Anyone with thick ass eyebrows got any tips on thinning them down?

anyone with thick ass eyebrows got any tips on thinning them down?

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percision eyebrow shooting is an american passtime. Just take the gun, aim for your eyebrows and td da! No more thick ASS eyebrows,.

k dude its time to slow it down. you're very unremarkable looking. stop making these threads. thanks.

you really felt the need to point that out? sounds like cope to me. he's just here for eyebrow tips

Then you would've just cropped out everything but your eyebrow area. No need to see your entire face, faggot.

your instagram got deleted?

lol you are completely transparent, work on your own appearance and you wouldnt feel the need to shit on the way other people look as a coping mechanism

Google "eyebrows and narcissism"
Your actions are also screaming that particular personality disorder

bro i was just looking for helpful advice from my fellow robots

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>Still hasn't relocated to /soc/

Your eyebrows look fine and its obvious you pluck or wax from how smooth the middle is compared to the rest, is this the same dude who posted his Instagram yesterday?

he's a narcissist faggot that likes to act aloof. I'm also a narcissist and attractive i know my own kind.

what's a narcissist? is that some kind of scientist?

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You are so dumb for cutting your hair and shaving your eyebrows you gorgeous piece of shit.

Lol how do you go from this To this?

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>woa dude im so aloof, cool, and non-confrontational

>the virgin shaved head school shooter vs the chad long haired god

does that mean the debate is settled?

pretty boy over masculine chad?

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just start plucking

This one doesn't look so good
that sort of short flippy emo-hair look doesn't look good unless you are twinkmode

But that long haired one here makes you look like an attractive southern european man

i guess i really did take an L for shaving it all off, sucks being impulsive sometimes. thankfully my hair grows fast

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Fuck you now I want a steak and a baked potato.

buzz cut is the alpha chad move

I am proud of my thick eyebrows and will never trim them

Looks good either way to me. I love long haired guys though, especially boys who take good care of their hair

Ask your barber to edge them up, dumbass.

is that actually op hes sorta cute, not a trannie so fuck off before you say i am

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lol yea that pic is 3 years old though

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well hope i boosted your ego. keep your eyebrows bushy, it looks good

thanks sweetheart :*

you have a good day now

Can we ban this nigger from r9k?

He's been spamming his nigger face for the past couple of days

they have tried and failed :^)

go suck janny cock

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