Is it normal to feel insecure when your girl goes to a party?

Is it normal to feel insecure when your girl goes to a party?

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if shes constantly ditching you to party alone then yeah it could be a bad sign but if shes just going to a random party for her friend and you dont want to go/ its a gno just leave it alone. its good to spend time together but you need time away from each other too once in a while. plus if you dont trust her, thats a whole other issues

Not for us cucks.
In all seriousness, if your relationship is fine I wouldn't worry

No it's a pretty rare thing. I trust her but I still feel anxious because I hate it when guys hit on her (also pretty rare). Thanks for the genuine advice though.

70% chance she is grinding her ass against another mans dick right now

just talk to her about it. you might not get a real resolution in that you force her to never party but her just knowing how you feel can make her reassure you about how much she loves you and how she would never flirt with other dudes. i guess hating when others hit on her is understandable but try and take it as a compliment. if they are being aggressive and shit then ofc stop it but if its just a good natured lad trying to hit on your gf and maybe get her number, just know its uncomfortable for both your gf and the bro who likely had no idea she had a bf

she's not youurs it's just your turn

This guy gets it. If she messes around you need to deal with it

Your gf shouldn't go to parties without you.

Adopt a strict "bitch I wish you would, do me a favor" attitude with your gf when it comes to cheating, subtly ofcourse. Women are jealous by nature. Do this, and she won't cheat on you out of jealousy of you fucking all those girls she hates. Bonus points if one or multiple of her friends wanna fuck you.

Either way, you win. That's the right attitude.

I should add, you hafto mean it, not a fake act where you would actually be devastated and you would be crushed if she did, you hafto REALLY think that way. If you do, she will NEVER cheat on you.

Yes, but it depends on the party. There is family gatherings, drunk whore night and all the parties between those two extremes, so it's normal depending on the case.

Confront her about it if you want to put the idea in her head that you think she can do better for sure.

Otherwise ignore this user.

God women suck

most retarded picture i have ever seen. Chads dont cry dipshit, get off my board.

Don't they? I wish it wasn't this way, and my fiance is a good girl, she's loyal, and doesn't act entitled, but she's still female, so I act accordingly.

Me too actually, we have to. I wish I could be truly soft with mine because like you say, she is a good girl. I wish I could tell her everything. But here I sit, she doesnt know my middle name. Wont until she finds it on her own. Just one of many silly little mysteries to keep her interested. Do I care if she cheats? N-no

If she ever goes to a party without you, she's getting Chad dick.

>she's not youurs it's just your turn
This should be pinned on the board in big red letter forever for all the beta orbiters to see.

Men are the real romantics. Sucks we have to act like sociopaths.

Why would she be going without you
This is not acceptable or generally a common or accepted practice as far as I know
Faggots on Reddit and the like will always say
>She's not your property / of course I'm ok with it but I don't have to be, she's le strong independent wahman and does what she wants (probably cheats but they won't acknowledge that likelihood and remain in staunch denial of their feelings regarding it)
And call you toxic masculinity, "problematic", infantile, generally try to shame you for even having reservations
But normal people irl still find that unusual and uncool for someone in a LTR

Well, I wouldn't say act like a sociopath, there's a middle ground. I would say the attitude is "I'm the most important thing in my life, the best you can ever be is number two". If you're a man of good moral character this is fine, and she'll respect you for it. Again, it isn't about threatening her or abusing her, I treat my fiance like a queen. But she knows she could lose me, that my love isn't unconditional, so she never feels like she can fuck me over and still have me.

Tldr. Respect yourself robots, you don't hafto treat women like shit, just convey with your personality that you won't allow THEM to treat YOU like shit.

if she went to a party alone she not my girl