HHL being prosecuted for benefit fraud edition

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rubbing my cock on chikas lips while he sleeps

Bit slow today innit lads?
Everyone feelin alright?

saw leaves on the ground when i was going to tesco with mummy earlier

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Really want to watch that GoT XXX parody

Does poley ever want to put his penis inside something, he talks about losing his virginity but this seems to involve getting buggered

i'm alright lad just stoned. yourself?

Feeling pretty low today. Smoking a fag and drinking a tyskie in the field outside my flat.

Ahhh, fair enough lad, wish I was, get drug tested at work too much though
I'm alright, just bored, spend all week working away looking forward to the weekend then when it arrives it always seems like a letdown
Just sit in my room watching the same TV shows and feeling guilty


how great is this lids

I don't want to work

He doesn't know that doesn't count

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might just get fat. like proper fat

I realise how depressed I am when I try to do things that are pleasurable to other people like watching a film but find it almost impossible to motivate myself to just sit and enjoy something. feel like I might as well just sit and stare at a blank wall cause I don't get any pleasure out of anything.

he's like one of his hottest friends...
im not worried

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you may be sad but you will never be
>an entire group of politicians base their campaign solely off their hatred for you
tier sad

and the song... youtube.com/watch?v=-0SmXVrLlZ4

Well done though lad, you seem a hell of a lot less gay than he does

mmm imagine if he gets Ross drunk and sucks his dick

that's how we talk in general and only together
i dont think its gay, but nice

im a gay ephebe/hebe NEET, you dont know true opression

>m alright, just bored, spend all week working away looking forward to the weekend then when it arrives it always seems like a letdown
Shit that. I'm sorry you feel its a let down
>Just sit in my room watching the same TV shows and feeling guilty
What have you been watching? I have been watching that top boy series on netflix, its quite good.

please stop they already spend a lot of time together and they smoke weed (not him) and drink
oh well

What if I get too attached to my FWB? Prospect of getting a gf is close to zero so I see this as a risk

is Lost worth watching even if I know that it all basically gets made up as it goes along and there is no satisfying great mystery behind it all as the show apparently likes to imply?

I'm not saying it's not nice, or sweet.
It's definitely gay though.

Can I cuddle your big belly if you do?

You could try smoking weed and getting Ross drunk and then banging him? Good to have options lad.

You need to chill out lad. You don't expect a gay bloke to have male mates? You can't expect to have roastie mates can ya.

It was definitely better watching with the thought that the mysteries would be answered eventually, although the character development makes it worth it.

I was one who liked it for the mysteries rather than the characters as well

>smoking weed

On the plus side she is straight edge

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>What have you been watching?
Re-watching RedletterMedia on youtube and House
Nothing interesting really
>Top Boy
What's it about lad? Heard a few people talking about it last week

need a good thriller on amazon lads

What happened to your hair? What? Nothing.
It burned off in the crash.
I like it.
You like it? No.
It looks really bad.
Well, fuck you.

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Turbulence 2: Fear of Flying

yeah but why do they all have to be tall handsome dudes
like every time i meet one of them it's hnnnggg


Ross getting his virgin ass filled in tonight

I always laugh more at posts responding to me than if they're responding to someone else. Even if they aren't funny.
Might be that I just like the (You)s

which one? I've seen at least two, but the best is this POV VR one with a salsa cosplay

>What's it about lad?
Its basically about the lives of poor people who sell drugs

Whatever one is being shilled in the porn banner ads

your bf should be more worried about you cheating on him you cock lusted bitch

boy i hope so
have you seen those legs

wait, im supposed to be against this

I'm not a normie
I'm emotionally unstable
I might shag women
but doesn't mean I'm able
to control my thoughts
when they wander
beyond the realms of sanity
fonder times when I was younger
it isn't getting better
after al these years
I thought I might grow out of it
but here we are still stuck
in the middle; the thick of it
truly I am sick of it
to endlessly chase these girls
for a moment of respite
but it doesn't help the voice
that i hear inside my head at night
Wish I was a normie
here we are a blog post
just a sad part of the story

ah fucking brill just seen sicario is on amazon now

think it must have been added the past week or so cause I looked for it before and it wasn't included with prime.

yeah but i didnt...
me eye is set on another prize

>tfw opened mobile to have a look and the ad was some morbidly obese cow
:( my eyes hurt

>me eye is set on another prize
and what is that user

Daily reminder to execute normies this instant

Is there anything worse than single mothers?

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having a gangbang with all the lads

>She left me on read at half 3
Upset lads

drugs i guess
feeling good?
i had not really smoked weed until i was 27 but when i did i did so daily and drank

Who did that lad? I'll beat her up.

>had a large McDonalds binge last night
>woke up this morning after 7 hours of sleep
>browse internet on phone in bed
>read book
>go to gym but I'm too tired to do heavy squats; bench press goes ok
>leave flat to go to food retailcuck job interview for weekend job that I can continue when I start my full time job
>take bus to the store, wait nearby
>imagine myself in a month, waking up at 7.30 am to get to my job on Monday, leaving at 5 am, going to the gym afterwards and being left with very little free time; doing that 5 times in a row, with any bit of bad sleep ruining the next day, all daylight hours missed; on a Friday night, as the normies party outside, I wait for a weekend spent doing minimum wage brainlessness drudgery, the entire weekend wasted; all for 300 extra a month after taxes
>don't go in to the store, go back to flat
>go in to central London for my usual walk and then a walk through a park
>listen to podcasts
>now drinking coffee
>unsure what I'll eat tonight

Last night in McDonalds I saw this pack of zoomer chads and staceys. The chads had the British youtuber accent.

I saw this late 30s / early 40s GigaStacey and it was depressilising. On the bus I sat in the back and saw three qts leave in a short space of time. One with tight jeans, the other with coloured leggings, and the other smooth legs and it made me think that this is the female equivalent of coomers.

What do I eat tonight? McDonalds is bland. KFC is badly cooked and I had it recently. Burger King is too much of a meaty chemical internal explosion.

I voted for brexit and don't regret it but reading the farce of EU council meetings in Cameron's book makes me like it more. It's a shame that the EU has nothing close to silicon valley outside of London.

I wish there was a way to ask my new job for overtime. I would work more hours for more pay if I had the chance.

Reminder that Brexit was a mistake

i'm bored
should i go on a walk through the city?

wow same shit as yesterday fuck off mate. Other lads dont bother to read this copypaste shite

>hold on a sec babe, i've got to call this guy who made a long blogpost a faggot

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depends how violent the city

*walks into the thread wearing a peaky blinders t-shirt*

yes. and take pictures.

Me only have one ambition, y'know. I only have one thing I really like to see happen. I like to see mankind live together - black, white, Chinese, everyone - that's all

these posts are unironically comfy kino

alri muh dads ghost

no they arent stop enabling reposters

do you think if you touched chikas ass he would tell you off or he would be submissive and let you enjoy his body?

>tfw about to watch the last one tonight with dad and we can pause it every now and then and talk about the old man music that they play

>I'll beat her up.
Thanks lad but it's alright, don't think it would do much good

don't know chiko what would you do? you think about anons doing lewd things to you all the time don't you.

whats the point of going to the gym if you eat shit food like mcdonalds or kfc?

You still after that weed ya baldy bastard? haha only messing, love ya really xx

Get burnt in the gym

gonna lay in bed for a bit lads

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Quit weed 5 weeks + 2 days ago.

Just performed a urine drug test - result? EPIC fail.

Blimey; 37 days and still not a pass. Not even a blemish of the test line, completely invisible. Drank nothing but water today.

WEW lads. Proper job.

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>cant get employed on a building site til you pass a drug test

not chika, just a fun little thought experiment i thought up

be well my son
look foward to it you old polecat you
yeah cheers son
*tucks you in*

just fapped to traps again
feels good man

I mean it's hard not too in this day and age

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Greatest Brit since Nelson???

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yeah cannabis stays in your system quite a while. good couple of months i think.
also, you're doing all this for a job? you made it seem like it was your healthy choice. faggot.
>mmm mr shekelsberg please see how much more of yer benis i can swallow

hey I was just in that thread

Thinking I should ask this girl out but I don't know what to do if she says yes. Please help me lads, this could be ticket to normiedom.
I'm the worst conversationalist ever, and all around pretty terrible company due to my boring personality. But I still would like a gf.

>user! It's time for your drug test! If you need drugs to improve your mood then clearly you aren't enjoying your exploitation enough!

going to clean up my room tomorrow, going to start working out again, then im going to invite cute boys to my house to suck my cock and watch anime with me
i can be happy...i WILL be happy..................

But doctor you gave me these pills to improve my mood

Moni lad, you're up

When the race war happens, the lines will be drawn as follows

>Black Women

>Pakistani race traitors/mixers
>White woman
>Black men

feeling more consistently sad these days than is normal, I hope it stops soon

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Jesus fuck lad. I haven't masturbated to traps for at least two days.

what if i'm half indian and half english

Half-breeds were listed


>yeah cannabis stays in your system quite a while. good couple of months i think.
>also, you're doing all this for a job? you made it seem like it was your healthy choice.

Purely health reasons.


Appropriate sign off.

You're a dick.
Chin up SP lad, sending you good vibes.

don't I get special treatment because i'm pajeet

taking a wee break but i might do some more tonight lids. maybe the guttering or something simple.

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Just cured my self-diagnosed anxiety/depression/PTSD etc. See ya around britfeel!

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how lad? what is the sekrit password?