Femanons, would you ever date a guy from here in real life? What would he have to look like and be like?

Femanons, would you ever date a guy from here in real life? What would he have to look like and be like?

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I met my bf through r9k and would only want to date a robot/cyborg type guy. I'd want a looksmatch at least (4/10) and not fat. I'm not very picky. What I like about my bf is that he's down-to-earth, dominant, and we share a lot of the same values and personality traits.

Sounda fair enough desu

>robot/cyborg type

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as long as they are not the woman hater type of sperg and can clean up somewhat decently I would go for any guys. Height and looks dont matter that much to me if you have a good personality desu. Just treat me nicely and let me lovebomb you with gifts

Absolutely. I'm in love with a robot with Chad looks. I feel for him before we even exchanged pics, but he's everything I've wanted plus more. Shame he won't ever see me that way. His company and the knowledge he doesn't have a gf is enough for me though.

why is every thread on here gay shit and worshiping women
FFS asking women shit like this is useless because what they say rarely corresponds more to how they'd like to of themselves, not what they would actually do

I fucked up that sentence but in essence
>what women say they like or will do =/= what they actually like or will do

How would a guy like that go about talking to you? Ideally how do you guys start to talk?

I e-dated someone from here and I'm pretty sure he invited e-people over for a groupbang. Not a Lar*p, I just can't tell its real because I literally forgot his online accounts already.
I already did and it was wild, so no.

unironically I love getting memes and talking about anything, I love it when people go full autist and talk about their interests. I guess start out treating me like you would a dudebro friend and it would escalate from there, Im not too into full on sexual shit from the start I like falling in love.

>be me, be 4/10
>spend all day on Jow Forums post regularly in wagie threads
>some faggot tranny is pretending to be a real girl
>think its funny to fuck with them on Discord
>find out its a girl, find out they live near me
>hang out, really hit it off
>she starts giving me tendies and she isn't weirded out by my poop bottle collection
>start to feel more confident decide to get rid of poop bottle collection by shoving it in the back of closet
>start taking better care of self
>try being a wagie to impress her
>still post about how all women are whores, gf gets off on it regularly make her post her tits with a time stamp so I can look back at thirsty orbiters being cuckolded while i fuck gf.

Would you talk to them on what platform? (social media / discord / hopefully on here?)

I feel like a girl from here would either be really nice or secretly batshit crazy/evil

[Spoiler]Either way it's something I'd like to try, any femanons in southern California thatd be interested in a skinny/slim cyborg that wears black most of the time[/Spoiler]

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I dont use social media besides instagram just to keep up with my handful of friends, its just a way for people to attention whore. I like Jow Forums since I get to be anonymous and have my word taken at the same value as everyone elses even if Im acting like a retard, I havent made my way to discord because I get anxious about being boring and just stalking around severs since I feel like everything I want to say has either been said or isnt really that important to say. Im a huge social recluse and it crosses over on the internet.

What the fuck


If you're comfortable with emailing, perhaps we can communicate through this account:
[email protected]
I don't think anons ITT would appreciate us chatting here.

You sound absolutely perfect.

send this nigga timestamped photos of your dick

yeah, totally perfect except im deaf, a 5/10, dresses like a bum and have absolutely no goals in life besides dying

Is your name Susy

nah dont know who that is sorry, my name starts with a K. theres other deaf fembots?

Why doesnt he want you?

Kek, no, well idk I talked with a girl a while back and now that I think of it she looked like she could be deaf

>looks like she could be deaf
does.. does deafness have a certain look?

Yes but I have high standards for myself and my partner so he would ideally have to be at least 6ft, slim to athletic build, and Aryan. Bonus points if he has a squarehead or sharp jaw.

The monkey paw is he can be dumb, boring or poor because I really dont care about high IQ, being entertained or money.

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So much this, you said it sister.

>I have high standards for myself
It doesnt sound like it.

I fucked up, didn't I?
[/spoiler] this whole you're muted because your comment wasn't original thing is just stupid

t. Iandwhale

Literally a square head? Or we talking weird dick stuff

He hasn't directly said it, but I'm 19 and he's 28.
I'm also from Europo and he's from NY, so I think meeting would be hard. I hinted I wanted to visit NY, but I don't think he would fly me over lol

Inb4 I'll fly you over to Odessa

Nah don't worry femanon, I was just bored and threw the name out there

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i met a guy here a few days ago; we're just talking but he seems like a really neat guy actually which i wasn't expecting (i thought he was a girl at first so i was really open with what i said to him regarding thoughts/emotions and then i found out he was a guy later on). we fell asleep together in vc last night and idk what he looks like but if things keep going like this i dunno i might develop feelings for him, i could see that happening in the future.

I would date someone from here but they must look like pic related and have substance to them. Also a cute accent like aus/brit/nz is a plus

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I had a 2 year long relationship with a girl I met on here. I'm conventionally attractive but autistic and anxious from an abusive childhood, she was fat/had self esteem issues and was kind of messed up from her own early life tragedy. We flew out to spend time with each other about 6 times or so. Had lots of great dates/trips/sex/etc. Planned to eventually move in together, but it just never happened and we got distant. Neither one of us had the courage to take that step. I still have positive feelings towards her.

The typical attitude that I see on here is that people from Jow Forums are crazy and should be avoided, but the ones I've met IRL have all been much more interesting and fun to hang out with than coworkers or people I know from my schooling years. That's only a sample pool of 4 people, but still.

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Would any girl want to date a loser weeb with no personality? I doubt it. I wouldn't date me.

>He hasn't directly said it, but I'm 19 and he's 28.
Not an issue, especially for him.
>I'm also from Europo and he's from NY
Yeah thatll kill your chances, shame.
Been over that rollercoaster myself with an femanon from here, really just met them at the wrong time, now I'd have been able to unironically fly her anywhere whereas I was poor af when we spent hundreds of hours together online.

Are you good looking?

Absolutely, I've always been attracted to more average/a bit below average men with quieter personalities. I'm more repulsed sexually to the Chad body and personality types but I'll be civil with them 'cause I don't like to be an ass.
I'd never approach someone like that or make my feelings obvious though since I fear rejection and tend to feel inferior around them.
I remember one robot-esque guy in high school who I thought was cute but I was too chicken to get to know him.

you want a fucking hobbit? whats your height cutoff? hairy feet a must?

I just said I have high standards for myself, dumbass. Seethe away though.

I have high standards in terms of looks because I have learned that people (including myself) are shallow as fuck and looks will get you far in life. A kid who grows up being good looking is more likely to be happy and thankful and have it easier than an ugly but intelligent kid.

That's a shame, I wish it worked out for you. Have you lost contact?
I'm your basic blond, blue eye, slim European girl. Nothing really stands out about me.

Squareheads are a mark of being a Chad.

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wheres all of the dyke fembots, or am I alone on this board? Im going to be a femcel for the rest of my life

>repulsed sexually to the Chad body

You developed this repulsion as cope because of your fear of rejection and inferiority complex. Admit it femanon. You wouldnt say no to this.

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Dykes need to burned in the pyre.

please burn me you would be doing me a favor since I cant decide on a method of suicide.

>Have you lost contact?
She's long gone, moved on after I cut contact, this was all back about 2015. The only reason I cut contact was because I felt like I was holding her back by spending so much time with her online, she shouldve been out building some sort of life of her own (she had just started University at 19, I was 31). I was unemployed and would never have been able to give her the love story she wanted, god knows where she is now but I wish her nothing but happiness.

Most lesbians irl are ugly so I assume if you are on r9k you are probably worse: Prove me wrong though.

Dang, manlet here at 5'8" but square headed and sharp jaw. Pretty fit, working in getting /fit like I was 5+ years ago

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t. Obese jabba the hutt

and how am I supposed to do that if selfies arent allowed? I never denied being ugly, I know I am but at least im not a fat butch

My gf is a fembot and I cum in her every time. The requirement? I wasn't a creep. I beat out all her orbiters because I wasn't asking if she was a virgin in the first 10 minutes of chatting. That's all it took.

Take it easy you filthy dyke, I was just kidding.

Easy, you link it from /soc/

Congratulations it's your turn to spend money and time just for a warm hole, have fun untill the next guy arrives.

you arent any fun, I gave you an open offer to burn a fag and you rejected it
I dont really want to risk being banned 4chans all I have going for me right now,
just imagine a heart shaped face with a pig nose and oversized glasses with blue eyes behind them, short curly hair dyed black. im too skinny but my face looks fat. practically nobodys wet dream

Any fembots in socal interested in a skinny/slim cyborg?

I've been exploring different places alone but would like to try it with another person


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Its okay lezanon. Girls are supposed to be less shallow than guys anyway.

you know things are bad when a femanon cant find another femanon to lick her pussy
what the fuck is this bullshit. lick her fucking pussy right now

She herself, funnily enough, was a virgin, and wants to marry.

I wonder if its because I hate trannies and anyone who acts faggy, can I just pls have a girlfriend that doesnt make being a dyke her whole identity and browses Jow Forums with me?

I actually would, I want my men lean or a bit chubby because those types of men are fucking cute and will potentially make me some adorable babies.
You developed this idea that women have hive-mind tastes because you're insecure about your own body and are afraid no one could enjoy it. Admit it, user.

I would have to know what he does for a living, I wouldn't date a loser with no prospects. I'm not that desperate or a loser for that matter.

based tranny hating lezbot

Can confirm, am bisexual. Would date a lesbot.

I have talked to lots of robots from this board. Most are just average looking dudes, some are seriously ugly but its actually quite rare.

There have been like 2 different 9/10 Chads though, and we even videocalled so it wasnt Chadfishing. But they usually have some reason for being on this board, like sociopathy or being very autistic and socially awkward.

Ironically its usually the legit Chads who rate themselves lower and the average guys who think they are hot shit.

>rEEEE im a transbian why wont cissy lesbians shut up and suck my girldick uwu

l am going to make a fembot my wife

yes i fucking do. 5'8 is the cutoff; nothing taller. hairy feet is optional but they are a plus.

Aight bro, you cope your own way, believe whatever you want but when it will inevitably happen don't come back here.Remember marriage is a like betting your life in a coin toss, and that's not me being dramatic that's a fact.

>Not an issue, especially for him.
Creep detected.

>I love it when people go full autist and talk about their interests.
I'm really fucking annoying because I talk too much, how do I get a gf like this?

Are you a hobbit yourself?

I've spoken to a few girls here. Sadly, none of them lived anywhere near me. It's tough to find someone close despite my state having a few busy threads every now and then.

Pic related is what all Fembots want

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I worship women only if they're asian[/spoiler[

rofl this pic

A few years ago i would have never said this and I miss how things used to be but given all the garbage normal fags who've taken up residence here and like to prey on peoples insecurities for (you)s having women here to counteract the trolls with more realistic standards is kind of nice when you're feelings particularly low and the memes start to get to you. Not to mention the homofags who'd have taken over entirely by now otherwise.

Dude, 5'8 isn't even short. You're taller than most women and that's all that matters to most women. A 5'2 girl will usually have no problem taking a 5'3 guy because he's still taller than her. Only a few women will have a height preference and even less will make dumb statements like "if his height start's 5 he isn't a man" or whatever the hell they dribble. Don't worry about your height because it doesn't matter and it's not like it'll change after your early 20s.

no, my standards are pretty low but somehow robots still don't meet them

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Even femlets want lanklets in today's world

My first gf used to be a fembot, but I didn't even go on Jow Forums, at the time. I'm pretty goddamn spergy though. After me, she dated some older robot. Bald creepy-looking dude, not sure what that was about.

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i am 5'7 which is pretty much on taller side for girls

Thanks brotha. Too bad I just turned 30 and I'm still 5'8. Even a cpl more inches would be nice. Its not that deep though, not worried

Well you still have another 70 years or so to get laid.

Do you happen to be from the Czech republic?

Fembots, I really love you.
You're precious and special and I want to protect you forever.

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I am dating a robot from here.
All it took was for him to be nice and not filled with hate about everyone and everything, and then we got to talking.
Then I started to fall in love with him, because he is the most precious, patient, wonderful person.
Been dating for a bit now, love each other to bits and plan to move in together in the forseeable future.
We both got lucky as fuck.

How do you even meet people from here? Like what actual steps do you have to take to make these connections? The game feels rigged, not because it's too hard (it isn't), but because I don't even know how I'm meant to play it.

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No one from here ever meets

That's the truth

Met my boyfriend on here.
He's incredibly good looking. He's a hermit who barely leaves his house and a huge sperg, which I find kind of cute. He's a great dude: he's loving, a real romantic, kind. He's funny and smart.
I'm lucky.

Be Chad. It's well known that they fish for pussy here. All these women saying they got a robot bf are just lying. What they got is shy chad/autistic chad, etc

I am Chad. I demand that you be my gf.

yes hello i'd like to place an order for 1 gf please

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>You developed this idea that women have hive-mind tastes because you're insecure about your own body and are afraid no one could enjoy it.
Alright, 300lbs 5'6 guy here, 2" penis, bald, and huge tits. Let's get married.

Gay Chad go away

She said a bit chubby not morbidly obese

I have contacted and spoke to around a dozen fembots in the past few months. It's not hard, you just gotta look for opportunities and seize them.
Scout for relatable fembots, initiate a conversation and if it goes well then exchange contact info.

I should stop reading threads about nice things that I can't have

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