Do you play an instrument anons?

Do you play an instrument anons?

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That piece looks pretty easy, can someone give me a source?

Moonlight sonata 3rd mvmt

Last bump ;-;

Learning geetar

I play pic related

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And how is it going user?

I play piano and alto saxophone

Learning a keyboard for almost 2 months now.

It's fun. I'm trash. The feeling of progress is really satisfying

yeah, the piano. I used to go to a teacher, he was saying how talented i was and shit (probably cause i can type at 60-100wpm), but I had to stop going due to financial reasons. Shit sucks, it's hard to practice by myself, especially since i'm still pretty new.

I play bass. Fuck chad guitarists

I play clarinet, but it's not very fun anymore because I have perfect pitch and play things by ear, so everything is super easy. Really the only thing I'm good at desu.

ill get back to learning the piano someday..

Bass is the superior instrument anyway
Unless you have a guitar with bass strings lmao
Why not make money with it if you're that good user
You should, it's fun and you can impress grills
That's pretty faggy

guitar, viola and a little bit of piano, but just the basic because i studied music theory on it

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Clarinet here. Where my woodwind frens at?

You sound Iike such a massive fucking faggot.

You sound jelly Mr. user

I'm a bassist

>I should have learnt to play the geetar
>I should have learnt to play them drums

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Nah, I'm peanut butter. You on the other hand, are still a massive fucking faggot.

I play one of these.

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I'm not even based clarinet user

Also fuck off user, clarinet has one of the most epic orchestra piece intros in modern musical history

play the bass as a true robot faggotron

Is mayonnaise an instrument? origami

I can play a bit of guitar and am alright at singing.

Most of my time making music goes into producing at my PC though.

I played trombone for ~14 years but never play anymore. Didn't practice much - was never very good but had good tone for big band type stuff. Played in a few jazz festivals around Europe through school.

Want to teach myself how to play piano or classical guitar at some point. A decent piano (electronic/keyboard/or otherwise) is expensive though. Struggle to read treble cleff since I never really learned when I was younger (trombone is usually written in bass cleff).

been playing the cello since 4th grade. it's about all i have left in my life, but i love it so idc

trumpet, piano, french horn

Cello is pretty based user, keep going

Bass, guitar, drums, harmonica, vocals, baryton, clarinet, nigger-whip, flute... you name it

Someone explain to me why the notes are joined together in a line like that? Is it a timing thing?

I play piano badly and make even worse music on computer

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Hard truth: vocals are the most powerful instrument, you're never gonna be a chad by just having autistic skills with an instrument, learn to sing guys it feels incredible

It's easier to draw connected notes then a small "flag" like pic related for each single one. It also signifies them belonging together rhythmically
You usually always connect them when there are no pauses in-between, and sometimes even then if you want to signify them "belonging together".

For 1/4, 1/2 and whole you don't have to do it since you don't draw them with a "flag" above

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You should watch this video user

Double bass. I was too pussy to join violins because of the competition and it was the biggest instrument I saw.

Unironically a good choice user.
The chance of you succeeding in violin are 1/100 because it is the most single competitive instrument there exists. If you start playing after age 8 you're basically fucked lmao
At least with double bass you have a conversation starter pluss you can play funky jazz bass lines

I can't be the only one struggling with reading this shit. Worst part is when the note goes off the lines.
Thank god Synthesia exists.

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Just count the lines retard