Make your choice carefully

make your choice carefully

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right is trying too hard

I take pempis

Left. It is simple and straight to the point. The one on the right is obviously hiding something.

33% each! UwU

there's nothing wrong with trying to look presentable

I choose the Pepsi just to the right. Water is for trannies.

Right without a second thought.
Must be fancy water, the left is from toilet tank i bet

Left is probably just tap water and not a brand of distilled water that can afford such fancy graphics.

>Imagine still feeling the need to be hydrated lmao

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left, the one on the right looks too spicy

right looks tastier

>le mass replying wojak funnyy XDDDDDD
Hang yourself

virgin WATER vs CHAD Water

Hehe funny... wait... that... that brain looks like a... like a...!!!
Im gonna.... oh fuck im gonna....

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>33% WATER
>33% Water
>33% bepis
here you go

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Holy fuck. It took me like 5 minutes

Why lie like this and make autists lose their mind. There's nothing interesting in the pic.

I don't want to spoil the fun for others, but there is

shut the fuck up
the lame ass coomer meme needs to die already

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That guns hole looks kinda like a... bubhole... Oh god, oh fuck, I'gonna... I'm gonna fucking COOM

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