Why do women hate older men?

Why do women hate older men?

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>Why do women hate older men?
she is obviously teasing them by posting that lad.
she wants that boomer cock

They usually dont

lol what, so many of them have a daddy kink that its not even funny, its creepy

Mimiproulx if anyone's interested.

I definitely am.



lmao this ho trying to be deep and shit while thoting it up.

how do we make this bigtidydumbtoth our new queen?

This. Also the ddlg fetish.

It seems like she just started tiktoking, so if someone started a general over at /wsg/ I'm sure she'd get popular really fast. She's definitely not your typical tiktoker that's for sure.

Mimi's hoooooooooooooot

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Yee :-)

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I wish I were a teenage tiktok thot
Just think of how carefree and happy their lives are

They don't, I always get crushes on older men.

Looks like this prime JB who's 1983 times more attractive than you don't

Imagine being this vanilla amd not wanting daddy to chocke you with his fat cock and knock you up.
You must live a sad life.
Here, have some possums to make you feel better, you poor little thing.

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Because older people don't only want sex or money.

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Damn bro, those milkers though...

>She's definitely not your typical tiktoker that's for sure.

I'm 27 and sleep with 18 year olds.

Damn... would like to see what kind of chad gets to fuck this fine piece of ass.

Content wise she is a dime a dozen but a body that nice is pretty rare

shut the fuck up you took this from tvb

They sometimes don't give them all their money.

>a body that nice is pretty rare
Tons of girls like this on TikTok so no.