Hobby thread

What are your hobbies robots?

I saved up a lot of money for a sweet PJ bass, but in reality I just sorta look at foot porn and browse /vr/.

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I am pretty sick on a dirtbike and enjoy a round a disc golf a few times a week

obsessively modding skyrim is the closest thing I have to a hobby these days. actually thats a lie I did start drawing, but im kind of wary of calling those occasional caveman scribbles a hobby. really even if its a hobby thats considered not a real one like video games having any one at all really helps my mood i would recommend just finding something, anything, it feels good to have an activity thats a constant in your life
/vr/ is a good board though

What kind of modding do you do w/ Skyrim?

I'm obssessed with being the best guitarist I can be. I practise obsessively and can play for 7 hours a day when I can. I fucking love it. In about a year I have gone from never playing one to actually pretty good. I'm proud of myself

i like aquariums

right now i have my modlist pretty much complete, i just have to go through most of the mods making my own tweaks because some of their choices really bug me (turned out to be an arduous process, when you open a mod in tes5edit you usually find a ton more changes you hate), then after that i have to do an inn mod im working on and custom waifu textures/hair and a couple other things. probably the hardest will be trying to edit a journal mod so you need a book in the inventory for the interface to come up because I know nothing about scripting
Really it sounds painful but theres just something relaxing and very satisfying about making the game exactly how you want it. thank you for asking about the modding

>crochet, sewing, knitting
>playing the viola

Are you the kid that goes to Guitar Center and plays "Welcome Home" for an hour on the PRS in the front of the store?

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tell me more
thats nice user, im proud of you too :)
How do you feel about all the viola player jokes in the music community? im not actually part of it but i heard violists are the butt of many a joke

is that the fox from franklin? i used to have a crush on him.

I actually do indoor gardening with growlights. Mostly edibles. It's an interesting process dealing with things you normally wouldn't have to by just throwing plants in the dirt outside.

Music reviewing
Playing bass and composing
Oldschool vidya
Messing around with my doggo

Idk that's about it

Aside from vidya, I enjoy organizing playlists and discovering music, giving maintenance to my folder of henti wallpapers, looking for strange historic events (it's a spontaneous thing so I couldn't provide you with any example other than the emu war), and exploring places with street view. Also modding left 4 dwad 2 into more ridiculous iterations.

I'm in a debate club. Great way to make social gains and meet nice people. They always invited me to a drink at the bar down the street even though I didn't really talk that much and was pretty awkward at first. Super wholesome people. I befriended basically all the regulars.
My talking skills increased rapidly and I noticed more confidence outside the debate as well.
Also I got dragged in pretty far. Now I prepare half our debates and help organize big tournaments etc.

music and art obsessively, although i wouldn't really consider it a hobby but rather a manic state of delusion and ideas

I used to draw alot as my main hobby.
Haven't really felt motivated to in a while do to be too depressed and tired from wageslaving so much.

I've been trying to pick up some new ones like 3D modeling, botany or programming but they are all very time consuming and require lots of devotion and patience to see tangible results.

Or maybe im just too dumb to pick up on things quickly...

My friend started 3D modeling a few weeks ago for example, and he's already making small animated movies in Blender. I still have no idea how to do that even though ive been trying for a month now.

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I forgot looking at pictures of modern architecture

how do you organize playlists? I have like 30 playlists I continually add songs to on Spotify, but the way the sorting works when you tap on "add to playlist" while a song plays is just so fiddly.

I guess minus the foot porn, you and I have a lot in common. What kinda bass you have?

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I play blues and jazz music. Bass is my primary instrument but I also play a bit of guitar and harmonica.
I have a gig coming up soon actually.
Also I'm a huge film buff and play certain video games.

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Cort action V (my first bass) and Epi Thunderbird V. I'm a cheapskate and I know fuck all about basses from a hardware standpoint really, picked up the former on a friend rec and the latter after I saw a guy from a band I liked use it. I have a theory that one can make any piece of cheap wood sound fine if you write the song with its limitations in mind. I like the width of the fretboard on the Epi but the bass overall feels way too massive for me, it's like somebody strung a baseball bat. I like the sound tho

I only just have enough energy and motivation to do the most basic things in life. I can't do hobbies

I don't know what the interaction is when you add a song to a playlist while said song is playing, so I can't really tell you how to work around that since I haven't experienced it.

The way I sort my playlists is still shit because I've recently taken to having these many playlists with these many songs. I tried to order them on how much I value each playlist, but it has proven to be quite impractical.

The playlists I generate are based on when I'm going to play it, essentially for different specific situations or people I plan on playing them to, or sensations. The playlists I use the most are a gradient of genres with specific songs being "bridges" and other "anchors". The former are used to act as a transition between one genre or, say, feel, to another, while the latter are essential songs to that part of the playlist.

I'm a professional oboist and it's a big meme.
The viola is not viewed as a lesseer instrument. It's true tho that noone chooses to play the viola but they get kinda forced into it when applying for violin and the spots are full.

Overall every violinist is a stuck up prick.
They always hang by themselves and secretly despise each other because everyone wants to be the "spalla" (not site translation).

impressive! I want to learn how to play the guitar too..
where did you learn the basics? any tips?

Thunderbirds are badass user. Nice. You slap?

Get your self a cheap nylon string guitar like $150. Learn your scales. Starting with simple chord patterns next, rhythm is important.

Lessons help a lot too, but you gotta practice

Writing and drawing are my only creative hobbies.

I slap, but it sounds quite shit on a Thunderbird. The Cort is better for that, though I guess a Jazz bass or a Stingray would be much better choices for slapping.

Good for you, it's the exact opposite for me. I waste all of my time with my hobbies and don't have any motivation to take care of my life.

been getting back into playing bass guitar and i like skating a lot but i dont have time anymore. I think id like to get into hiking or gardening but i just dont have the ability to make the time for it

>I saved up a lot of money for a sweet PJ bass
then go buy the fuckin bass and get off this shithole

Vampire the Masqurade but havent played in months
trying to get into 40k

My first violin is being delivered tomorrow. Im hoping that I can have your dedication and get gud

I love collecting and dressing up and you meet alot of nice people at cons if you know how to avoid the steriotypical sweaty manchild colony but that's whats your nose is for but that's at most 5% here
I'm doing s.t.a.l.k.e.r now and i also love reading up on the history of the equipment i buy

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legos. The online lego community is pretty gigantic when you look into it though. Just check out MocPages or type "lego moc" on Flickr, the shit people build these days is insane

How do you actually get into cosplay? I always figured that you need connections to acquire the necessary materials for your costume.

Warhammer, both 40k and Age of Sigmar.

It makes sure that I'm never bored as there's always something to paint.
Also makes sure that I'm always poor, but ey.

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Mostly guns and vidya these days. I have some bionicles as well.
I bought a .32 revolver as of late, it was made in 1920. I enjoy shooting it, and that despite its age, I can still find .32 long ammunition for it, although the box labels are in a language I don't understand. Either Spanish or Portuguese, I think.

nice army bro

>mixed martial arts

My hobby ranking looks something like this:

1. Walking along abandoned railway tracks
2. Jumping over fences (with just one hand on the fence)
3. Skimming stones at the lake (16 skim record)
4. Turning over somewhat large rocks to see what's underneath (usually nothing)
5. Gaming

Edit - with regard to #4, sometimes I forget I have already turned over a rock and turn it over again on another day. I hate when this happens it definitely drops my #4 behind my #5 gaming hobby when it does happen. So disappointing, as I'm sure you can imagine.

What's a hobby I can start for less than a hundred bucks that can be profitable later on?

run a handful of times a week
play soccer with imaginary friend
learn comp sci
learn rice runes
simple as

i can teach you how to knit a toque in 2 hours that you can sell for $20 minimum for $5, ive shown children

I literally just play video games 16 hours a day every day, being entirely removed from reality really makes you appreciate that literally all human interaction is cope and were better off in the digital realm

I'm English so we don't have that plus I'm too spergy to go to a guitar shop and play.

I have a cheap 200ish quid/dollars Fender electric. Watches Justin guitar and from then on its just learning like anything else

I am pretty sick with a soccer(foot)ball and can ace it through a tire at about 25+ yards


That's about it. I don't like too much else.

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are chickens a hobby? im gonna say raising chickens. and art, but thats kinda gay

Carpentry, board games with the lads, dungeon-mastering

Fuck yeah chickens

I have like 7 chickens and 3 ducks, this little shit is my favorite so far though, always hopping on my shoulder and trying to cuddle

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Simple, I love it user.

Oh, and photography. I like taking really neat pictures. Here's my bernese mountain dog when she was a puppy back in 2018.

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very cute, please give her a pat on the head for me