Sup bros

Sup bros,
I'm downing a sweet can of Bang's rootbeer. What are you all drinking tonight?

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Nice dubs.I may have miller lite, raspberry tea, or even water

Why not combine all three of them my guy?

i'm really going out there tonight, I am drinking coffee after 7pm so i can study a bit longer for a physics exam, its mostly just going to cover 3-d kinomatics and some vector stuff, but hopefully it goes well!


More for me. Love rootbeer.

I have to drink water. My blood pressure has been high due to stress, so I'm cutting out everything except for eggs, chicken, fruit and vegetables.

I guess it's fine. I'm usually on a permabulk but this is a good opportunity to cut down to my abs again.

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im drinking a zero sugar white cherry powerade because im sick
also it's barqs not bangs

I forgot to say rice. But only Brown rice

sweet tea from work
it's free and tastes better than water

pink lemonade but I respect and also down myself some vanilla Bang's root beer from time to time.

Are you retarded? It clearly states on the can

Its barq's you retard. Their motto is "Barq's has bite". Literally go to and see where you end up. Fucking moron. Literal slug. Fucking refuse bloated maggot.

Anons, Anons... lets just agree and sip on our wonderful root beer. I just opened up some of my AW Vanilla root beer.

This is a drink for civilized and classy people.

Not like other cave man drinks.

You fucking idiot, are you blind? It says bangs right on the can dipshit. I dont need to do research to figure that out. Go shill your shitty website elsewhere.

Funniest bait post I've seen since the 60s

Poor bait it clearly says BARQS anyone who thinks otherwise should learn to read

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get dabbed on

just water. been overdoing it with the booze lately and its starting to catch up with me

>literally provide infallible proof of the name being barq's by providing thw website owned by the fucking company
>h-heh kiddo, little did you know, but you're wrong because i said so!
Cognitive dissonance and circular reasoning are a hell of a drug

Being a naive faggot is a hell of a drug

Water with fruit in it

Prove me wrong you tepid shit bucket. You cant. I provided proof, you haven't. I fulfilled my burden of proof, you haven't. You're only claiming you're right because you said so, with zero fucking proof behind it.
Have fun being wrong because you're an ignorant fucking cock-basket who refuses to acknowledge he's wrong when presented with the absolute truth.

>Bang's rootbeer
It's Barq's my lad!
But I am having some A&W right now and it's tasting fucking fantastic.

Honestly can't tell if you are just stupid or just baiting at this point

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>hurr Jow Forums decides brand names
So how does it feel having 2 brain cells.
But here, ill bite and provide a screenshot of my own. Straight from

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Bacardi, and St Pauli Girl.

ive seen alchol destroy my brothers life and now im drinking more and more. Im scared im becoming an alcholic but i dont want to stop drinking

>Ill bite
How ironic

Easily photoshopped with any brainlet sketch pad app on your fucking iPhone. You have literally proven nothing aside from taking two graphic design courses in community college. You are a true retard that needs to stop drinking my bangs root beer.

You fucking lost this argument and you're coping way too hard.

A&W is for shitskins and Muslims. And it's typed out as bangs. Jesus Christ fucking millennials

>actually buying a domain for this retarded prank
what levels will barqfags stoop to next

Hahaha fucking hell lads you are ALL so stupid. It's pronounced 'Bait'.

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That's what I'm saying dude, this guy is either drunk or an actual brainlet

Kek good thing I am muslim then! I don't drink alcohol so root beer is a blessing to me.

think he is drinking regular beer

Ns and rs do look similar. But look at that little stroke at the tip of the character betwixt a and q. It blips, you know? Hm? You know what I'm saying. That little arch. It makes it an r

Stella cider, water, and rue over my weekend