What to do if you identify with this?

What to do if you identify with this?

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Unironically have sex. You'll be the same but you won't shoot up a school.

>Implying anything matters at 20 years old

Accept it, get angrier. It's the only logical series of steps.

>Unironically have sex.
I did. It changed nothing.

Me when I was in a bad phase. But still better than when I was almost suicidal.

I don't even know if this bait or not, since so much fools out there believe this shit. Apes.

That's what I just said. Were you able to read more than one sentence?

I zoned out after your terrible advice

>hides clenched fists in his pockets
Anyone else here absolutely fucking hate chill normies? Why are you so chill? If you're so chill why can't you be chill with the fact that I'm pissed off.

Kill yourself for being a wojak faggot.

>Kill yourself for being a wojak faggot.

Applaud yourself for having a nice taste in music most other people hate

This was me a year ago. I feel much better now. Read Goggins and channel that anger into something positive. You will feel better when you realize you are in control.

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a lot of it... well actually most of it
>Korn, Slipknot, Limp Bizkit
oh well nvm then

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I'm chill cause I don't give fucks

I worry that if we keep making to many Wojack subtypes that we may end up getting too oddly specific. Like maybe even to the point where each person on the planet has their own Wojpack subtype. Just imagine if you have the 23 year old Michael Smith-oomer.

kill yourself, just do the curt cobain and use a shotgun as a microphone

>feel emotion
>make wojack meme

Learn to set your own goals instead of chasing shit you're told to chase.

Vipassana and DMT op
Don't be a lazy pussy

This was literally me 2 years ago. I took a few notes from Jow Forums's /sig/ threads.

>Find a reason to self-improve "I want my future kids to look up to me" "I want to inspire my peers" "I want to be the walking embodiment of why white supremacy is the truth" e.c.t. This is necessary if you lack a sense of self-worth as your now improving yourself for the sake of others and not just yourself. It also helps building a sense of duty, and being able to practice dutifulness helps develop self-discipline.

>Start working out, you can do it at home alone but it's preferable to do it at a gym so you can socialize but more importantly so you can get tips from gymbros and instructors on technique and safety.

>Nonchalantly talk to attractive people, seriously. It actually improves your psychometrics and sex hormone balance.

>Learn and practice good posture. Chin-up, eyes ahead, look slightly above you own eye level when walking. (Imagine you're having a conversation with someone one meter away, and you're looking at their forehead). Chest-open and shoulders slightly back. Another important thing is the lower back, make sure you hold yourself in a 'posterior pelvic tilt' when standing, sitting and walking. Do it long enough and you'll stop sloughing all together.

>Try to swear less in casual conversation. This one is something I'm particularly bad at.

>Doing the above should earn you some compliments. From a trainer, a family member, coworker or friend. Take that shit, it's yours and hold yourself up to it. Learn to accept and receive praise.

What did the boomer mean by this?

You say that like it was a bad thing

Better a shooter than a boomer

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Why dont anons just enjoy life more? You have your youth, and thats not something you can ever buy back once you lose.

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Theres no hope, man
Nu-metal at 20 years old? What are you, a pedophile?

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I'm wasting my entire youth in front of a computer screen, withering away. This society is just too fucking shit to bother

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what you think of dis song

I havent heard about this guy in a long time. This is his best song imo youtu.be/nbqguu8NsM4

this is the kind of thinking that leads to people being 30+ yr old khvs

you only worry about this now?

>Korn, Slipknot, Limp Bizkit
If anyone identifies with this he should kill himself for very bad taste

Despite what incels and sluts say, sex doesn't actually change a thing. Only that you'll stop obsessing over it and realize it's not as important as you thought it was and not as shit as you were worried it would be.

Get a hobby, socialize? Worked out for me.

Finally something I relate to, down to the fucking hat too. Nice.

Well no shit Sherlock of course I'm an edge lord from wacking it to anime too much

>hurr durr i listen to grindcore porncore NSBL slam nu metal isnt real metul xD

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This is me.
But I beat the shit out of a bunch bag instead.


Holy shit FINALLY one of these that I can relate to. Fuck everyone and everything


Korn and Slipknot are fucking great, faggot. Their old stuff at least. Iowa is the best album ever produced of any genre by any band ever

This sounds like it was written by a Latino or a white guy who wishes he was Latino. So a loser either way.

nigga just do boxing

I actually relate a lot more to this

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Me except less of a pussy, no guitar either

We Are Not Your Kind ain't bad either. Its no Iowa or Self Titled but its better than All Hope Is Gone and .5