What do you like, Jow Forums?

What do you like, Jow Forums?

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Here's the template if you want to make one too

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here you go holmes , someone give me some comfy music recommends

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sleeping +
minecraft +

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Finally took my time to make one of these

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oh god what is that food??
bitch you barely filled it out though good location and instrument choices

Heres me

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It's called New Years Salad, chopped up pickles, potatoes, ham and peas mixed together with some mayonnaise, tedious to make but godly on consumption.

ech. Where is this recipe from? Sounds American.

Comes from Russia as far as I know

I like you all and want you all to be happy

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guess where im from


originally meant this

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This is a little outdated, but still mostly accurate

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yo, I've never met a darkstalkers nigga on here before

Ok bro but have you. ConsiderING

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In my country we also have something like this.
We also add some boiled carrots, some hard boiled eggs and onion. People often call it white salad. Because of the mayonnaise.

Will most likely update it soon after I see Joker

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Get away from Rose, she's mine

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I don't think so, pal. I saw her first

Finders keepers

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I mostly just lurk but I think ill participate just this once.

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ds2 my intro to ds and I love it and all it's flaws

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>ds2 my intro to ds and I love it and all it's flaws
Me too. Its also the only one I could beat :(

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Automata and HXH are trash
Courage Higurashi Darkrai and Wolf are good

almost based
+Oblivion Burger Coke Magic
++Avatar and Hellsing

>never see anyone post stuff from they live besides once ever
>watch it a couple days ago
>see this

What? dark souls 2 is much harder than ds1 and way way harder than ds3

Well i mean Dark Souls 2 is the best one so yeah only normalfags hate it

kono bangumi wa goran no suponsaa no teikyou de okurishimasu

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Well I suck at editing but here my result.

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I have never heard anyone say this. I've only heard that DS2 was the easiest by far, and I kind of agree. 1 and 3 are way harder imo.

Yeah im retarded

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>almost zero personality

Anyone be my friend?

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I've only ever seen it posted on Jow Forums a few times

Yeah, my personality is practically air

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Ds2 is factually harder than 3
late game ds2 bosses have way more hp and do more dmg than ds3 bosses
diff ranking

>basedboy bebop
the thing is based though

Yeah but DS2 is also the worst of the series from an objective standpoint, i-frames are completely fucked and even though I've beaten 1 and 3 on NG+ I have yet to finish DS2 because the bullshit combat just goes against everything else I've learnt in the other two games

user, you should really try some new stuff.

Really good taste. Your food is making me salivate quite hard.

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>from an objective standpoint

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I don't like anime on the whole desu, but I find bebop to be quite a comfy show

Bored? why not check this extremely hot active server, for the best lewds of femalles and traps!

discord gg/CTpwssN

just get 100 adaptability and it's the same shit jesus. learn something new you bot

user what kind of vapid life do you live

But you're able to just use a shield and you cant lose

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based and crepepilled
what comic is that?
also is sabrina really that good? i've seen a couple good memes from it but idk if it's worth checking out

>waste your time grinding to enjoy a game that should be possible to beat without any stat levelling


>what comic is that?
Lost at Sea.

>also is sabrina really that good?
I have a soft spot for spooky, but the first season I consider really good. The second one is somewhat weaker though.

The characters are just boring with barley any personality
try Samurai Champloo it's like bebop but good
Or lupin the 3rd

>But you're able to just use a shield and you cant lose
not really
fuck off back to facebook
you never have to grind in a souls game. well besides des titanite

>Lost at Sea
oh yeah i thought it looked familiar
do you like bryan lee omalley's other work? i started reading snotgirl a while ago and i like it so far, lottie a cute
>the first season I consider really good
ahh alright i'll check it out then, now i just need to find a place to watch it

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>oh yeah i thought it looked familiar
do you like bryan lee omalley's other work?
Yeah, to varying degrees. Haven't read Snot Girl yet, though. But I do have Scott Pilgrimm and Seconds. I really like his way of telling stories and drawing.

>ahh alright i'll check it out then, now i just need to find a place to watch it
Officially on Netflix, alternatively through Popcorn Time or downloading from rarbg(dot)to

Band is summer salt, if ur interested

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i liked seconds and sp too, been meaning to read lost at sea but i could never find it online until now, looks like it's on the same site i use to read snotgirl (readcomiconline.to) kek i guess i'm just bad at finding stuff online

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There's more to one's personality than just what products they like though, user!

>have you read any books? what's your favorite?
>"I don't read"
>o-ok...what about food? what's your favorite food?
>"don't have one"
>well there's something you must like, something we have in common. a tv show? a cartoon? a movie? anything
>"no, I don't watch anything. I don't have any hobbies either"
yeah he sounds like someone really fun to have a conversation with

A gazillion hours in MS paint because I can't into it.
please rate.

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did this on MS Paint lol
please rate

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Great film choice, also my favorite TV show too (followed by The Wire and Seinfeld), and one of my favorite foods. I probably would've chosen a Kubrick film over The Thing (just by a hair)

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hey you wanna see my favorites feast your eyes

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pretty good taste
not bad
nice band and anime

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wtf is that? yuri?

Judging it only off of the anime square btw

Also special shoutout goes to that stinky, poop eating retard with eragon listed as his favorite book

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t. shit taste in anime
kys faggot

124787 on nhentai

Making this caused me to realize how few actual "favorites" I have.

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*MtF ftfy

Whatever makes you happy, m8.

Always good to see a friendly face!

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>Actually liking anime
Only man children like anime

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I've gone and done it, although I could have always just reposted one of many other charts I spend my time stupidly on

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Regardless of whether or not you like anime, the fact that you're posting on Jow Forums makes your opinion pretty irrelevant.

ask me how I know you're a fatass

extremely based post

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I own my favorite car! A ruby red mustang. Also, my favorite porn is mother and son incest JAV if you couldn't tell by the image, the picture I posted is my favorite video RCTD-065, watch it here with english subs I made myself! (f95zone.to/threads/mom-and-son-incest-jav-english-subtitles-chinese-korean-too-new-upload-rctd-146.27018/)

And my favorite hobby is watching anime!!! Here are my favorite 10 animes in order:
One piece
Attack On Titan
My Hero Academia
Cross Game
Food Wars
Steins Gate

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>And my favorite hobby is watching anime!!!
>still has shit taste

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4-ho-met is fun

Don't be rude, if you have nothing nice to say don't say anything at all.

this chart almost made me vomit

>only manchildren read books
>only manchildren watch movies
>only manchildren watch TV
This is how retarded you sound

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based and redpilled

original post is original

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>responding to your own post after getting shit-talked
Someone's hurt.

Sorry I couldnt fill out all of it.
I pretty much just work and browse this board, dont care about much else.

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>implying that's me

Nice try retard, kys faggot

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Based and Inspect Elementpilled

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Why do you post on Jow Forums if you don't like Jow Forums?

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>mbv and stars of the lid
based user

Here you go, degenerate. You seem to be lost.

Dumb anti-Jow Forums poster.

All boards are /a/ colonies.


my taste are shit

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who do you main in League though?

I main Jhin and I'm stuck in plat

I binged Steins Gate while sick and it broke me.

>cowboy bebop
>bad taste
>moeshit #95036831
>good taste
Okay I'll bite.

painted nerf gun but looks cool, what is the reference?
based animal
+vidya, +tv, +girl, +retro vidya, -nazi you edgy fuck
>on r9k
>not into escapism
+vidya, you can play it with mouse and keyboard now
+++vidya, movie
absolutely based putting that as game, also have been looking forward to watching that anime

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>insulting Azumanga Daioh
Know your heritage /v/ermin.

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This is the best I could do with the crappy photo editior I had

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