Why do so many normie guys have beards with the neck shaved like this? I see it all the time

Why do so many normie guys have beards with the neck shaved like this? I see it all the time.

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Idk, I can't grow a beard so I can't tell you

to make their jawline look good cause they're chubby, it's easier for them than actually eating well or exercising

They have mediocre or poor facial structures, so they try to use the contours of their beards to give the illusion that they have well-defined jawlines. Sad.

A lot of men's fashion/grooming/etc websites advise having your beardline right at the jawline. I don't think it's a good look.

Because Drake did it, so it no longer registers as a beardmask to normies who like shitty music for trashy people.

Visual trickery to give the impression that they have a better jawline than they really do, sort of like make up for soibois

Cause you gotta look like this to have a full beard

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I do it because it's easier than shaving everything and not itchy like not shaving.

that's it

they're trying to make their jawline pop out, but it looks stupid. its really easy to find your neckline. just look at a mirror straight on, use your jaw as a reference, and shave everything on your neck that is below your jaw. you can do the two finger adams apple thing too.

>not itchy like not shaving.
I haven't shaved in over a year and my face never itches. What is this bullshit excuse I keep hearing.

Don't know.
Can't say I care either.

>mfw as i wonder why

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Look at him: He has no jaw. This is a sad attempt at a defined jawline.

You seem to be misunderstanding. I don't shave my face, like in OP's pic. I just keep it that length with a hair clipper because it's easy. My neck itches like mad when I don't shave it, giving the look OP was talking about. Neck starts itching after 2 days, gets almost unbearable after 3. Every other week I trim the beard because it's easy and fast and keeps the hair out of the way without me needing to shave my face.


Stop pathetically clinging to the last strands of your hair and just shave it off.... It will probably look good because you have a beard.

>he thinks i will let other people or their opinion decide how i look
hahahahaha hope you are not serious my man

Because beards are a meme now. Every guy thinks it's cool to have one, even if they lack the ability to grow a good one, resulting in their chin looking like a rat's ass.

to fake a chiselled jawline

>OH EM GEE how do men DARE to grow out or stylize their own body hair
>dont they know its all about erasing your eyebrows and drawing them instead
>dont they know its all about having your tits cut open and reduced or increased in volume
>dont they know its all about having your gut cut open and some tube sucking all the fat out
>dont they know its all about injecting your lips with chemicals to make them look like baboons ass

I could go on, but you get the idea

>meanwhile, posters in this thread in reality:

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is it just me or are these manlet proportions

Honestly bro, you would look like a badass if you went bald and put on some muscle. Dont shave it just yet though, its not too bad.

this. i see it with a lot of faggot ass dj khalid looking arab dudes. they have a gullet like a turkey instead of a chin so they desperately sculpt their beards to make their pathetic absence of a jawline appear as tho its there?

nice chain faggot i bet its under $500

this dude as a hilarious big head

dude absolutely has to be a manlet

Thanks mate
>its not too bad
pic related 2 years ago. I am not saying that my hair is not thinning and weak but like you said its not THAT bad yet.

I actually wore buzzcut for most of my life, this is literally first time in my life growing hair out, just wanna see where it goes.

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a good beard is the closest thing a man can get to the advantage women get from using makeup and even that still relies on genetics, dont hate

Thanks faggot, i bet you are walking around in diamond plated socks with encrusted jewels and such.

Whoever heard of wearing what you like. And moreover, whoever heard of having emotional connection to (dead) things.

It looks retarded if the person is fat.

5'3'' adult baby

Because no one fucking teaches you about the 2 finger below neckline rule

fuck you faggot. if you wear jewelry at all its either iced out cuban links or its dogshit. you don't get to "wear what you like" vvs diamonds or nothing you serbain war refuge looking faggot

Sorry i didnt hear you over the
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>you don't get to "wear what you like"
According to....whom? Do i also not get to think what i like?

You are pathetic boyo

beards look good even with a decent jawline most chads have them too niggas