Asians with bbc

If the BBC shit is just a meme or all paid porn Jew psyops. Then why do they all look and sound like they're in heaven when they have black dick in their mouth?


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I dont think its a meme lads.

I know it sounds crazy, but plenty of people don't care about the whole "muh racemixing" shtick.

That's all there is to it. Not much to read into.

>spamming the porn that fits your narrative
i literally did this yesterday except with bwc/asians and it was a wakeup call for me. most of you faggots who make these threads are just trolls. i realized it was a waste of my time.

that being said. asians are for whites only.

But everyone acknowledges Asian girls have white fever user. They clearly have black fever too.

Jap porn is the most synthetic shit in the industry. It's all fake.

None of this is Jap porn. They're all American. And it's all homemade phone cam shit. Look at the links yourself then look at all the fucking related and recommended vids of the exact same shit, there's fucking hundreds

Are you the same triggered nigger from the Asian worshiping thread? Because this shit is starting to get pathetic

Not a nigger, just a concerned nonnigger citizen. I'm hearing this shit more and more and seeing it in my daily life among random girls.

Then they are American women not Asian.

black guy here, also thanks for the fap fuel op

nobody with a sane mind actually believes in meh jew conspiracy theory stuff. anyone who takes that stuff seriously has mental illness.

You're welcome user. Ever had any success with Asian girls irl? honestly this stuff is all i can fap too as well now seeing how into it the girls clearly get. i never see them like this with cock that isnt black.

i live in london, there are a lot of koreans and korean girls in london so i have had success with asian girls irl as a black guy. i'm learning japanese right now and am trying to become fluent so that i can live my life in japan right now. asian girls really like how big the average black dick is compared to other races i don't know what it is but i have never seen an asian girl not moan really loud when insert into her, they are always usually really tight as well.

Yep seen this all in the homemade porn dude. Like Ive seen Asian girls with huge white dicks that were dry af and seemed lifeless, but I see them with any black dick and they are dripping wet, moaning and grinding into the cock even if it's barely 6 inches. Every single fucking time. I swear I have not seen an Asian girl with black dick who wasn't soaked.

I think a huge part for them is the racial taboo. But that's far from all it is. I think they maybe just have fine taste and can see for themselves big black dick is best or something?

lmao nice larp you original faggot

I wish he was larping but every Asian girl Ive spoken to online has supported this. The evidence is overwhelming, user. see they actually don't niggers are universally despised outside of america. they're treated as dangerous and watched with suspicion. white people are welcome everywhere. fuck you

you didn't speak to any asian girls online just shut the fuck up

racial taboo, is a huge turn on to be fair for a lot of people, you get to fuck a the person you want while telling the world to go fuck off for being racist what is there not to love about it?

you wish, i bet you are just jealous

JAV actresses ALWAYS sound like that. They could suck on a legit toothpick and they'd moan like they just discovered a new dimension of pleasure

Can you honestly not tell the difference between phone filmed amateur and JAV or something or are you just schizoid cope at this point?


I've never met a girl that was actually attracted to men she liked and found nice and friendly.


these are amateur porn videos not javs they are obviously enjoying themselves and not just making moans for the sake of moaning

asian girls don't have the same gross animalistic dogshit sexual appetite that white women do you fucking nigger sympathizing faggot. asian women are more attuned to preserving their social reputation and position in society. white women are like gross sexual toddlers that can't control themselves so they fuck niggers with wild abandon.

ill agree with you for gross white curdled milk roasties but not asians. fuck you nigger

imagine trying to cope this hard, black people are not universally despised learn to travel and spend less time in your basement with your pee jugs

>asian girls don't have the same gross animalistic dogshit sexual appetite that white women do

Yes, they literally do. The difference is they're smart enough to repress it unlike white women who flaunt it and put every sane man immediately off them, which seems to just make it an even stronger pull for them.

But asian women who go for white guys are viewed the same by asian society as white women who go for black guys are viewed in the west. An asian who goes for whites will probably go for blacks, otherwise she will stick to her own race.

No one gives a shit about your mommy issues retard.
White women are evil waaaaah! The grass is greener in Asia!

i have traveled you shitbag. the only black people i fuck with are africans. africans are genuinely warm, friendly people that don't have this adversarial nigger attitude that western world niggers do. i've seen monkeys attempt this thin veneer of being cosmopolitan with turtle necks or cardigans. its just a dangerous monkey in white peoples clothing. nothing more nothing less. go fuck yourself. stay in your ghettos and let the cops take care of you

cope harder, asian girls like black guys more might i remind you white people came up with the terms "chinks" "gooks" "yellow",not blacks and then you think that asian girls will have a preference that leans more towards whites? how delusional are you?

everytime i post in these threads i end up taking the bait. this is basically the correct answer

buying tickets to china. we all going to make it black bros.

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blacks have bigger dicks that whites. stop coping white boy.

>meh jew conspiracy theory stuff

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>spamming porn
PATHETIC jew/cuck propaganda

asian women will fuck anyone but asian men. its why they are all on here trying to force asian men x white girl meme.

>i-i't just a p-pranoia I s-swear

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whites have bigger dicks than blacks, stop coping nigger

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>this fucking nazi conspiranoids!!!!

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niggers are disgusting sub-humans doomed to extinction and there is nothing you can do about it, no matters how much porn propaganda you spam Scholomo

cope not knowing the strong relationships between China and Africa. Asian women are getting blacked.

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Why do mayates think we care about their bbc? Seriously. Nobody wants a negro. Negros only have to pay for sex.

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some black dudes do sure, but you definitely don't real niggas would never be on this website

9/10 of white women on this planet will NEVER fuck a nigger, how does it make you feel?

I know you're pulling that number out of your sphincter, but those are pretty good odds, all things considered. Much better than the 60s-90s. I see an upward trend, thanks for the comfort user.

Also, 100% of white women will lie to you about fucking a black man if they can tell it will upset you. Have fun with that.

they have foreigner fever
white and black.

>If the BBC shit is just a meme or all paid porn Jew psyops. Then why do they all look and sound like they're in heaven when they have black dick in their mouth?
If asians fuck black men it's because they like big cocks in general not because they believe in the "SUPERIOR BLACK RACE" meme

I dunno dude. I've seen them in porn with 8+ inch white dicks and they looked dry af, also didn't seem like this at all when sucking big white dicks.