Any NEETs on disability have an okay income? What's your disability and how much are you getting...

Any NEETs on disability have an okay income? What's your disability and how much are you getting? I make $1050 for my schizophrenia and I was wondering if people made more.

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Anyone out there? Originally

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I am not on disability but id like to get into it so i would appreciate some tips. Sorry for not being of any help but have my bump at least

>1050 a month for schizo



>only get $750 a month

do you also happen to have a regular income from a job?

Get admitted a handful of times to the psych-ward. Get ECT done and show no improvement. Eventually get schizo diagnostic as well as depression and OCD.

Shoulda added OCD to my list.

No. I would lose my payments if I get a job. So you kind of get stuck in the middle between disability and actual income.

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Also you will want to get a lawyer to help with the paperwork and whatnot. At least I needed the help from someone else.

>1050 a month for schizo

I believe my previous active work in my early 20's made me earn more for social security.
Did you work at all before you got disability? I suspect that's the reason

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I don't have disability yet, but in a couple weeks my appeal case is coming up. Wish me luck!

$1,940 in disability + $215 in housing subsidies. I live pretty comfortably seeing as I have a car and a 750 SF 2br apartment and still have $1,100 left after all fixed expenses.

Nice good luck!
I lucked out and didn't have to appeal. That's pretty rare according to my lawyer.
For real though do your best

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Where do you get these kinds of benefits?

What was the disability diagnosis? I suppose because the cost of living is higher where you live?

What state do you live in OP? Where I live the most I would get for schizo is $700

I live in Wisconsin. Not sure if or how that makes a difference though. I can't pretend I know how disability works.

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seconding this. i too want to know

Like I said, Wisconsin. I don't know if $1050 is a standard or what


PDD-NOS. Costs of living are significantly higher here, but I manage to migitate it somewhat by living in the sticks where rent is cheap. As I mentioned, I have $1,100 (a little over 50% of my income) left after all fixed expenses.

Sounds nice. Enjoy it. I'll be looking into disabled housing soon as well as Food assistance.

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Someone should write a guide on disability. Finding housing, incomes, budget plans etc.

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Do you have to do shit for the bux or do they just come in forever?

I would very much appreciate something like this!

I think it gets reviewed every 2 to 5 years. I might be wrong though

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No offense, but you seem pretty coherent. What causes you to qualify for disability?