hows it going bros? having some teriyaki today. gonna be one of the last of these threads at my old house, going to be moving soon

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Oh no, whatever will I do without threads of some random faggot telling me what he's going to eat?

hey bro, hope your day goes a bit better than it sound like it is. im not sure how you gleaned that kind of attitude from me i just meant to share whats going on in my life, take care

No hard feelings yea, but i vastly prefer cooking my own food.
Pic related what i have for dinner now

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looks pretty nice, whats the hash made with bro? ive never been a fan of little tomatoes though. i like cooking more too but cant be assed to do it most days need to change that again

Been cooking these ribs all day in the toaster oven, just about to put a final layer of sauce on and glaze it up and it's done

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very nice bro, any sides with those ribs or just gonna meat it up today?

Oh man ribs are awesome, a few weeks ago I did some with garlic slices, as a side dish some pasta salad, ate it all in like 5 minutes but it was a great meal man

You should glaze it with cum haha

I've had roughly 500ml of rum and I want to kill myself but can't because I don't want to make my family sad.

All three look good as hell, good appetite or something

I'm drinking to keep the buzz going, I should be asleep right so that I can get up in 5 hours for work, but the thought of another week is killing me so now I'm just blasting Joy Division and other sad songs

don kys. iktf and at least you have family to appreciate and love and to love you back. life can be a bitch and i guess i must still be unhappy from how muhc i drink but things have gotten a lot better. i know youve heard it all before but maybe itll stick one day. good luck bro, really

I was just gonna meat it up but now you got me wanting a side, guess I'll heat up some canned green beans

I've been on a huge rib kick for the past few weeks. I can only cook them half a rack at a time since my apartment lacks a real oven but then I get to have freshly cooked ribs twice. They were buy one get one free at the grocery store this week too, so now I have another whole rack in the fridge waiting to be cooked. The best part is getting all kinds of different sauces to try. The Devil's Spit I got going now is pretty damn good if you like spicy.

cheers man, get some rest while you can, 5 hours of drunken sleep is almost never enough to face a work day
nice call, i love green beans. if you could share a pic of the rib after you cut them thatd be awesome bro

>5 hours of drunken sleep is almost never enough to face a work day
True, but I'm pretty unimportant at my job anyways. I just feel pretty anxious due to my coworkers, so I hope that by the time I wake up I'm still buzzed enough to just forget about that

Btw, you were the user that was gonna move in with roommates, right?

what kind of work do you bro? mm im moving out of a house with roommates actually to a studio alone. gonna miss them desu

>got out of the bath
>about to sleep
>see this thread
Lol I'm fucking my own sleep schedule
I unironicaly had McDonald's today. Everyone I know brought two person menus and finished it. I just got some random cheap menu. I'm pretty bad with this kinda food lol.
Also I guess they thought I was poor ;-;
You'll go and reply to threads about hrt
This is the most Turkish pic I've seen today, but I'm not sure. What's that? Looks like "menemen"
Good luck with your new house fren, goodnight.

good night mantibro, get some rest bro. thanks! ill be sure to post again after i get settled

bump. anyone enjoying a sunday drink? feeling a little emotional thinking about leaving my roommates behind desu

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I'm trying to hang on

>what kind of work do you bro?
I'm in training to become an accountant, aka work that could easily be done by an algorithm and probably will in the future

Dinner is served boneapplnigger

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keep trying bro. i wont say its guaranteed things will change for the better but they can and life can be very beautiful. best of luck to you
nah i know a friend that got his cpa and near died doing it due to overstudying. good luck bro, hop you get the big bucks soon
looks very nice, enjoy it user. you gonna kill that whole rack?

im drinking beers and my internet girlfriend (lol) blocked me

there goes the only companionship I will ever have

you can move on. i know how it is to be lonely and jump at the first bit of companionship even though you can tell its not healthy and proper and real. maybe you even thought you were in love like i did and will be hurt over it but just know that while theres nothing wrong with erelationships, its inherently not a great form of companionship and you can move on and do better. learn from your relationship bro and apply it to the future

>hop you get the big bucks soon
The pay is the only good part, desu. If my work was in a cubicle for myself instead of an open office it would be much better, desu

i only worked in an office like setting once and it was indeed open office fuck that is so bad fuck whoever thought that up

It's only a half rack, but yes I did

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based, hope you enjoyed it bro

Think I'm about to throw up, ngl

if you need to puke go puke bro, bad to hold it in

Fuck mang reminded me I have to wash my sleeping bag

Just tried 3 knives to cut open my wrist an they're all blunt as shit :^(, guess I'll have to live another day.

I.miss four loko poster

wonder where he is today

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