Would you give up right for left?

Would you give up right for left?

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Left is more interesting guys, seriously. I mean if white people are going to become a minority and be eradicated over a span of time, why not go out with a bang? All of this pinkpill sissy mind-control psychological warfare degeneracy Satanism is just cope for not being man enough to do what needs to be done. This is the more theatrical and dramatic option, we need some action, something interesting, spice it up a little bit. Start reading the Holy Bible or become a NatSoc.

Why become a loser when you can become a winner?

My home country is already like the left, just without the nazi faggotry; just immense cultural pride and love for each other.

But it's easy for you kids to fantasize about that shit without even understanding it. I still prefer life in a western multicultural environment.

I would destroy right even if nothing good came of it.

i'd prefer to live the life of the new socialist man

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What's your original home country?

Bottom row. Women on the right are objectively hotter than the ones on the left. You cannot argue

No, some examples of degeneracy in modern times does not mean I want to sacrifice my happiness and entertainment to work and slave away for eternity in some harshly regulated 50s dystopia.

Multiculturalism is bullshit. White people giving up is less satisfying and more anti-climatic than an race war or something akin to that happening. I mean c'mon whites don't even like non-whites, they tolerate them passive aggressively and don't treat them equally. Even in places like California where it is mostly non-whites anyway, white people tolerate colored people, most certainly not celebrate them. You can try and blackpill and say that I am overgeneralizing or presuming but behind every socialist cumbrain faggot, there is a person who deep down feels more connected to his racial identity than these other races. It is an biological fixation, there's nothing you can do to stop it. Black people will always be racist towards white people. STOP IT, everything else is bullshit. Anybody who says whites and blacks can coexist is a deluded moron.

New Socialist? The same one that rejected the literal Saviour of the Soviet Union? Thanks, but no.

I was born in left, but immigrated at a very young age to the right. All I yearn for now is a modern left where I am now. Grass is always greener.

Look, just because you fetishize materialist consumption and wish you could marry an American faggot to get citizenship, doesn't mean everyome whom has different values than you is deluded

>when did you go fully retarded and think of the political qudrant as a line?

>Bottom row. Women on the right are objectively hotter
Two sheboons, an ugly overweight spic and a dyke. I think I'll go with the pale virgin white girls over used up subhuman roasties.

Absolutely seething fashie. Do us all a favor and neck yourself please.

they're both bullshit ways to run a society. they're just completely different flavors of bullshit.

left pic recovered from great depression and built the world's strongest ever economy, how is that bad?

>secretly controlled, cucked, halfway socialist "free" society
>openly controlled, bootlicking, conformist "pure" society
both look like shit to me

Because it does the same thing that the SJWs are doing: subjugating individual autonomy to a group identity, and permitting nothing outside the bounds of the group's strict laws. The bad thing is authoritarianism and collectivism. Whether its right-wing or left-wing doesn't make much of a difference, six of one, half-dozen of the other.

>Give up
Buddy, I would burn down right.

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You're an idiot. You complain about black people being racist while at the same time crying about non-whites/shitskins...hmm.

>implying I want to marry an American girl
No, I very much want to stick with my own ethnicity.
It's not about fetishizing materialism, it's about a more exciting and opportunistic life in general. All you've done is project bullshit like a woman. Are you on your period? It's also funny listening to a bunch of broke underachieving unemployed losers talk about materialism when they have everything handed to them on a plate by mommy and daddy.

You don't have the values you screech about anyway. You're an incel with 0 life experience and refuse to listen to people twice your age who have been on both sides of the fence.

Either genocide or enabling people to fuck children with no in between

Most right-wingers I've met are actually boring, insecure retards behind the pompous posing and all that, so nah, I'd just have my comfy McCopes, rather than getting erect because of a flag or something

blacks are allowed to have their ethnostates(africa) but whites are not...
blacks should not be racist in other races' countries.

Most left-wingers I've met are actually boring, insecure retards behind the pompous posing and all that, so nah, I'd just have my comfy white ethnostate, rather than getting erect because of nigger tits or a brown cock

I never claimed left-wingers are any better. Both the right and left are full of fags that have no other purpose in life so they just build their whole identity about politics. "Centrists" too

Kill yourself if you unironically still care about politics

>blacks should not be racist in other races' countries.
Point made. BOOM. That's it.

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Africa isn't an ethnostate