Walk into Mother's room

>walk into Mother's room
>see this

What do???

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Say "nigger" and run.

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>call the zoo

join in and high five the niggers

offer to clean her out afterwards.

>"hey, OP, your mom is here again. Can you come pick her and her chimpanzees up?, yeah thanks."

What times dinner. We ARE having tendies right!.

"Go back to bed honey. I left you some tendies on the table. I'll buy you that new Zelda game tomorrow if you want."

>Hey mom, I know you forget but today is my birthday. Wanna go to Red Robin and get the balloon again?
SLAP SLAP SLAP SLAP *Mom is Screaming*
>I even got lucky trips mom...That means I get tendies... remember?
>*dick slides into my ass*

Idk why, but reading this one in particular bummed me out. I'd take you to Red Robin and get you balloons and some tendies for your birthday user.

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pull out my gun and shoot the niggers who broke in to rape and loot

"Where the fuck did you find three niggers in a country that has none?"

Don't live with my mom, and if I was visiting her and saw this I'd leave

Where do you live ?
I'm going to move where you are right now

Balkans, my friend. We got worse than niggers.

Let me guess...Gypsies?

Post a nigger hate thread on pol originally

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Gypsies and other Balkan-people

>Gypsies and other Balkan-people

Dawm it must suck to be you .

Based fetish suck the cum out of mommy~

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>cleaning her out so she doesn't get knocked up with black babies

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my mom isn't white tho...WHY ARE THERE STRANGERS IN MY HOUSE?!

literally my life bro...fuck
yo man I feel you.

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Say why is this skinny blonde woman fucking her drug dealer and his friends on my mom's bed?

Do an original 360 and leave the room, originally.

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But that would lead you str8 to them and they would fuck you too.

get my phone and start recording.
upload the webms here.

Its apparent that all middle age married white women have sex with gangs of black men. I just wonder if they were doing it when they were young and single and continued after marriage and motherhood or something flipped later in life?

Fucking summerfag
Neck yourself, literal retard

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Thank you user. Your efforts shall be rewarded eventually if you keep on praising kek.

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But if I neck myself and fail, they will put me on suicide watch at the horspital

I have a bigger cock than the guy on the left so I suppose I ought to participate (I'm White)

proof that low iq retards attract low iq retards

I'm a high IQ retard and don't attract anyone

"Mommy, I need my stinkies changed. Is it milkies time yet?"
"Trayvon, get him his crayons, I know he's 25 but just distract him and you can facefuck me."

Why is this tourist in my house fucking with some negros?
Pick the phone and call the police

>three niggers
I count five.

absolute K l N O

>Shoots mother and niggers.
>Burns the house down
>claim the insurance money
Off to college. I'll be the jew now.

>hear champagne bottles popping in mums room one night
>creak open her door
>actually the sound of alll three of my mothers holes getting vacuum suction fucked by 3 African american males

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>dicklet knee grows
imagine not having the one thing your entire race is known for lmao

she looks disappointed wtf?

Unironically I would love to get fucked with a white milf but my own mother is too degenerate

what is your mommy like?

your mom's bulls use your ass as a fuckhole?