Any of you robots are deathbots?

any of you robots are deathbots?
also does Jow Forums like death grips?

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The Powers That B is seriously one of the best albums ever.

I really like takyon death

goverment plates is their best album

The first time I got so drunk I passed out on the sidewalk was while I was walking home from my liquor store while eating kebab and listening to the Money Store (9,5/10 album)

All in all I like them

death grips hasnt been relevant since like 2013

thats cause you havent listened to the year of the snitch

I have occasional shizotic episodes, and have had them since my early 20s. The only thing that has come close to describing the feeling of intense paranoia and despair I feel is the song "come up and get me" off NLDW. They're pretty based desu but the fanbase is fucking horrid.

Gave up after No Love Deep Web.

>I gave up after the bands objectively best album

yes, death grips is a good band
>caring about whether something is relevant or not
shut up normalfag

I like the mashups better

They're so edgy and all the shouting is worse than a Wu Tang record


got into them when i was a teenager and still listen to them sometimes, i try to save them for exercise. it's a waste to listen to powerful strong music like that on something like your morning commute. it's only for like, when i feel like running an extra 20 minutes and doing it faster than normal. but even that's a waste, because jogging is kind of normie.

I still like them, though I've enjoyed each successive album less and less. They peaked with NLDW.

i want andy morin to fuck the leaving shit out of me

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Love Death Grips
Bottomless Pit is their best album.

Whatever faggot.

Exmil>bottomless pit=YotS>PtB=money store=NLDW>steroids=govt plates>fashion week=interview 2016

With the understanding that they're all 7/10 or better albums

fucking plebs. steroids is their best work

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You're the same guy I told that I don't really like hip hop, but they're a bit of an exception, right?

>reddit:the band
fuck no