In 2012...

In 2012, prison authorities boiled Darren Rainey to death when they forced him to take a two-hour shower in scalding water that was 82 degrees Celsius (180 F).

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he water, hot enough to cook a cup of overpriced ramen from the prison commissary, burned over 90 percent of Rainey's body.

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no one cares about a nigger

As staff members pulled Rainey's limp body from the shower, his skin sloughed off. They had, in essence, cooked him alive.

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fuck yea this is dope.

His offense? Rainey, who was schizophrenic, had defecated in his cell. When Harriet Krzykowski, a former counselor at the Dade Correctional Institution, asked a guard how they were going to deal with Rainey, the guard calmly assured her, "Oh, don't worry, we'll put him in the shower."

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Guess what went into the chili next morning

Are Niggers raiding Jow Forums?

>>we're nice to our prisoners!
>>you don't get tortured nor killed in prisons!
>>it's okay that most are there over non-violent crimes!

Cops are all dicks by the by. He didn't break so they killed him is probably what happened. Prison is designed to break you and it's workers live for that shit.

whatever. niggers lives don't matter. they deserve to be killed

Most people in prison are basically black and the USA has a bad police state problem.

It's not even race bait, not even OP.

Of course. There's only like five good/okay USA states.

Stop false falgging Jow Forums. I hate niggers too but he wasn't being a nigger he was being crazy and belonged in a mental health ward but he country is shit, a shit white majority country.

They don't matter, but neither do cops. Both of whom tend to be violent leaches that bring nothing good personally to the world.

Rednecks being the worst of all, especially when right winger. A right winger, redneck, cop, is what happened to the nigger.

>shit in cell
>get boiled to death
Land of the freeeeee

Imagine living in the 3rd world hellhole known as the USA

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You forgot the part where the staff was not even 'punished' and it happened to at least eight others.

Don't move to a shitty USA state. Fuck the memes, go by things like which ones have euthanasia allowed to see who's got pitty, and who's a weed state. It's like the five near the top at the ocean fronts on either side. Vermont, Maine, Oregon, Colorado, Washington, California, but that's pretty much it. The rest are such dogshit. You can see it even evident on Jow Forums posts. The culture here is beyond annoying, beyond ridiculous, what state do multiple boards like? Florida. A state with dry counties, a county with a literal chain gang with actual chains, and shit like this thread. Three strikes you're out law, more time for saliva than literally the rest of the country (five years for something legal in Oregon), have to pay for the soap you use in prison to create a revolving door, lots of bullshit here.

It's the type of place where if you're alcoholic they give you an ace inhibitor and a antihistamine for nerves. No sarcasm.

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That's fucking metal lmao

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> California
> Not dogshit
ok schizo

>most populated state in the USA
>vs retirement facility of conservative bible thumpers mixed with national average of blacks
>a bog with disney vs hollyjew

You have awful memetaste. I said fuck the memes. You might not like it, but the other states, all of them are sociopathic.

Imagine feeling sympathy for prisoners.

the prison guards where i was were actually really nice and friendly, but then again i was in the very minimum area with 100 people per one guard. one of them was the kind of guy who got bullied growing up and still got bullied as an adult, even by the prisoners. he loved to talk with us about pokemon. one guard was from morocco and would play the american anthem each morning when he got there, then he would give an extra breakfast sack to people who worked out. they even had some girls in charge of us from time to time. my bunk mate was an old dungeon master and would talk with me about dnd and final fantasy for hours. this was in a section for sex offenders btw.

Honestly, types degenerates like you aren't people and uses racism as a means to justify your hatred for humanity. Most white women would rather be trapped on a desert island with a chiraq nigger than with you types.

Reminder this is what's going to happen to white people in the next 2-3 decades. Unless you retards try and "rise up", then we'll just string you like Christmas lights sooner.
Keep telling me how that could never happen when you're currently being genocided right at this very moment however.

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Post which state you live in faggot. I want everyone with common sense to know what's what. Post IT

t. user that lives in FL but never leaves house hence robots being made by the state

>got bullied while in prison
Guards are supposed to do that so no one else will shit prison.
>sex offender prison

They try to keep them alive so they won't be made martyrs, that doesn't count.

Madhouse you were in.

Meanwhile an actual mad man like the nigger up there get's boiled alive. You're probably normal to even be in a sex offender prison. That's just people being people. The thing about the USA is about a forth are proven to be mentally ill at some point in their life yet we just lock them all up in jail.

I live here and don't like it. Shit weather and muh guns.

Cops and prison guards in America are basically above the law, shit's fucked. Not all people or departments are bad but the bad ones basically get to abuse people with impunity.

It makes robots.

I see FL threads randomly but no other extremely populated state ever takes off hardly on a board. The bad culture and weather here is impossible to thrive in unless a prime specimen. I remember when I was sixteen and tried finding work. Hundreds of places I must have went between now and then and this culture gave me no work this entire time and I'm a 'boomer' age that's been on Jow Forums 10ish years.

You'd figure someone in their 30s would have found a job if the first time they looked was at age 16 and in a populated state with so much life potential.

Cops in general in the USA are above the law. Only if you're bad would you want to work there. They make movies about how bad they are at this point since the 90s. It's because the USA has been a police state since the 80s. The prison system boomed since the 80s consequently and everything is a 'war' on the news.

With how it's mostly niggers that end up in jail we're literally Hitler if not for just one tiny thing, being in love with Israel. Jews of course don't like others, so that doesn't make us nicer than Nazis.

Imagine actually believing this


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The white race is falling in proportional population. No one likes white people. If white nationalists tried to rise up, you would be murdered.

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>this will happen to white people soon

>shit like this only happens to negroids

lol nice cope

>nigger gets slowly boiled alive for shitting in his cell

>white people literally get away with murder

He's right. It's not going to be smooth sailing for whites when America gets nonwhite enough.

Negroids are violent, and easily influenced though. Jews are influencing greater and greater hostility towards being a cis, straight, white male.
It is only going to take another 10-20 for white Americans to be treated like white South Africans.
Enjoy user :3

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friendly reminder, shitskins have no power

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Poor fucking guy

Maybe its because im in a lot of pain rn and my empathy receptors have gone off the chart, but man if I could have been there, I would have saved you Darren, Im fucking sorry man.

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Oh okay so American whites will be safe when America gets 10% whites, just like all South African whites are living such wonderful lives? Stop being retarded. Why would alt-right movements pop up if everything is going to be so great if America gets majority nonwhite?

This is a list of Jews. Was this supposed to showcase white power?

>we're nice to our prisoners

who says this

>correctional facility not punishment facility
You can't punish an adult. They're already grown. The USA likes to halfway pretend they're into psychology then turn around and ignore things. Humans aren't dogs you can whip until they behave, hence the revolving door.

He was probably annoying to be around but in current year there should be a better system. He should have been shot in the neck with a tranquilizer then left in solitary. Solitary as it is is very inhumane. I'd rather get the boiling myself. The cops are probably doing it for religious reasons but fire you go into shock over pretty fast if it's your entire body. Solitary triggers bargaining instinct. Stupid pigs.


>prison authorities boiled Darren Rainey
That's quite poor.

Damn, that's fucked up. OP why do this?

> boiled to death
> 82 degrees C