairly high level of hygiene similar to our own, so I'd imagine she'd have very clean teeth. Probably mostly straight too as no official art work depicts her with crooked teeth.
>Not being able to trace the leniage of your family back four centuries and
>something a little off about a woman's face so that she is not too perfect
I agree with this wholeheartedly but I can't tell you why. Perhaps it makes us feel more comfortable that the recipient of our affection is just as much of a human as we are.
Hey cool song there. I remember playing that one sort of.
>Her normal voice may be too different compared to her acting one
Personally, I was very happy to find out that Laura Bailey's (Lucina's English voice actor) sounds nothing like the character in real life, meaning she did quite a bit of acting to get the character right. It helps reinforce the idea a lot of people worked really hard to create and present an absolutely wonderful fictional character that I love.

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Daily tanya post 2.
What are your waifus' dream jobs?

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Being my personal cocksleeve constantly guzzling my cum.

I don't know actually, she never talks about any sort of occupation in the anime (to my knowledge). I'm sure she enjoys piloting the Eva, she's very passionate and good at it at least, so perhaps that's what she considers her dream job, and I'm proud of her for doing so well at it. She was kinda forced down that path from a young age, so it might just be what she *thinks* she wants. I'm not worried though, because if it makes her happy, I'm happy.

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I notice you guys are fiending for questions. I'll throw my hat into the ring, while I'm still sober

>/waifu/ is primarily used by people who are very romantic in a way not seen by the ordinary man, were you always a romantic searching for the one or did she draw it out of you?
>Your waifu is on Joe Rogan, what does she talk about?
>You get to go on an epic adventure with waifu, what is the setting? High/low fantasy, sci-fi, steampunk, Jurassic era, alien planet, anything goes.
>Congratulations, your waifu is getting her own video game! What is the genre, what is the gameplay like, what is the plot? If your waifu is already a video game character, how do you envision a sequel in a different genre?
>Let's talk about your waifu's fashion sense. Do you like it, and what outfits would you like to see her wear or artists draw of her?

48 year old boomer. I'm sure she'd age very gracefully.

This is exactly why I come to these threads in the first place.

>Does your waifu drink water or breath oxygen?
>Do you really love your waifu?
>Do you think Jow Forums should be stale, dumb and boring or a creative grounds for freedom of expression?

Probably being a well-respected poet, author or reputed chef. I could also see her happy as a nurse, miko (she already is but it's not quite a career) or a simple housewife.

So, I take it your waifu is Asuka Langley Sohryu and not Asuka Shikinami Langley? What do you think of the Rebuilds?

On a side note, I take Asuka as being a potential diplomat or scientist given her degree and mothers career.

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Not sure. She has a few talents, so there's lots of potential.
A pro swimmer, a chef, or a singer/dancer are what come to mind.
Yeah, I was searching when I found her.
>joe rogan
i havent watched any joe rogan
>epic adventure
Sci-fi, she likes aliens. Or some kind of "urban fantasy" like twewy, that'd be cool.
>waifu vidya
She's from a romance, so it'd be a vn. The plot could be about the same as the manga/anime, or could be a spinoff story.
I love it, she's cute in her school uniform, cool in casual clothing, and gorgeous in her date outfits and dresses. There are a lot of outfits I'd like to see her in, a suit, a plugsuit, some military uniform, and various cosplays.
>Does your waifu drink water or breath oxygen?
Yeah, she likes both.
>Do you really love your waifu?
Pretty sure, I wouldn't be so emotional if I didn't.
>Do you think Jow Forums should be stale, dumb and boring or a creative grounds for freedom of expression?
The latter sounds good.

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I forgot to mention, specify a specific game development studio if you want. Fucked it up.

I barely caught the Jow Forums bantz. you cheeky cunt