Tfw I got reported to the fbi

>tfw I got reported to the fbi
W-What's the worst thing that could h-happen?

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Pretty sure they exist to get a feather in the hat and to get that they do two things: go after mister big stuff and make sure they can near foolproof persecute him.

Are you not careful and into BIG things?

>Are you not careful and into BIG things?
Eeeeeeeeeh m-maybe?

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They're probably too busy with foreign governments and political dissidents to go after a few neckbeards with nonce drawings on their PCs

eeeeeeeeh fugu.
I'm not a neckbeard, baka.

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As long as it doesn't have to do with you not paying your taxes, they won't care at all

The FBI was alerted to Nicholas Cruz and Saint Elliot and did nothing. You're fine OP

>they won't care at all
>and did nothing
Doesn't that mean they're extra cautious now?

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If you have done nothing wrong, then nothing will happen. Why were you reported?

>Why were you reported?
Eeeeeeh he reported me die "possessing and distributing pizza" b-but It's of couse not true, fbi-kun.

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for* pls no bulli.

Lemme just add another tip to their hat real quick. Good luck user.

I knew you were the animeposter you giant faggot. Why did you go through the whole autistic "I didn't post that" ritual? Do you only show it to girls? Honest to god I just wanted some closure and to know if you've been bullshitting all this time or if it's for real.
I'm just going to assume you're a larping dicklet with too much time on your hands.

Pizza isn't illegal though?

>Lemme just add another tip to their hat real quick. Good luck user
Eeeeeeeeh fugu you. Pls d-don't.
You want to see my digu but you're calling me faggot, faggot

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Yeah I want to see it you fucking homosexual faggot because you keep spamming about it and I'm mad about some faggy stuttering animeposter having a bigger dick than me, so I want to confirm it for myself so I can sleep better at night. Either you're telling the truth and then I can go to sleep with rage and jealousy in my heart, or you're lying and I can feel smug and superior, but either way is better than the uncertainty and mental back and forth.

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I swear my digu is 9 inchu, faggot.

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Yeah, nah, I don't believe you. If it really were 9 inches it would produce enough testosterone to stop you from animeposting and stuttering.

>pedo with a 9 inch dick
feel bad for you bro, all that dick and you can't use it on your preferred kind of girl

>fugu you
Thats it, ill see you in the basketball court.

I'm not a pedo, baka!

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then how come you possess nudes of a 14 y o boy?

>Thats it
N-No, sowwy user.
T-That's not true! Faggot.

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That's hebephilia, at most.

>That's hebephilia, at most
He is lying. I d-don't have pizza. He glows.

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Haha user is a pedophile and he's gonna get the cell

>Haha user is a pedophile and he's gonna get the cell
T-That's not true!

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>also the president was alerted to 9/11 and did nothing