Why do Mexican men have the best dicks? They're always so thick. I can never date a white guy again

Why do Mexican men have the best dicks? They're always so thick. I can never date a white guy again.

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>superior at anything
>totally not a post made by a Mexican

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Now that the topic is at hand, I very rarely see many latino male/white female couples. Salsa boys usually only get their own women or black women.

They're not as big as DOG KNOTS! I LOVE DOGS!

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This is unironically what me and my gf look like

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That's adorable as heck if true

No, my boyfriend just happens to be Mexican. I'm white though

Any femanons in southern california that want a cute skinny mexican bf?

You will have better luck just going outside famalam

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I'd like to meet someone from here though, I feel we'd relate more

You wont, the females here are pretty much the same as females anywhere else. Just find a nerdy one who has similar interests.

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>Just find a nerdy one who has similar interests

That's basically what I said

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t. Larping spic

Back to hispachan

lol thats just gross. Mestizos are ugly as fuck haha. Castizo gAnG

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Is this a real thing? Do we really have thick dicks? I've never seen any other dicks besides my own 6x6 chode.

the s.o.y emanating from this post

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cuckstizo inbred race

that statement has no basis in reality you mongrel rape baby. Your foremothers were whores for Superior European Dick

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Yes, my ex had a really thick dick and was Mexican. I thought it was because he worked out a lot but my current boyfriend also Hispanic also has a really thick one too.

Tfw thick dick but no qt femanon to use it on

pls be in California

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Mexican here: this is bait. Nobody likes Mexicans. If OP had said "black," then it would obviously have been bait, and that's no good for trolling purposes. OP couldn't have said "Asian" because it would have been obviously bullshit. So he went with "Mexican," which is next on the list of of ethnic groups used to troll the predominantly white Jow Forums.

You are stupid, lots of girls like mexican guys.

Yeah, girls in Mexico. Because they have little other choice. Unless they an indio or a Chinese guy.

How did you meet them?

Oregano post 12347485050504

Beta that thinks hes a conquistador alpha

The first one online on another platform. My current boyfriend I met him on here.

Everyone knows that in Mexico, the whiter the person, the more cousin-fucking they've done to "preserve the race." Meanwhile mestizos have hybrid vigor. Strong minds and bodies, while the cuckstizos keeps on dwindling thanks to their degeneracy and lack of struggle in life. Enjoy not existing in 20 years.

I'm guessing on /soc/?

Orignal comment

>I'm guessing on /soc/?
No, here on r9k.

They're into us but not in a degenerate/bbc fetish type of way.

How does that even happen, there are not meet threads allowed here

Last time I posted pic and a fem replied but I got banned baka

A few months back someone kept posting those ideal partner threads. That's how I found him. I haven't seen any of them like it pop up in a while though

No idea. I'm slightly above average, 7x6, never considered it big like the porn stars but girls usually like the size.

I think 7-7.5 is the sweetspot for most girls desu

>working out makes your dick thicker
Have you dated any besides white and hispanic?

Timestamped? Those get deleted

It wasnt timestamped just a pic of my body

Can you show it again? Desu

I dont wnna get banned are you even a grl

i can show on disc LuWuciferr#9022