Chinese girl poster here. In my thread yesterday >>54515416 I said I was going to tell her how I feel...

Chinese girl poster here. In my thread yesterday I said I was going to tell her how I feel. Here's how it went
>I've been avoiding you for the past week
>the reason is that I like you, and I have feelings for you
>but then you got back together with (ex)
>since then it's just made me annoyed to be around you
Here was her response. A lot of you will call bullshit but I have no reason to lie on here
>the truth is I had a crush on you too
>but I don't think it will work
>well, we are different
>we're from different cultures
So it's because I'm not chinese
>it's like, I often feel like I can't express my true feelings because I don't know the language, like right now
>and uh, I don't really understand jokes in english but I know lots of jokes in chinese
The rest followed along the same lines. She wants us to keep being friends. We are currently, as I type this, sitting across from each other doing homework. I'm going to think this over and decide if I'm okay with this. I may decide that I'm not okay with being friends and just tell her either we date or we stop hanging out

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Unironically I want to see her whiteout make up.

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i'm confused. Are you the Chinese girl or is it her?

The picture is just something I have saved. I am not the chinese girl, I want to date her. The first 4 lines of greentext are what I said to her. The rest of it is how she responded

ah i see. What i think you should is hang out with
her more. Perhaps you'll bond over something and this will bring you closer.

I think she's just trying to let you off easy, dude. You really think you have a chance if she for back together with her ex?

Have you even read any of my past posts? We have been regularly hanging out several times a week for half a year now

>OP got cockblocked by a chinese girl
You're a fucking disgrace to your race

Try being cockblocked by an Asian as an Asian. You don't know what failing your race means nigger.

are you female or male because im really fucking confused

see You have been muted for 2 seconds because low content

so op why aren't you putting the effort to learn chineses if you really care about her?

i'm a black guy putting the effort to learn fluent japanese for the girl i love.

it doesn't seem like you really care to be with her if you are not willing to also embrace her culture as she does yours.

I am. I now know around 100 characters. But she doesn't care

Cuck, make her learn English OP, make her learn English jokes.

This whole I cant date you because u aren't Chinese thing is fake, they love white men you probably aren't a good enough white...I've seen some hella FOBs dating white guys, the girl barely speaks English

well if she doesn't care that you are trying i say let her go, you deserve someone who does care, i'm sure there are other girls who will care for you, and there are plenty more chinese girls in the world if you specifically want to date a chinese girl who will love all the effort your putting into learning the language.

this is the worst advice i have heard sure it's good if she also learns your language as you learn hers, but any relationship without communication is built on weak foundation as communication is a key pillar to a good relationship otherwise it's just a blow up doll partner who you sleep with and carry around with you.

At least you had the guts to express your feelings. More than could be said for me.

Drop her op and don't give her the validation. That's all she is using you for anyway.

Also next time don't wait so long. Ask a girl out in the first hour of meeting her, otherwise she'll file you away in the friend Dept every time

No, t b h her response sounds pretty Chinese. Chinese girls try not to let emotions drive their relationships, they pick logically, and they often worry about cultural differences getting in the way. That's why you usually just see chinese girls dating Chinese guys. It isn't because they're only attracted to Chinese guys.

American-born Chinese girls don't count btw.

honestly, she isn't worth your time if you've put this much effort in and she still doesn't want you. Find someone else.

makes sense but then your relationship is like a business contract and usually that is when the Chinese woman stops having sex with the guy later on while spending all the money that is made in the house hold while demanding he makes more holding sex as a ransom as she never really loved him and just picked him because it was the logical option.

We talked a little more. She told me that in china it's normal to be what americans call "controlling" in a relationship. She said if she dated me she would make me give up anime and anime figures and wouldn't let me go out with friends unless she's there. She said she makes (ex) do all those things and he deals with it. I said he just sounds like he has no balls
I think I'll move on. Thanks
Advice taken
More than anything I feel good that I told her, even if the result isn't very satisfying

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It goes both ways in Asia. It's usually a business contract for the men too. They want a family so they pick a younger attractive looking girl who will provide them kids and take care of them like a mother. The girl wants financial stability. There is actually a stigma against women who pick "handsome" men.

It's why cheating is so common in those relationships, though of course you should never talk about it or let it affect your family's public image because that loses face.
On the one hand, it's a very loveless situation, but on the other hand, the west has gone to the opposite extreme to full hypergamy, where women and women break up with each other because they're boring or they could date someone hotter or they may not love them as much as they could.

Not defending either way. We really need a balance between the two.

If all you want from her is sex then you're not going to be in a healthy relationship anyway.

this is why I'm getting a chinese wife. She knows where she is in the transaction and knows how to cut the bullshit.

she's right just control her back

Can't knock you for trying, at least you wont' be without regret when you feed her comatose, semen filled body to the pigs to make some authentic chinese flavoured pulled pork. After all, they are what they eat.

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>I said he just sounds like he has no balls

You should make her your gf but everytime she tries to control you, tell her to gtfo.
She will respect your alpha position.

You're friendzoned OP. You either decide now if you want to be in the friendzone or give her an ultimatum. I doubt the ultimatum will work though since you're already friendzoned, but it's your only chance. The longer you wait to give her the ultimatum the less likely it will be to succeed as well.

>You should make her your gf but everytime she tries to control you, tell her to gtfo.
She will respect your alpha position.
I actually told her I would do this. She said it would just piss her off and she'd break up with me. Like I said I think she's full of shit and would just submit to it like you said

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Her Asian pussy is quivering for your BWC.

>She told me that in china it's normal to be what americans call "controlling" in a relationship. She said if she dated me she would make me give up anime and anime figures and wouldn't let me go out with friends unless she's there
I just think she didn't have the balls to tell you she doesn't like you. My gf is lterally born and raised in Taiwan, moved to America when she was in 8th grade. She likes to be spoiled but sh lets me go out with my friends and she buys me anime figures and watches anime with me. She just doesn't like you OP

Taiwan is not the same as mainland china. Basically different countries culturally

Depends where she's from in China. Taipei is not much different than Shanghai, Beijing, etc.

And maybe she's controlling, but the fact that she's saying she'd make you give up anime and anime figures doesn't sound like her being controlling, it just sounds like her trying to make an excuse to make herself sound bad as to why you shouldn't want to be with her because she feels too bad to reject you.

It's like "I feel too bad to tell him no, so how can I make him change his mind? I'll just tell him I wouldn't let him watch anime because he likes anime!"

>8th grade
already tainted by the west

Bruh her dad stayed in Taiwan, her mom doesn't speak english. She lives in a city that is lke 50% asian (edison NJ), she's not really westernized at all.

What does you being black have to do with anything? You incel racists really need to fuck off.

doesn't matter. Chinese love their educamation. If she went to high school in the west, she's tainted.

>Chinese love their educamation
And? I never claimed she didn't. I was just simply stating before that the girl in OPs post saying he had to give up anime to date her sounds like an excuse to get him to change his mind because she's too afraid to reject him, rather than her actually meaning it.

just pointing out the facts bro. If she's tainted she's tainted. A different beast from OP's crush nothing wrong with that.

>the girl in OPs post saying he had to give up anime to date her
This was an comment made after everything in the beginning, an extrapolation that she made

It's why I plan on marrying my Chinese gf!

Also this is retarded on so many levels. Taiwan is very different than China culturally, living in the US since she was 13 means she's more american than Taiwanese, and some girls are fine with games or anime while others see it as a waste. The point is that if your chinese girlfriend saw it as a waste, she'd put her foot down and make you give it up.