Show me your latest online purchase

show me your latest online purchase.

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Arriving in a day or two

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looks like a neopet pet pet

Last thing I bought was a Beatmania ASC.

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that thing is adorable OP

thank you, i think they will be good friends :)

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havent bought yet but looking into a cheap induction cooktop for my new place since it doesnt have a kitchen

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It arrived yesterday and is too small

And I forgot the picture like an idiot

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I can't wait for this to get here

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why is that thing so mesmerizing OP

I got a clock because my old one broke. Cool clock though.

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China |^)
Even with the emoticon this was still not original enough. That is a good thing.

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even though I have a hefty backlog of miniatures already

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i dont know but i have to collect them all, its developing into an obsession and im alright with it

theyre really cheap too

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This reminds me, I havent ordered shit online since 2018

That's so adorable op

Classic Necromunda rules so much

Bought x5675 and an ssd. My computer works faster now.

Befriended some weebs from college and they got me into manga

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Ngl, these little fuckers are heart-meltingly cute OP.

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I love mom/son incest, especially mom/son incest JAV, and rocket is my favorite studio and I like to support them an other studios I like for making quality work, especially because JAV studios could do with the money as they don't make as much money as western studios so I want to support them.

By the way, check out my mom/son incest JAV subtitles on f95zone!

I get a lot of headaches

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>online purchase
not even going to enter the thread

>shitty unoriginal internet meme response
>"durr sextoys"
>"look at my weird hobby tee hee"
>"hurr pop culture reference"

Bought it because I'm hoping I can get myself to read more than shitty eroge

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It was a very good deal :^)

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Fucking arm warmers? Really? You faggot

I dont really buy physical things online does this count?

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I wanted to play Mario 64, GTA and Doom 2016 with a controller. it's pretty good.

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Not sure if it counts, but I had a comic shop order this online and paid for it in-store

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id say it counts, excellent taste btw

I want to buy some graphic cards.
Any user experienced good deals on eBay? I dont know much about techno and shit

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Just watch out for cards that were used for mining, those are generally in worse condition and are more likely to fuck up down the line.

sucks that they got you into the wrong part

That's cute user, could you post the amazon link?

Okai, thanks.

here's mine; interesting thread t bh

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what kind of bird do you have user? good on you for spoiling them. I have chickens and they are retarded as fuck so I cant get them as many toys as I want

Her work is pretty solid. She wrote Chernobyl Prayer; Second Hand Time about the collapse of the Soviet Union; Unwomanly Face of War about female soldiers of WW2; Last Witnesses about children of the Soviet Union. Boys in Zinc is about Afghanistan:

"From 1979 to 1989 Soviet troops engaged in a devastating war in Afghanistan that claimed thousands of casualties on both sides. While the Soviet Union talked about a 'peace-keeping' mission, the dead were shipped back in sealed zinc coffins. Boys in Zinc presents the honest testimonies of soldiers, doctors and nurses, mothers, wives and siblings who describe the lasting effects of war.

Weaving together their stories, Svetlana Alexievich shows us the truth of the Soviet-Afghan conflict: the killing and the beauty of small everyday moments, the shame of returned veterans, the worries of all those left behind. When it was first published in the USSR in 1991, Boys in Zinc sparked huge controversy for its unflinching, harrowing insight into the realities of war."

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Post Milo, bro

You've got a good taste in vidya my fren

a knockoff otterbox phone case that cost about 1/4 the price and is functionally indistinguishable

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Also got a drawing pad recently

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I actually read this edition before, but I got the book for my friend (he paid me back) cause I have prime and he doesn't

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i just got my first motorcycle so im trying to take good care of it

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what kind? I see too many fags leave their motorcycle out all year around them complain when it acts up, no shit you retard

g0tta catch em all

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Based Rik.

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2001 Suzuki GZ250, got it for $400 from an auction, I know 250cc isn't a lot of power, but it's good for learning and I love the cruiser look. it's pretty comfy too, forward controls are nice.

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race ticket

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not bad user, good price too. I only have dirt bikes so im not as chad as you

im no chad, id think of dirt biking as more chadly, with uneven terrain and such, though the potholes in my area are pretty bad so it may not be much better

I just realized these fuckin scammers only sent me 10 diodes

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Aww based birb owner

my Geogaddi vinyl I'm listening to right now, about to finish disc 2. incredible price for 3 discs though side 2 of 3 is blank. the gateway fold is beautiful too.

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there isn't a right part of that gook faggotry

what's the book user
(i gues i should've known that wouldn't be original)

are people buying these ironically, or is pretending to buy them by constantly posting about them online just a meme, or are beanie babies back in some freakish way

Recently caught up to One Piece. Decided to celebrate with this.
Also holy shit, an interesting thread for once.

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Yeah? I don't actually play it (or even the new one), I just think that it's a cool model to use as a chaos cultist champion in 40k.

saddles for my telecaster. i replaced them because one of my strings kept breaking because it had a burr in it, so i just got a whole new set. these are better anyway, the string slot keeps them in place and the material is self lubricating, standard fender saddles dont have that

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once he comes in i'll have my first cokbiner ever

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You know the funny thing is someone I work with got the blue version of the dragon from his girlfriend and he has it at work with him. She also gave him another one but I forgot what it is. I was pretty surprised when I saw them and now OP is buying them too. Strange

I wanna buy a nesoberi. Even though I've got $500 of spending money this semester, I've been super paranoid about spending any of it.

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to be fair the new designs are very cute

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How many do you own?

Not everything has to be ironic. Sometimes people just like things

My first neso was the best thirty bucks I ever spent. Totally worth it. I own three of them now because I like them but I will admit there's a bit of diminishing returns on them. If you want one though you can't go wrong with buying your first one.

Six bucks? Jesus user, you're getting the short hand of the stick.

This sweater in two colors. It's comfy.

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i have two of the spiders currently, plus the dragon in the OP post on the way

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That is originally cute user

It's a decent bullet hell.

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I've got Chika, Yohane, and Ruby from LL, so I don't know why I'm so caught up in spending another $40

Based tele player

This album on vinyl

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>p-p-pwease don't tick tock mr. clock. i c-c-c-an't t-t-t-take it

The most important thing to remember about buyfagging is to spend before you think. I've got 2 Kotoris and Hanayo and would buy a Honoka but I can't find any domestic sellers and can't be fucked with importing one.

Jesus, don't know why the image uploaded in such poor quality

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You have no clue how lucky you are if you went to school and didn't have misophonia.

Pretty much, haha. I usually end up paying, and then a day later asking the seller if they can cancel my order

>Not assembling your clock like a chinese factory child every night

Why even live? Why draw another breath?

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What's so wrong about Part 4? It sure isn't as good as Part 5 or 6 but it's way better than the first three

Part 4 is trash. Literally the only good thing about it is Kira but sadly the whole part is just awful. I almost dropped JoJo because of part 4.

You should watch better anime

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>looking into a cheap induction cooktop
I've been thinking of one myself.
I'd like a portable one like in the image, but American made.

>he calls that an enema

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Part 4 is my favorite

>shitty unoriginal internet meme response
>"durr sextoys"
>"look at my weird hobby tee hee"
>"hurr pop culture reference"

Isn't that every Jow Forums thread though?

All I need now is Mothra.

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I'm not actually too much of a degenerate.
Even if the purchase before this one was a bad dragon dildo.
Purchase before that was some japanese matcha kitkats though.

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good headphones+mic desu

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>Doc Johnson """Large""" 6 Inch Buttplug

new toy for me to mess around with

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>Paying $88 for that headset
Even gayer than the post above you.

[goncern intensifies]

>and that's how user accidentally welded a wrench to his car

>wasting money on the vinyl and not the gook import with "From One Sauce All Things Depend"

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In 1 day its coming

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