How's that Youtube channel coming along user

How's that Youtube channel coming along user

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It's coming along nicely but I am plagued with self-doubt.

I got a comment today so I'm pretty proud of myself

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I used to make stuff with effort put into it when I was a teenager and I would consistently gain more and more viewers/subscribers but then I started posting bullshit and everyone stopped watching my stuff and I gave up.

So not good :(

Pretty good fren thanks for asking :^)

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post em orogonali

Some late nights when i cant sleep i spend looking up random keywords on yt and sort by newest entery. I look through the different vids and if i see something interesting from a channel with few views and no comments i leave a nice and encouraging reply :^]

i have 4 videos and 0 subs. maybe someone will like my next one (:

You're doing God's work, user.


made my first 100$ and have 2k subs

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I made it to 300 subs.

Now I just gotta finish this video I've been working on..

Heres a music vid I did for a friend.

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I just created a youtube account to post videos of corruptions, showcase of my mods and some replays of my battles in pokemon showdown. I got 67 subscribes, something that I never expected, so I am very contented how things are going

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Just practiced my first video, will post a real one next week hopefully!

Shit, have nearly 400 subs left over from around 2015 when I made shitty YTPs and from around 2017 when I made shitty videos making fun of other spergs, and now that I've calmed down a bit and p much just make vidya reviews I'm lucky to get 200 views.

5,000+ subs on my NBA highlights channel, can't make money off it though

Is that because of copyright?

About 8 to 9 months ago I made a meme of that jordan hunt guy kicking that chick in the face but edited it so the mortal kombat xray effect happened as her face was kicked never posted since last I checked the video had like 100 views

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The second I make one is the second I get my ass doxed so no thanks

You play PKMN showdown? Link to channel

When i was 11 i created youtube video with a friend for a while, and even though the videos were shitty, we popular in our region because we were among the first youtubers in our country (Like top 100). We quit after people from our school kept talking about those videos, often positively, but we were ashamed of ourselves. When the gaming youtubers started gaining steam i once again dreamt of making it in the world of internet entertainment, but this time i promised myself to do it once i'm 18 so i don't sound like a total squeeker.

Am 20 now, and i still dream of making it my living someday, but i keep post-poning it. When i will eventually make an attempt, it will probably on twitch.

My sister once told me to stop making vlogs like a retarded kid so i never posted anything online. I still don't make the time to start a youtube channel.

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