Based ellie

have you done your 14 sets of 88 burpees for ellie, user?

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>pretends to be autistic to appear quirky :) teehee
fuck women

wonder what her armpits smell like

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women are a literal meme

This. I don't see any autism.
Who the fuck even diagnosed her? Do Americans just slap "autism" and "ADHD" labels onto every child with quirky interests now?

the trad waifu of your dreams

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She's a lesbian (except for Chad), see all the previous threads on her.

I'm sorry but I'm not buying this at all. I'm a sperg and the absolute last thing I would do would make videos about how spergy I am. I post about it on Jow Forums because it's anonymous but attaching my face and name? Not a chance.

*would be to make videos

I'm 32 years old and I'm gonna make her my wife.

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Okay, which one of you was responsible for this?

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you will die alone you dumb loser

Same, its fucking embarassing seeing women making a mockery of aspergers with this shit. Women are gonna see this shit and say LOL I PLAY WITH MY HAIR AND AM AWKWARD I GUESS I HAVE ASPERGERS TOO LOL

So how do you tell a real female aspie from one who's pretending?

even if you could do any of that, you'd be sick of her by the time you were 33.

If they appear to be way too socially intelligent to be aspie then its probably true, I'd assume its hard to be aspie because there are so many social cues and things I dont understand unless I am told while other people just "get it" the second they see it

i've been called an asshole by a dozen different women, dont care wont stop

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because aspie's can't hide it. the bitch in the video is just annoying. not on the spec. When you meet people with the burgers, you can tell.

It just seems so mean-spirited.

There's no hard and fast test but someone making a video about how much they have asperger's and how quirky they are probably doesn't actually have it.

sne looks like my sister

your sister is probably hot too, if that's the case. you ever sniff her panties and shit?

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woops meant I assume its hard to pretend to be aspie, Im aspie and its hard as fuck to pretend to be normal

haha noooo haha
oh noo...