Post your gf/bf memes

I made this one

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Here is a template

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I've got a whole folder of these, I'll post some of em

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masked girls are pretty qt

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Imagine still caring about finding a gf and not just having a vague desire for physical affection rofl

Jeb can still win guys

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Sure. Don't save this please.

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This one kinda frightens me but here ya go

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Here's one that I actually made

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Here's your future gf

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And here's a classic. End of spam for now.

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A man can dream right? I hope wherever she is right now, she is happy.

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Good oc, I would love to have a gf like that

THIS. Muffy gf best gf.

Thank you user. It truly is the dream...

So basically just Yuuka

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You have been muted for 2 seconds, because your comment was not original.

I call her Lyudmila
made this meme in 2018 during a traumatic event of mine

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Did a girl like this cause your traumatic event?

is this the black hair girl from oreoimo

Muffy was a chick from Insta that people orbitted.

yes kinda except she wasn't russian.

Here's another GF because I like these threads and want it to succeed.

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bumperina amiga

you just made me sad