Another Monday approaches wagie. Better not stay up too late

Another Monday approaches wagie. Better not stay up too late.

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Jokes on you it's already Monday and I'm nice and early at the office ready to start the day with my starbucks coffee :^)

>drinking the caffeinated jew

And this is why you are always a complacent slave.

Finally. No more nagging wife!

All jokes aside I want to fucking kill myself. It's 11 PM and I refuse to sleep, because I don't want to fucking wake up knowing I have another week of this shit ahead of me, fuck

Enjoy rotting away in your nasty trailer poorfag.

And the award to the most normie post of 2019 goes to [you]

I'm looking forward to getting up early tomorrow to make lots of money for Mr Noseberg. Hopefully my Stacy boss doesn't bully me too much.

>not stroking it while stacy bullies you for not satisfying your job duties.

what kinda man are you?

the kinda man who posts on Jow Forums

Working part time isn't that bad, it feels much more balanced and reasonable.
If you get a part time job at a liquor store like 25 hours a week max it doesn't really destroy your soul like a full time job does.
I hope soon in the future the 40 hour work week will be reduced. It's too much.

>left my job because the new management was shit
>went to an interview where they assured me the team is great
>I started there several month ago
>the coworkers are stacies and beta cucks
I hate this shit. I'm just waiting for some months to pass so I can quit and it wouldn't look so bad on my CV.

it's ok. this is the last monday. and I think I might actually enjoy this one.

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>tfw NEET
>tfw took on a volunteer job due to soul crushing boredom and have to get up early tomorrow anyway.

do you enjoy your job? what is it?

I'm in bed thinking about quitting
When I'm a NEET tho I always notice how I get worse and worse and I know that having something to do is good for me

I want something to do aswell, but I dont want to do it 8 hours a day, 5 days a week.

make fun of wagies all you like anons when the boredom kicks in as you essentially exist in the same lifestyle when you were 14 and you see time passing before you as you keep waiting for something to happen but it never will. To be a NEET is to exist in mediocrity until you are in the ground, dont fall for the 'its comfy' meme, yeah so can a prison cell.
get part time work, trust me its better than doing nothing its good for your mental state

>get part time work
Easier said than done. It's hard enough getting into full time shitholes that nobody really wants to work in. I've been declined from AMAZON, during the busy Christmas season. I guess pizza delivery is worth a shot. It's looking like the only option for me now

>To be a NEET is to exist in mediocrity until you are in the ground
Eh. I live in a leftist Scandinavian welfare state. Everyone here save for the top 1% are taxed into mediocrity. My sister makes $55,000/year but nets $34,000. My dad makes $73,000 but nets $41,000. I reveive $26,000 as a NEET.

This absolute wagie cope.

on what grounds do you get neetbux? just mental issues or are you physically handicapped? scandi too

can i migrate and get neetbux?

I know its difficult since I have been there, just dont trick yourself into thinking that everything is fine in your current state, you will regret it you only have so much time on the planet.
its not only about the money user, its the interaction with people, the feeling of being useful can be very important. After a certain amount of money I just think 'eh' why do I care it not what truly motivates me. Id rather be doing something menial rather than binging on media like a soulless consumer drone who's existence is supported entirely by other people.

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Its going to be a long week my friends. I guess thats just how it is.

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People always talk like being unemployed will make you depressed. I was unemployed and racking up debt for a year and it was by far the happiest time in my life. Doing nothing and being a waste of space is the only thing that DOESNT make me depressed.

Eh, being a NEET fucking sucks though dude. I was for 1 year. Trust me, once you settle into it, the soul sapping boredom you feel will kill you, and suck up all the meaning out of you until you're just a cumbrain uttering meme references because that's the only thing you can do while stuck in your room all day.

Going to university again is scary and the anxiety I feel constantly is really shit, but at least I feel something and have """some""" positives, compared to just being a walking spiritually dead person.

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