/it/ Infinite Tower Thread

>on floor 1
>find skull filled with pus, cum, and pee
>pick it up
>secret door opens and takes me to floor -79,960

Seeya virgins

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guys don't go to the bathroom in floor 211

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Floor 420 here, you'd think this would be the dude weed lmao floor but it's just full of tiny hitlers running amok

Umm... to the user who left the uhh... "you know" in floor 751... Yeah, no one's here currently, you might want to get it right now if you want to at all


I left it a while ago. Im on floor 879 right now dealing with a giant vagina venus fly trap

how do you anons get past floor 2? help please its been 6 days

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Okay, I'm about to head down to floor 548 for an improv rave a bunch of friends of mine started. I'm gonna put "the thing" behind the trash bin so that no one can see it. Feel free to pick it up later if you want.

Knock twice on the moot painting and wait for a bit. Climb through the opening in the wall once the painting moves.

Guys I fell of the spiral stairs and now I've hit terminal velocity and I'm still falling what do I do?

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Floor 69 here. This cute succubus is saying she wants to play my flute. I think Im just gonna stay here awhile

you will probably start falling up once reached floor 2002

lmao, user floor 69 is the tranny refuge
it's a trap

nooooo user , dont fall for it , its not a "she". the only thing you'll get is anal ruptures

And then after about three hours he will smash into the ceiling of floor 4091 and splatter into pink dust. Possibly create a super nova because of the speed.

user I swear to god if your body bits start raining down on me I will fucking defile your grave. Figure this out.

Floor 1488 reporting in. Anyone who can't prove 100% white ancestry for the past fifty generations will be shot.

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newfag here, is this like a flash game or something?

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Zoomies go in the building with finite floors, lmao

Ha ha look at this pleb who can't even figure out how to enter the tower

Im at floor 984 but I cant get passed the mini jews what do I do?

>tfw floor 87 dweller
>cannot go up because Jow Forumstards in the floor above me are apeshit crazy
>would go down but floor 86 is flooded with feces
>Only one food shipment per week and it almost never has tendies
>There are like 4 other people here but they are even more autistic than me
Life truely is suffering

Why is floor 409 so damn comfy? I genuinely don't want to ever leave this place

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give them a small piece of your foreskin and a poach full of shekels

Guys please tell me i want to play too

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>tfw finally escaped from the giant demon tranny on floor 90.441

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Maybe somebody on floors 1635 to 2002 has some sort of lucky horseshoe or maybe some balloons? Please, if you do, throw them down the stairs and I'll catch them on my way down

Two questions:
What's your favorite digit?
What would a floor of a building look like if you could create it in any way you want to?

Floor 8330 here, there is some crazy surreal war happening. According to my chronometer I've only been here for 3 days but I feel like I've been fighting for centuries, how do I escape from here

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Big and empty because i have no imagination

Find the nearest human and proceed to eat him. If nothing happens that means that you ate the wrong person. Keep doing this until a hole in the ground opens up

im still fucking waiting for someone with the wario amiibo to show up to get through like youre supposed to, you exploit idiots are gonna crash this thing once you get high enough

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Congrats user, floor 225 is now completely empty, literally devoid of anything, aside from doors to floor 224 and 226

hey anons i found this ring from a pope cadaver on floor 3004, do you think its worth something?

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Floor 13

Oh wait it doesn't exist because amerifags are scared of numbers

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I have taken over floor 3056 and made it into my sex dungeon. The tower seems to have accepted me because the only way to proceed to the next floor is to send me feet pics and have sex with my pet jew tranny

Floor 1492 here, walked out onto a dock and saw a massive ocean of lemonade with a chocolate island in the distance. Found a boat and climbed in, Anons this floor isn't the lemonade ocean and chocolate island floor. It's just a giant piss ocean with an island of shit.

guys zozo is on floor 4328 and we've been staring at each other for the past 10 minutes and he's inching closer what the fuck do i do

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A-user please I'm ate the end of floor 3055 and I see puddles of cum leaking from under the door, let me pass with my anus intact

start inching closer to him, it'll fuck with his head, probably end up scaring him off

How did you get there?
The nazis at floor 1488 chased me away when I tried to cross it

sorry the dungeon has spoken and that means the tranny gets your ass

Looks like he ran off. What should i expect from floor 4329?

The floor was ruled by an african last time I checked but I think he got eaten by the penis monster from floor 9052

Guys do NOT come to floor 1337, worst mistake of my life!

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There's this boomer on floor 632 who will offer you the key to the next floor if you walk through the desert for 12 hours straight. If he offers you water do not accept it it's poisoned

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Ascended to floor 95 and found these. What do?

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I thought the penis monster was killed and raped by some trannies on floor 8867

If you break the paintings from you right a zoomer will appear and you can trade them for the key to the next floor

Oh shit he was? Damn I kind of liked that dude

Oh god oh fuck I should have listened
Go grab some lube from anons sex dungeon and I will tell you what to do

Eugh. Don't go to floor 711, it smells like curry and is filled with Indians. All of the bathrooms are out of order.

You have to scream "PEE PEE POO POO I AM NOT A JEW" and they will be sucked up into their stahlhelms and caps that fly away like UFOs

keep one, you need to give that shit to a schizo to go past floor 303

All he does is put it in his ass and moan user it's pretty disturbing to watch

>how do I escape from here
You dont.
>.t 927208 year war user

ehm there is another way to go on floor 11 besides that door?

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Warning to all below floor 9634, this floor is a live action re-enactment of the entire tails gets trolled series, progress with caution

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Go back to floor 8 and go the jewish merchant and say ">tfw no jewish cut bf" to him. He'll sell you wasp spray for 8,000,000 shekels.

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ah shit fuck i got one leg stuck in an aborted fetus and another in a trannies anus. floor 3975 is a fucking mess

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Climbed up to floor 96 now. Guys. Guys? Why is

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get the fuck out of there right now zozo and many others were born there you are fucked

floor 177013 is kinda wack. there is some pregnant girl on the floor that looks beaten pretty badly... ima just go up to 177014

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me and the boys chillin on floor 129 after a hard day of foraging for supplies
tower life has never been more comfy

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>mfw i see what's on floor 141

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Maybe the Jews on 984 will give you a few sheckels for it

fuck all that, I'm off to floor 1701, section D. gonna see what Geordi can do to make my vape more efficient, then we're gonna hotbox the warp reactor room

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Boys I found Bob Ross on floor 237. He just keeps teaching me the joy of painting, is there any way he can leave with me and I can paint the Alaskan landscape with him by my side, my new painting companion?

>tfw on floor googolplex and can't differentiate thought from reality

>Doesn't know what's on floor 141

user? You good? Can you send us some info back so we can travel safer?

i'm sorry user but you can't, his soul is eternally trapped in that floor

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There's been a thermite explosion and fire on the floor 911, the tower might collapse.

Tell me about the tower, how do I get to it?

You're in it right now. If you didn't realize this, you're probably on one of the 3 repeated digits floors (111, 222, 333, etc) or a floot like them

Be careful on floor 2016, I think I just found the dead meme archives and got jumped by Leafyisqueer autisitcly screeching about how cancer I was. Smells like shit and onions

And how do I enter to the other floors?

on floor 141 I found a well of malevolence, and it was close to spilling over

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On a scale of 1 to fuck, this be a fuck moment. And I really wanted a paint boi

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>Using Jow Forums
>Find myself at the foot of this great tower, spans for miles
>Find my way in, passing a skull covered and filled with piss shit and cum
>Work my way up the tower
> Find many anons on my adventures, including Bob Ross, a nazi pepe asking for papers, and someone falling at terminal velocity
>Try and high five him as he falls past
>Arm gets ripped off
>Continue the trek
>Despite many people calling this tower infinite, I finally reach the top.
>Other anons stand around.
>look in the distance
>"Mother of god"
>An army of Jow Forumstards are approaching the tower
>Millions gather at its base
>The pure autism causes the tower to shake
>A thermite bomb materialises and falls down the tower, detonating at floor 911.
>The tower begins to crumble
>All is lost to the Jow Forumsyards

Fuck Jow Forums

Started flirting with the waiter on floor 8.
must have been weeks ago. I keep kissing him over and over again, it's still as amazing as the first time, but I think time seems to be stuttering here. Weird.

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tower security here, stand down or face extermination, floor 12.

Currenly on floor 8, i knocked on the table once and the painting started spurting blood all over the table. what do??

The other user is right, but i used the accelarated backhop to the bank vault in other runs.

Floor 13, theres a die on the table with funny looking bug guys chanting around it, this isnt fun.

Floor 93 here. Anyone know what that goop coming from the vents is? Smells horrible.

Also, don't use the bathrooms in floor 92. There's this guy in all of the showers, no matter which one. He doesn't seem to do anything, just creeps me out.

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tower security here.
that's agent 5, one of the security guards. he's harmless.
as to floor 93 it seems to be coming all the way from floor 12 which had to be exterminated due to unruly behavior.

>Climb for uncounted aeons
>At floor 69, find a fair maiden
>She beckons me closer
>I approach, my trenchcoat fluttering behind me
>I tip my fedora
>She shits on the floor
>Everybody walk the dinosaur

>implying I'd get killed by rent a cops

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Guys wtf floor 911 just collapsed I think the whole tower may be going down


Is this a copy of the r9k apartments? This seems comfy
Anyhow, any skyfags know how to beat demon that looks like bill cosby on floor 999? I really wanna get to 1000 and get higher tier equipment

Its just fucking around in a thread, nothing more to it fren

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Mask yourself as a jew
Theyll go even more apeshit but they wont touch you in fear of having neetbux taken away

Guys the tower just flew over my house

G-guys? I'm on floor 112 and I think I can see an airplane flying straight towards me, should I be worried?

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Don't worry, if you say Bush did 911 3 times while jacking off, the plane turns into a tin foil hat

No its just mossad doing test flights again
Do i smell smoke?

This one's odd. Floor 2226. While the tower seems to be vertically infinite, this floor seems to be horizontally infinite. Found the stairs up a few rooms down from the last floor, my might explore outwards for a while. "Up" has gotten boring.



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lmao, i just flew to the floor 999.999 to see what the fuck is going on here...
Is crazy, you should all come here out and check this shit out... is impossible to descrive man...

thanks for the shout user, i dont like those virgins at all.