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my issues cant be solved by chads no thanks

over it
got lots of normie vibes

lmao normies? these guys are degens

i didnt like how they spoke

Zoomed white normies talking

These guys use crystals for magic

Stinky LARP faggots

I'm losing it on this normie bullshit

Chad faggots acting like boomers

We are not Chad's

Manlets hiding behind R9K.


Wtf is this normie spam?

It's a stream white, watch and enjoy

Sonic furfags

Fuck off furry scum

This board is dead finally, overrun with garbage spam made by normies.

Take it easy sperg

What the fuck are you retards doing spamming this gay stream???

I want McDonalds now!!!

Issa knife white

only white boys will understand