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How was your week user?
Modules going well?

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Took two exams this last week that I feel pretty good about, got one tomorrow that I really need to study for. How about you?

i dont properly start back until tomorrow but ive already been to the library to pick up all the books. but tomorrow ive got quite a nice day. just an intro to a comp sci module because im a maths student. Hope your exams go and went well. Whats the one tomorrow about?

government, it shouldn't be too hard but i'm just putting off studying at the moment. good luck on your module! I've always been bad at math and comp sci but I'm glad to hear you don't think itll be too bad

my favourite part about it is that its not subjective at all. i never feel like i have to persuade someone about my view. kudos to you for being able to write a cohesive sentence. no subject is for everyone after all


>Have 190K job with corporate law firm waiting for me
>Still have to finish nine more months of lawl school

Senpai, I've accomplished the career goal.
Being here going through a bunch of motions before the bar is rough. But do it, as I must.

thats funny we are literally the opposite. I love being able to persuade and influence people, its the type of work that has always been the most rewarding to me. Good luck in your major, I hope you continue to find it fulfilling!

This year is shaping up to be quite chill. Get a fair bit of free time and learn general skills as I go along.
Been thinking about taking CS50 this year, just after class so I can learn how into coding. Anyone taken it before and know if it's worthwhile to understand the jargon, language, and syntax of Python?

Great. just got a summer position that will hopefully lead to a full time offer. Pays 200k. I'm stoked

I started my first year of college recently. I haed high school, but college is actually very enjoyable. I have a science exam (chemistry and anatomy) and an English essay this week. Not a lot else going on other than that
Nice, what major?
Yeah, this. I'm a lot more scared of English than all of my science courses
Same for me, my classes are pretty spaced out. I've been spending most of my free time in the library and study hall

>two 2 page papers due tomorrow
>11 page finance worksheet due tomorrow
>4 page economics worksheet due tomorrow
>Finance test tomorrow
>Theoretically I also need to read 2 chapters of the odyssey for tomorrow
How dead am I?

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>in the library and study hall
I'm spending most of it fuckalling and paying attention in practical classes. This year is supposed to be relatively easy, according to people who already did it.

Found this in the bathroom.

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It's the opposite for me because in my school the first year is the most important for anyone in one of the Health Science majors. What classes are you taking in your year?

I'm a psychology major

What's yours?

Nursing. I actually have 2 psych courses this year (general and developmental) as part of the prerequisites, pretty interesting stuff.

I absolutely love it I'm so glad I chose this major. So is nursing hard? How long does that degree normally take to get?

Couldn't be worse, I enrolled in a History major bc I thought I liked it but in reality I hate it and want to swap but I don't enjoy anything else so I might as well study something that makes some good money but I am a turbo mathlet.
Wat do?
(5th semester student btw)

i was going to go to masters degree for computer science but i dropped out of all my classes. at least i have a degree already. maybe i'll start again if i have a clearer plan and more motivation.

starting tomorrow
i feel like i an hero'd this time
>algebraic topology 2
>modular forms and L-functions 2
>quadratic forms and class fields 2
>combinatoric group theory 2
>representation theory of finite-dimensional algebras
>fibre spaces and gauge fields
>invariant theory

Only three months left of this shitty internship and I can go back to college for my final year.

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They don't actually give any nursing classes or clinicals in the first year so I don't know, but what I'm taking right now isn't too bad. It's basically a bunch of bio, chem, psych and English courses. Chemistry is my favorite, actually English is giving me more trouble than everything else. Usually here it's like 3 years for an associate degree and another year or two for a bachelor's. So what topics are they covering right now in your major?

So far just like highschool but less hand holding. Already seen like 20 pro Palestine blue haired nobs leave my Arabic class, so I'm good

I'm afraid I'm getting a meme degree

that shit all sounds pretty cool, i sort of want to apply for a math phd even though i'm not that good at math. i just like how everything is named and algebra provides a nice structure for everything. I haven't learned complex anal yet tho, i did real analysis instead.

Psychology unit with 53% pass rate. Head teacher is pretty based and a diagnosed psychopath. Played videos of pedestrians being killed by trucks whilst discussing attention. Yelled at normalfags to get out because they were gossiping.

Organic chemistry module make me feel like a grade A sperg. I don't remember how anything works anymore. I think my psychotic/depressive episode last year atrophied my brain. I was drinking 3 bottles of wine a day starting at breakfast, that probably contributed.

I wish we had more practicals.

I want to huff a shit tonne of diethyl ether in the lab whilst the cute supervisor looks at me disgustingly and threatens to fail me if I do it again.

just had an exam over some history, data collection and experimentation basics, a little bit of neuroscience and behavior, and sensation and perception. we are about to start on dreaming and consciousness so I'm very excited. Sorry to hear English is giving you trouble, is it more of a writing/composition class or a reading/literary class?

Is biology a meme degree?

you definitely hero'ed it

How did your exam go? My psych professor just started going into neuroscience, actually. But probably not going as in-depth as yours, I would imagine. Learning about dreams sounds pretty fucking fascinating. Anyway for me English is a composition class, pretty much no reading is involved. I'm not a writer by any stretch of the imagination, but at least my professor is fairly lenient and I've been going to tutoring.

All classes are going well.
But fuuuuuck I really don't want to write a lab report on our bird watching session, this shit is so boring! Fucking turkey vultures

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A BS Biology is good for either grad school or med school, but that's pretty much it. You're still much better off picking it than lesbian dance theory though.

>i just like how everything is named
really really bad reason to go for math PhD
i'm certainly not going for PhD in math, i'll either switch to hep-th or cs (if i manage to survive this year)
>i did real analysis instead
it's not something you do instead, complex anal requires you to know real anal unless it's some meme non-rigorous geometric point of view
but there were just too many interesting courses for this semester, i couldn't have passed on that

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Fuck "flipped classrooms"

It is basically the college experience tho
Zoomers don't know how good they have it

My courses this semester are pretty fun but it can be pretty hard. One of the many questions in this week's assignment is to find the angle at A. All the thick lines are the same length.
I'm not asking for the answer but is this supposed to be hard or is there a simple solution I just can't see?

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what did he mean by this?

I feel pretty good about it but still waiting to get the grade, and no we haven't gone into much depth with the neuroscience stuff just basics. Its just a general psych class that most of the first years take so we don't go into too much depth with anything really just getting a base level understanding. and dont worry man you'll get better and better as you keep writing so just keep at it, its good your professor is lenient too. If you can do all the other shit for nursing you can do this too don't sweat it!

>he fell for the college meme
Hahahahahahahaha enjoy using your """degree""" to pay off Mr. Shekelstein's loans until you are 40

>/uni/ general
>high school

If you major in a high-paying field and don't go to an overpriced school, it's worth it.

generalist hard sciences are meme degrees most of the time. They help you gain a hobby but not a job if that's what you're looking for.

>that pic

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Thanks for the words of encouragement, hopefully your exam comes back with a good grade. Sounds like you know what you're doing so I don't doubt it

>i'm certainly not going for PhD in math
Don't you want to be a quant at a hedge fund?

that obviously wouldn't be a reason why i would go for a math phd, it's just something cute about math. i said instead because the school only required one analysis course, and all my electives were for computer science double major.

It's one of the first questions in the course to set the mood. From your response, I assume you mean that the answer is extremely simple? Is the answer extremely simple and I just miss it? Nothing in your posts implies that you know the answer.

Are you? Memes aside I know college is not always stupid, but almost everyone I know RL and online is majoring in "I dunno, computers?" Or dropping out after 1-3 years like retards.
Personally I went into a trade. HVAC to be precise, safe and high paying. Not school, just apprenticeship. So I am getting paid to learn what I could be paying $25k to learn. I'm very optimistic about the future, in a perfect world I'll own my own business but even failing that I will be well paid, unionized if I like, recession proof (AC is optional but your furnace is NOT optional)
What about you?

Straight A's in everything. My mechatronics class I have 110% in the class right now. Not everyone in class is like this though, the rest of my classmates have like B's or C's.

I am going to college to enter the medical field. I'm not bashing trade school or anything, it's a good deal for a lot of people, and a much better choice than spending $120K on a BA in Art History and working at Starbucks.

Or trades in general*

Ive heard from people that psych majors have to pray to god that they can get a therapist/practice job or else theyre social workers until they die making at best 60k/yr

they only hire from ivy+oxbridge, i'm in France
they prefer applied PhDs, not people playing with cats, sheaves and quivers all day
the job is supposedly an equivalent of code-monkey, unless you go to that one fintech shop (i'm not in IMO or Putnam hall of fame, so not for me)
i'm fine getting superficial knowledge of math with MSc and keeping it as hobby, hep-th is in dire need of people who are passionate about it, can't leave it to visionless people like Harlow
yeah i don't understand burger education, there are courses i have to take for my degree but other than that i can just do any courses i like
weak bait, not doing your hw, boy
if this is really uni assignment, i'm just glad i'm on a different continent from you
is this the result of "grading on curve"?

>Got back two papers
>One was an eighty something and one was a ninety something
>Got a test this upcoming week but seemingly no written assignments
>We agreed we'd meet before class started early this week to study for it
>Literally no idea what's going on because all every second I'm at school is spent funposting in /wowcg/ but I'm somehow fudging my way through all my classes while getting good grades
What the fuck is a module?

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Thoughts on a management major with an emphasis on Human Resources?

I'm not even in trade school you slobbering retard, good lord I pray it's not your job to change my bedpan let alone stitch me up

>if this is really uni assignment,
I'm not asking for the answer, if you post the answer I won't even read it because I want to solve it myself. I just want to know if it's very easy and I'm just not seeing it or if it's as hard as I think. I had no problems with all the other introductory problems.

I was hasty in my reply

the best ones only hire from there but even a mediocre fund paying half of the great ones would still be a great job

I think so, or the teacher fucked up. He made the 1st exam (10% of our total grade) 103.5/0 so basically free points that can only raise your grade, not lower it. Im not sure if he did this on purpose.

A lot of my classmates are pretty dumb though so this might have been intentional just to keep them afloat. It would look bad on him if he failed half the class. Electricity isnt THAT god damn complex, we havent even gotten to the hard stuff yet. Im wondering what happens when we get to the real tough stuff like PLC programming. The program either works or it doesnt, computers dont really have a middle ground.

if i had wanted to take complex analysis i could have but it wasn't required for my degree and i didn't really want to bother because i was getting sick of school. i kind of regret that now, though i have learned the basics.

>career fair approaching
what do

I'm taking a circuit analysis class this semester and god damn my class is full of retards. We had a quiz last week on finding currents in a rudimentary resistive circuit and 90% of the class got it wrong. Normally in these situations I'd blame the professor, but it's not his fault. This is all we've talked about in class and on the homework for the past 3 weeks now. The math is extremely simple, it's middle school-level math and people still don't understand it. Can't wait to see how much of the class has dropped by the time the differential equations come along.

It's 20 degrees btw
>t. retardcel
You should learn how to actually do this problem because you cant really do what i did on a test

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I will disregard the number you told me when I'm doing it for myself. I will solve it for real but I was mostly just curious if it looked difficult for other people too.

>I just want to know if it's very easy
you already got your answer in and for chromosome thiefs, i've also explicitly given the answer in yes, it's something you can solve with a bit of intermediate-power elementary school "math" and a bit of super-advanced high-iq early-highschool "math"
i can't really think of a non-convoluted way to force some uni math onto it
>would still be a great job
not what i've heard
US of A is out of question for me (i'm racist, i like good food, i hate your culture), but London shops have bad rep on my uni (possibly because we only do pure math so it's like going back to first two semesters of BSc and doing that for the rest of your life)
oh well, it's probably impossible to avoid this in US, given the success of the grievance movement
yeah you did good to take real anal first, you probably wouldn't have used complex anal in cs anyway except maybe for some niche areas in complexity theory
but complex is much more fun so definitely give it a try even as self-study

bruh I'm a third year bio-chem major, this ain't my field, I got no fucking clue. It's hard. It's also been like 4 years since I've taken a trig class, which I assume is what this is.

I kek'd out loud. I fried my brain today studying biochemistry for so long, so I made a mistake there

Is there anything more insufferable than a fucking brit-bong?

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>but London shops have bad rep on my uni
of course they can be bad compared to the best places but that doesn't mean they don't pay very much. If it's "only" $200k per year, isn't that still great?

furries, trannies, ponnyfags, footfags, cucks, nigs (as opposed to black people, however rare they are), twitter npcs, californians in general (god i hate the way they talk), french people (self-important assholes, take me for an example)
>isn't that still great?
if you're a jew it is, because easy shekels
i don't want to waste my life away on menial quant work (80% of which is rendering cool graphs in R anyway)

this u nucca, shut ur bitch ass up

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Would more than 1% of high school students be able to solve that question?

not sure about burgerland, but in France i'd say 80% of white highschoolers would solve it

actually seeing the state of zoomers that got here last year, i want to change that estimate to 60%

Oh yeah if you have something better to do then it changes everything. I just incorrectly assumed you were like me and just looked at the compensation.
What is the important thing for you?

That means I'm just missing something simple which is good to know

>What is the important thing for you?

If you got some kind of front office quant role, there's infinite challenge.
I won't argue against that. That's one of the best thing about mathematics.

I'll try to solve it again this morning but the idea I have now is to write the distance between E and D as a function of the angle in A find the angle by setting the output of the function to 1

>infinite challenge
not that kind of challenge, intellectual challenge
not using the same primitive toolset over and over again, with some marginal upgrades to it
i really don't like the synthetic pov (it's primitive and not challenging, just tedious) and you won't find sub-D-schemes and jet bundles in fintech, only the synthetic boring tools

Yeah I know what you're saying. Do you know something that's significantly better though? Being "good enough" in intellectual challenge with no skill cap is hard to beat. What do you know that's better (that you can get)?

Failed my math exam in a retard math class that just goes over high school algebra like a week ago, should I seriously kill myself or drop out? I might go for trade, but i'm probably retarded for that too.

>take exam
>"at least a B, some of the questions caught me off guard"

i'm panicking just a bit but im also aware of other exams, so as long as i dont keep fucking up i think i'll be okay.

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I'm so fucking concerned about post-grad life, how can wageslaving be something I can do for the next 40 years and not go insane? And then I have to do grad school too? Fuck this
T. Senior in last semester

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>zero motivation to volunteer or look up professors to do my thesis with
all i can think of is just killing myself so i dont have to deal with it

>"haha yeah I don't need a gf right now, I'm too busy with work and preparing for a career anyway"
>"stayed up till 2 working for the third time this week, I wish I had someone who cared about me"
Back and forth, ad nauseam. It's like a cruel joke

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i miss being in uni so bad. i had to fucking flunk out..... so much regular shame

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First year of clinical medicine (after 2 years preclin and 1 year intercalated). My uni makes the first 3 years extra hard so the final 3 seem relatively easy.

>What do you know that's better (that you can get)?
postdoc hep-th, postdoc math
there's absolutely nothing in the industry that provides challenge, you have to stay in academia and train your bj skills for grants

I hate my supervisor so much. He's supposed to give me guidance and there's some shit I've never done before but he's just making me do everything by myself.

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I hate uni but neetdom is worse.
My life is fucking hell all I do is go to uni because otherwise I will have to kill myself.

Not enjoying my subjects atm but maybe next year. . .

That would honestly be the last straw to an hero for me.
t. final year masters in a field i don't even care about

Pretty comfy studying comp sci final year and have uni 2 days a week now

My only concern is what can I do with the other 5 days thats productive but will give me freedom living at home with a chill savings from my gap year so dont need a part time job just to get decent skills

Yeah you too dude, hope we both have success in the opposite directions

Hell yeah dude that's great, what you gonna be doing?
Have a good time man it doesn't last forever
You could try law? Idk what the process is for becoming a lawyer but it seems generally useful
What degree user?
Sounds Like you're having a good time, I guess a module is just what we call part of a course, like calculus 1 or smth

Missed a month of school and now I'm not sure if I can still pass the semester.

Actually, I have my very first day at university tomorrow. Computer science. Lectures don't start until next week though. Is there any good advice you can give me like how to avoid becoming a laughing stock?